10 Small Business Internet Security Issues

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1. 10 Small Business Internet Security Issues If you use the Internet, email or cell phones, you have an even higher risk of a security incident. Find out what you can do…
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  • 1. 10 Small Business Internet Security Issues If you use the Internet, email or cell phones, you have an even higher risk of a security incident. Find out what you can do before your company's attacked. My Company is Small, I Don't Have Internet Security Issues 1 . Everyone Needs to Be Prepared Just because your company is small, don't think that you don't have to worry about online security issues. Internet security is an issue that everyone has to think about. There are more and more security risks on the internet, either through email, surfing the Web and even over cell phones. Everyone's vulnerable and must be prepared. If your company uses email or IM, keeps their financial data on the same computer that they access the Internet from or uses a cell phone for business, then they need to worry about Internet security. 2 . Antivirus Software Your first line of defense is something as basic as having an antivirus program on your computer. Make sure it's turned on and being used at all times. Keeping it updated is important because there are new threats every single day and new updates for those threats. You may also want to consider having an antivirus program on your cell phone. Cell phones are being targeted just as other online devices are. If you can gain access to your email or the internet from a device like an iPad, Blackberry, or other similar devices, then they also need to be protected. 3 . Phishing If you receive email at your business then you need to be aware of something called phishing, among other email scams. You and your employees need to be kept up to date on the latest phishing scams and be able to recognize them. Phishing can come from what looks to you to be a recognized contact, such as your bank or your Internet service provider.
  • 2. One of the keys to recognizing such a scam is that they will ask you to email them personal information or click on a link in the email and enter personal information. This is their way of getting your information so they can use your identity or hack into your system. 4 . Offline Data Scams Online scams are not the only threats to your company's data security. Sometimes someone will call into the company to gain important information about the company. They may seem harmless on the phone, but if you're not careful, they can learn more than they should. They'll use the information they've gathered about you and your company, eventually stealing your identity. 5 . Staffing Small businesses have somewhat the same security risks as large businesses, but they might not be as complex because they have a limited employees and smaller business structure. However, if need arises for a security, small businesses can outsource their security needs or hire someone who can double as security and perform other task within the business. Hiring a security company to set up policies and procedures for your company may be cheaper than hiring someone on staff to do the work. If you're going to hire someone for another position, you may want to consider someone who can also double as your security officer. This way you save on pay money. 6 . Policies and Procedures Unlike big businesses, a small business doesn't need the intricate security of online use policies, or at least one that is too extensive. Staff can just be provided basis guidelines what sites to avoid, email etiquette, and basis courtesy issues. If your business starts hiring more staff, you may want to consider creating security policies and Internet use policies. Not only can unsafe web surfing practices be dangerous for your company, but employees who are more interested in their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites could be detrimental to your company's financial health. 7 . Security Updates Whoever you designate as responsible for your computer and Internet security will need to figure out how often they want to perform security updates on the company's computers and network.
  • 3. There are things on a computer and on a network that need to be updated. One such thing is the computer's operating system like Microsoft Windows. Windows is constantly updating, some of these updates are security related and need to be done with sense of urgency. Other things that need to be updated are both the computer hardware drivers. Softwares also need to be updated periodically, for both security and functionality. Your antivirus program and other softwares you use for security may need to be updated, accordingly. 8 . Physical Security Another issue that your security personnel will need to consider is the need to address physical security. Almost all businesses must deal with this issue, even if they're not on the Internet. Physical security means things like door locks, key cards, security guards, security cameras, etc. If you have anything of value in the residence of your company, the you will need to think about physical security. If you have computers with important data on them, then you will also need to think about passwords for the computers, who has access to these computes and backing up your data so it's not lost in the case of a fire, flood or other emergency incident. 9 . Education of Employees All of the above mentioned items need to be discussed with staff involved as necessary. This could be anyone from the owner of the company down to every single employee. If applicable, it may also include partners of the company, business associates and outsourced personnel. Every employee who has access to the data in any way needs to be trained on the security policies and procedures of the company. Training can be done through seminars, guidebooks, flyers, emails, posters, and other ways appropriate. 10 . Don't Use the Internet, Email or Cellphones? Some small businesses may not do any business over the Internet, for them they won't have to worry about viruses, but they will still need to worry about people calling in to gain confidential information about the company and they will still need to worry about physical security. Identity theft is a big concern these days and no one wants to have their company broken into. Everyone needs to be concerned about security. Understanding these issues and knowing what to do with them in regards to work internet security help prevent, minimize, or even eliminate security incidents from occuring. Sometimes it only takes one person to put a whole company at risk. http://suite101.com/a/10-small-business-internet-security-issues-a404877
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