À propos de la Tournée nationale d auditions de l École nationale de ballet du Canada. About Canada s National Ballet School s National Audition Tour

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À propos de la Tournée nationale d auditions de l École nationale de ballet du Canada About Canada s National Ballet School s National Audition Tour About NBS National Audition Tour Tour Artistic Staff:
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À propos de la Tournée nationale d auditions de l École nationale de ballet du Canada About Canada s National Ballet School s National Audition Tour About NBS National Audition Tour Tour Artistic Staff: Rosalie Deligioridis Alexander Gorbatsevich Deborah Hess Martine Lamy Ashleigh Powell About NBS National Audition Tour Talent is the sole criterion for acceptance into NBS' full-time program. Admission to the Professional Ballet Program is based on a two-stage audition process. Every Fall/Winter, a team of Canada's National Ballet School artistic staff travel across the country on a National Audition Tour (NAT), stopping in approximately 20 Canadian cities and towns and offering open classes and teacher workshops, in addition to the auditions. The NAT is the first stage of the audition process, while the Summer School Program is the second stage. Through NAT auditions, over 1,000 students apply for admission to the School's full-time program every year. Roughly 175 of these applicants are invited to join current NBS students for the intensive Summer School program in July, and of these, approximately 50 are offered a place in the full-time Professional Ballet and Post-Secondary Programs. Fees for the Professional Ballet Program are subsidized through government and private sector funding. In addition, an extensive bursary program is in place in the Ballet Academic Program (Grade 6 to 12 and the Post-Secondary Program) to ensure that no talented student is prevented from attending NBS because of financial circumstances. As a national training institution, NBS offers bursaries to Canadian students and approximately half of all students receive bursary assistance. Audition Process Stage One National Audition Tour Stage One of the audition process is an abbreviated class taught by a member of NBS' artistic faculty. The audition class is specially structured to assess a range of qualities including coordination, musicality, quality of movement and physical suitability for the demands of classical ballet. No special preparation is required, and prior dance training is not essential for children under 12 years of age. Who can audition? Students entering academic grades 6-12 in September Students entering Grade 5 in September 2017 may audition for the Introductory Summer School. Students who have completed high school in a rigorous full-time dance program who wish to prepare for professional careers. Students unable to audition in person may apply by DVD. Students who simply love to dance and do not wish to audition, can participate in the National Audition Tour by registering for an Open Class. Stage Two Summer School Stage Two of NBS' audition process is for students who have successfully auditioned for the Professional Ballet Program or the Introductory Grade 5 Summer School. It consists of a fourweek intensive Summer School at NBS' state-of-the-art facilities in Toronto each July. Approximately 175 auditioning students attend dance classes for the four-week period along with returning NBS students. This period is more relaxed than NBS' formal school year, due partly to the fact that there are no academic classes and there are many fun activities and outings planned for the hours not spent dancing. As talent is the sole criterion for acceptance into NBS' Professional Ballet Program, financial support is available according to each family's needs. To accurately determine the degree of support required, parent(s) must apply for financial assistance annually and every case is individually assessed. Some financial assistance opportunities also exist for Summer School. Ongoing Assessment During Summer School, students are assessed on their suitability for NBS' classical ballet program. Academic test results and interpersonal skills are also taken into account. Approximately 50 auditioning students will be invited to join the full-time Professional Ballet Program in September each year, while full-time students are assessed on an ongoing basis to ensure that they continue to respond positively to the program's broader challenges. With only a small number of places available each year, it's not possible to invite every aspiring dancer into the full-time program. The audition process is designed to be a positive experience. Students are encouraged to maintain their love of dancing and to recognize the many training options available to them besides NBS. Those not invited to join the full-time program are welcome to audition again the following year. Students entering academic Grade 5 in September 2016 who thrive at the 2016 Introductory Summer School will be encouraged to audition for Summer School This