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4:C5 Pht , ,.990-PF Departmentof the Treasury Servie lnternalRevenue Return of Private Foundation Charitable Trust n Nonexempt or Sectio 9a7 @l(11 Treated as a Private Foundation be able to use a copv of this return to OMB No. 1545-0052 2009 Finalreturn Note. The foundation For calendar year 2009,or tax G Check all that apply: Use the IRS label. Otherwise, print or typeSee Specific lnstructions. lnitialreturn o4/ot 09 , and 03 10 lnitialreturnof a formerpubliccharity Employer identi
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  4:C5Pht , ,.990-PF DepartmentoftheTreasurylnternalRevenue ervieNote. Theoundation be able to use a copvof this return to For calendaryear2009,or tax o4/ot 09,and 0310 G Checkall hat apply:lnitial eturnlnitialeturnofa formerpublicharityUsethe IRSlabel.Otherwise,printor type-SeeSpecificlnstructions.H Checktypeoforganization:lXlSection501(exemptprivateoundation4947/a\ficharitablerustOther axablefoundationI Fair marketvalueof all assetsat endofyear(fromPart l, col.c),line 16) 131,050,944 il;Analysis ofRevenueand Expensesirhe totalofamounbn columnsb), c),andd)maynotnecessarilyqual he amountsn columna) seepage1 ofhenstuctions).) ForPrivacy Act and PaperworkReduction Act Notice, seepage30 of theinstructions.DAA Return ofPrivateFoundationor Sectio9a7@l(11onexemptharitablerust Treated as a PrivateFoundation OMB No. 1545-0052 2009 Final eturn Employer identification number 23-7345978 Telephoneumberseepage10 of the instructions) 2L2-944-8333 lfexemption pplicationspending,heckhere>1. Foreignorganizations, heck here. . . .>2. Foreignorganizationsmeetinghe85% est, checkhere and atach computation>lfprivateoundation tatuswas terminated ndersection507(bX1)(A), heck here. . .>tf the foundations in a 60-month erminationunderseclionSOT{bXIXB),checkhere >(d)Disbursements cD tr TI t- J n forcharitablepurposes(l) o (D d basis L27,343157,700138.750?81,6813.36831,539 oooc (l'CL x lrJo (g L .9, .c E T'Ec(E o)c G (|,o- o t)?.!ri,i 3421,8L735843995 7t 1842 3 407955136Lt71547981 --ii rorm 90-PF(zooe)  4:o5 PM Form990-PF AI,AVI FOT'NDATION 'pa'h'{t;-, Batancesheetsfftri *1* .XiT,+X, fflliiffi3:Tl::i*tr:XTi in Net Assetsor Fund 1 Total net assetsor fundbalancesat beginning fyear-Partll,columna),ine30(mustagreewithend-of-yearigure reportedonprior year'sreturn)Enteramountrom Part.line 27aOtherncreases otncluded n line 2(itemize)Addnes12,and3Decreasesot 23-7345978 Fair Market Value 549.L25899,891 ^r.i:'hiit- lr' 301,3s72,280 435605 100 568349 22 89?6252967L2131 0s0 ''r i:j 39.t4L 602 40445L 39,s46053053of 23456 Total 546 (2009)  4;05 PM AI.AVIFOI'NDAEION for Tax (a)Listand describe he kind(s)ofpropertyold(e.9.,eal estate,2-storybrickwarehouse; r commonstock,200 shs. MLC Co.) 23-7345978 1aN (e)Grosssalesprice Completefor assets (i)F.M.V.as of 12131169 lncome incolumn and ownedthe foundationon 12R1169 (d)Datesold(mo.,day,yr.) (h)Gain or(loss)(e)plus0manusg)(l)GainsCol. h) gainminuscd.(k),but not less than-S)orLosses(fromcol.(h)) 23 capitarsainerincorneor(nercapitanoss)[iliil,:fjJfllSlXj;l[l] Net short-termcapitalgainor(loss)as de{ined n secfions 1222(5') nd(6):lfgain,also enter inPart l, line 8,column(c) (see pages13 and'17of theinstructions).IJf(loss).enter )- in Part. line . Qualification for Tax on ilet lnvesftnent lncome (Foroptionaluse by danresticprivatefoundationssubjedtothesection 4940(a)tax on fetanvestrrlefit ncome.)lfsection4940(dX2)applies,leavethispartblank.Was thefoundation liable for lhe section4942taxonthe distributableamount ofarryyearintf€ basepeiiod?nVesSlruolf'Yes, the foundationdoesnotqualiffunder section 4940(e).Donot ompletethispart. (g)Costor otherbasisplusexpenseofsale(k)Excessof col.(i)over col.