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Table of Contents List of Referees xi Directions for Design Creativity Research (Invited Papers) Discussion on Direction of Design Creativity Research (Part 1) - New Definition of Design and Creativity: Beyond the Problem-Solving Paradigm Toshiharu Taura and Yukari Nagai Discussion on Direction of Design Creativity Research (Part 2) - Research Issues and Methodologies: From the Viewpoint of Deep Feelings and Desirable Figure Yukari Nagai and Toshiharu Taura Future Directions for Design Creati
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    Table of Contents List of Referees xiDirections for Design Creativity Research (Invited Papers) 1 Discussion on Direction of Design Creativity Research (Part 1) - New Definition of Design and Creativity:Beyond the Problem-Solving Paradigm 3 Toshiharu Taura and Yukari Nagai Discussion on Direction of Design Creativity Research (Part 2) - Research Issues and Methodologies:From the Viewpoint of Deep Feelings and Desirable Figure 9 Yukari Nagai and Toshiharu Taura Future Directions for Design Creativity Research 15  John S. Gero Systematic Procedures Supporting Creativity - A Contradiction? 23 Udo Lindemann Better, Not Catchier: Design Creativity Research in the Service of Value 29 Gabriela Goldschmidt  Using Evolved Analogies to Overcome Creative Design Fixation 35 Steven M. Smith, Julie S. Linsey and Andruid Kerne Design Creativity Research: From the Individual to the Crowd 41  Mary L. Maher  Motivation as a Major Direction for Design Creativity Research 49  Amaresh Chakrabarti Design Research and Designing: The Synergy and The Team 57 Yong Se Kim Theories on Design Creativity 61  Not from Scratch: The DMS Model of Design Creativity 63 Gabriela Goldschmidt   viii Contents Influence of Environmental Information on Expert-perceived Creativity of Ideas 71  Daniel Collado-Ruiz and Hesamedin Ostad-Ahmad-Ghorabi Towards a New Theory for Design Activity Reasoning 79  Denis Choulier  Design Process and Cognition 1 87 An Approach to Measuring Metaphoricity of Creative Design 89  Hung-Hsiang Wang and Jung-Hsuan Chan Interrelations between Motivation, Creativity and Emotions in Design Thinking Processes – An Empirical Study Based on Regulatory Focus Theory 97  Madeleine Kröper, Doris Fay, Tilmann Lindberg and Christoph Meinel  Conceptual Design and Cognitive Elements of Creativity: Toward Personalized Learning Supports for Design Creativity 105 Yong Se Kim, JongHo Shin and Yun Kyoung Shin Analogical Design Computing 113 DANE: Fostering Creativity in and through Biologically Inspired Design 115 Swaroop Vattam, Bryan Wiltgen, Michael Helms, Ashok K. Goel and Jeannette Yen Development of a Catalogue of Physical Laws and Effects Using SAPPhIRE Model 123 Srinivasan V. and Amaresh Chakrabarti Measuring Semantic and Emotional Responses to Bio-inspired Design 131  Jieun Kim, Carole Bouchard, Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze and Améziane Aoussat  Design of Emotional and Creative Motion by Focusing on Rhythmic Features 139  Kaori Yamada, Toshiharu Taura and Yukari Nagai Design Synthesis 147 Create Adaptive Systems through “DNA” Guided Cellular Formation 149 George Zouein, Chang Chen and Yan Jin Developing a Coding Scheme to Analyse Creativity in Highly-constrained Design Activities 157  Elies A. Dekoninck, Huang Yue, Thomas J. Howard and Christopher A. McMahon Effectiveness of Brainwriting Techniques: Comparing Nominal Groups to Real Teams 165  Julie S. Linsey and Blake Becker  Methods and Tools for Design Creativity 173 Front End Industrial Design (FE-ID) - Developing New Tools and Models for Industrial Designers toOperate at the Front End of New Product Development 175  Paul W. Wormald  Virtuality – Offering Opportunities for Creativity? 183  Anthony Williams, Ning Gu and Hedda Haugen Askland  Thinking Inside the Box: Model, Tool, Team and Setting for Building Design 191 Wim Zeiler  Signs of Collaborative Ideation and the Hybrid Ideation Space 199 Tomás Dorta, Annemarie Lesage, Edgar Pérez and J.M. Christian Bastien  Contents ix Design Process and Cognition 2 207 Creativity: Depth and Breadth 209  Barbara Tversky and Juliet Y. Chou Research Methodology for the Internal Observation of Design Thinking through the CreativeSelf-formation Process 215 Yukari Nagai, Toshiharu Taura and Koutaro Sano Design as a Perception-in-Action Process 223  Katja Tschimmel  Verbal Stimuli in Design Creativity: A Case-study with Japanese Sound-symbolic Words 231 Céline Mougenot and Katsumi Watanabe Visual Representation in Design 239 Creative Collaborative Strategies of Remote Sketching on Design 241  Luz-Maria Jimenez-Narvaez and Arturo Segrera Creation of New Fashion Illustration Painting Techniques by Use of India-ink Painting Techniques:Research into Line Drawing Techniques of Expression in Fashion Illustrations 249 Sachiko Nagasawa, Shin’ya Nagasawa and Kazunari Morimoto How Uncertainty Helps Sketch Interpretation in a Design Task 257 Winger S.W. Tseng and Linden J. Ball  The Complementary Role of Representations in Design Creativity: Sketches and Models 265  Alejandro Acuna and Ricardo Sosa Design Education 271 A Creativity Environment for Educational Engineering Projects when Developing an Innovative Product:A Case Study 273  Karl Hain, Christoph Rappl and Markus Fraundorfer  The Metaphor of an Ensemble: Design Creativity as Skill Integration 281  Newton S. D’souza Coaching the Cognitive Processes of Inventive Problem Solving with a Computer 289  Niccolò Becattini, Yuri Borgianni, Gaetano Cascini and Federico Rotini Creative Engineering Design Aspects given in a Creativity Training Course 297  Joaquim Lloveras, Miguel-Angel Saiz, Carlos García-Delgado, Jairo Chaur, Lluis Claudí, Anna Barlocci and Laura Carnicero Design Image and Inspiration 305 Differential Approach of Design Image and Similarity Cognition 307 YiTing Huang and Hung-Hsiang Wang  Poetry and Design: Disparate Domains but Similar Processes 315  Erin L. Beatty and Linden J. Ball  Design by Customer: a Management of Flexibilities 323  Risdiyono and Pisut Koomsap Author Index 329  http://www.springer.com/978-0-85729-223-0
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