(j),f any0)Adjustedbasisas d 1U31169 1Enterthe (a)Baseperiod years Calendarear (ortax 200820072005 Totalof line 1, columnd)Average distributionatiofor the S-yearbaseperiod--dividethe total online2 by 5, or by thenumber ofyearshefoundationhas been in existence f less than 5yearsEnter thenetvalueof noncharitable-usessets or 2009 from Part X,line5Multiplyine 4 by line3. ..Enter 1% of net investmenl7 Addines5 and 6I Enterqualiffinglfline 8 is equal oamountn each column or eachyea[see18 of theinstructions before making entrbs.23 (d)Distribution ratio(coldivided bv cd. o-021951 0.043328 o.048447o.1100s8 0.054832 o.2'186t6 o.0ss723 105975.AL2905.29048.547953.83755.1172.28L.67103.944.010101, 699,382 .406 .473,3L5,2368.430.5427.423.23267,448,6566.699.LO?,657,24 PartVlincome1%ofPart , line2Tb) rorm 90-PF(zoos)  4:05 PM Form AIAVI FOUNDATION 23-7345978 :Vl:::Excise Tax BasedonInvestmentIncome4940(a), 940(b), 940(e),or 4948-seepage1 of the instructions1a [2),heckerel-JandenterN/A n ine1.I(attachcopyofletterf necessary--+eenstructions)|mentsn PartV,checkIlL; i.; oro ni.riion ,* ,l'l^ otJ 23456abcd7II't011Part, line12, col.b)Tax undersection511(domesticection 9 7@)(1)rustsand axableoundations nly.Othersenter 0-)Addines1and2SubtitleA(income)ax(domesticection947(axl) trustsand axableoundations nly.Othersenter 0-)Tax based on investment ncome.Subtract ine4 fromine3.lfzero orless.enterGCredits/Paynents:2009 estimatedaxpaymentsand 2008 overpaymentreditedo2009Exemptoreignorganizations-taxwithheldt sourceTaxpaidwithapplicationor extensionof time to file(Form8868). .Backupwithholding rroneously ithheldTotal creditsandpayments.dd ines6a throughdEnter anypenaltyfor underpaymentof estimatedaxTaxdue.lf the totalof lines5 and 8 is morehanineOverpayment. lf line 7 is morethanthe totalof lines7, enter amount owed5and 8, enter theamount overpaid I :Creditedto 2010estimated tax > 09479797,O94000949127 No x L2.45 . Cn. [t r fir rorrn z20 saftached t 2I StatementsActivities 1a During the taxyear,did the foundationattempto influence any national,state,or local egislationor diditparticipateor intewen€ n anypoliticalcampaign?bDid it spendmore than$'100during heyear(eitherof theinstrudionsor definition)?directlyor indirectly)orpoliticalpurposes(see page19cdlf the answer s'Yes to 1a or 1b, attach adetaileddescriptionof theactivit'resndcopies of any materialspublishedordistributedbythe foundation n connectionwith the activities.Did the foundation ileForm1120-POL orthisyear?Enter he amount(ifany) of tax onpoliticalexpendituressection4955) imposedduringheyear:(1)Onthefoundation.$----' --(2)Onfoundationmanagers.$Enter he reimbursernentifany)paidbythefoundationduring theyearorpoliticalexpenditure ax imposedonfoundationmanagers.)$_Has thefoundationengaged in any activitieshat have notpreviouslybeenreportedo theIRS?lf'Yes, attachadelailed descripiionof the activities.Has the foundation nade anychanges,notpreviouslyeported othelRS, initsgoverningnstrument,articles ofincorporation,or bylaws,orother similar nstruments? f 'Yes, aftacha conformed copy of the changesDid heoundationave unrelated usinessrossncomeof91,000or moreduring heyear?ff'Yes, has it filed a tax return on Form 990-T forthisyear?.Was here iquidation,ermination,issolution,rsubstantialontractionuringhe year?lf'Yes,'attachhestatementequiredyGeneralnstruction.Are therequirements fsection508(e)relatingo sections 941hrough4945)satisfied ither:oByanguage n thegoverningnstrument,roBy state egislationhat effectively mendshegoverningnstrument othat no mandatory irections hatconflictwithhe stateaw remain nhegoverningnstrument?7Didhefoundation ave at least$5,000nassetsat any ime during heyear?f'Yes, completePart l, col.(c),and PartXV8a Enter he states o which hefoundation eportsr with which t is registeredsee page19of the instructions)>.... lf the answers Yes oline 7,has heoundationurnishedcopyof Form 990-PF o the AttorneyGeneral(ordesignate) f each stateas required y General nstructionG?lf No, attachexplanationls theoundationlaiming tatusas aprivateoperatingoundationwithin hemeaningof sectiona9a2$(3) or4942(jX5) or calendarear2009 or the axableearbeginningn 2009(seenstructionsor PartXIV onpage27)?fYes, completePartXIV10 Did anypersonsbecomesubstantial ontributorsuring he axyear?f Yes, attacha schedule isting heir xxxxx 4ab5 xx COPYDONOT FILE9OP
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