initial Summer School experience is designed to help students settle comfortably and confidently into the twostage audition process the following year. Tour Artistic Staff Rosalie Deligioridis Tour Locations: Calgary, AB; Edmonton, AB; Vancouver, BC ; Victoria, BC Bio: Rosalie Deligioridis trained at NBS under Betty Oliphant, graduating in She joined the School's Artistic Staff in 1975, having danced with the Prologue to the Performing Arts as well as in various productions with the Canadian Opera Company and the CBC. A choreographer and coach, Deligioridis is also a certified Cecchetti examiner and has guesttaught at the Royal Danish Ballet and L'École de Danse de Quebec. She continues to teach at NBS in both the Professional Ballet and Teacher Training Programs. Alexander Gorbatsevich Tour Locations: Halifax, NS; Charlottetown, PE; Moncton, NB; Ottawa, ON Bio: Alexander Gorbatsevich received his ballet training at the Novosibirsk State School of Ballet. In 1973, having completed his study with distinction, Gorbatsevich joined the Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre as a soloist and subsequently joined the Moscow Classical Ballet Company as a Principal Dancer in In his performance career, his repertoire included most of the major classical roles in Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty, Don Quixote, Romeo and Juliet, Giselle, The Nutcracker, and Cinderella. A key part of Gorbatsevich s repertoire were the principal roles he played in Nathalie, ou La Laitiere Suisse in a production by Pierre Lacotte after Filippo Taglioni, El Guije by Alberto Alonso (both created for the Moscow Classical Ballet) L Arlsienne by Roland Petit and Opus#5 by Maurice Bejart. A dancer with 27 years of experience, Gorbatsevich has had an astounding performance career. He has received numerous prestigious dance awards including first prize and a gold medal at the 11th International Ballet Competition at Varna in 1983, the Rene Blum Prize from the Paris Academy of Dance in 1984 and the title of Distinguished Artist of Russia, which he received in He has also performed internationally as a guest artist and has partnered with some of the greatest ballerinas of our time including E. Maximova, N. Sorokina, L. Kunakova and N. Pavlova. In 1992, Gorbatsevich completed his studies at the Russian State Academy of Theatre Art (teachers included Eugene Valukin, Marina Semyonova), which qualified him as a teacherchoreographer. Gorbatsevich s teaching career began at the Moscow Classical Ballet Company. He continued to dance and teach with various companies throughout his career. A graduate of Canada s National Ballet School s Teacher Training Program, Gorbatsevich joined the artistic staff at NBS in In his current role as National Audition Tour Manager and as a teacher in the Professional Ballet Program, Gorbatsevich continues to draw from his experiences as a professional dancer. In addition to his work at NBS, he takes great joy in teaching ballet to students in dance studios across the province. Deborah Hess Tour Locations: Regina, SK; Steinbach, MB; Montreal, QC, Sudbury, ON Bio: Deborah Hess trained in New York at the American Ballet Theater School with Valentina Pereyaslavec and subsequently with Kathleen Crofton before dancing with American Classical Ballet, Ballet de Wallonie in Belgium, Ballet Gulbenkian in Portugal and the New London Ballet in England. In her performance career she danced a wide range of roles from the classical, such as Odette in Swan Lake to soloist roles in contemporary works by such renowned choreographers as Lar Lubovitch. She worked directly with Bronislava Nijinska, Rudolf Nureyev, Hans Brenna, Asaf Messerer and Anna Marie Holmes, to name just a few. Upon her return to North America, Hess turned her focus to teaching and became the Assistant to the Director at the San Francisco Ballet School. On the recommendation of Erik Bruhn she was invited by Betty Oliphant to join the artistic faculty at Canada's National Ballet School in Hess s role has expanded during her tenure at NBS and she is now the coordinator of student exchanges between NBS and its international partner schools, including the National Ballet School of Cuba, the Australian Ballet School and the Hamburg Ballet School amongst others. In addition to her work at NBS, she continues to serve on the jury for the Youth America Grand Prix, and as a juror for the International Ballet Student Competition in Havana, Cuba. Her work in Japan includes serving on the jury of the Japan Grand Prix while also fulfilling a similar role in the First International Student Competition in Beijing, China. Hess has been a guest teacher for the Boston Ballet Company, Royal Danish Ballet School, the Cincinnati Ballet Company, Jacob's Pillow, the USA International Ballet Competition, as well as returning yearly to Japan. Martine Lamy Tour Locations: Montreal, QC Bio: Born in Trois-Rivieres, Martine Lamy graduated from Canada s National Ballet School and went on to be a Principal dancer with The National Ballet of Canada. After a 22 year career, she graduated with Distinction from NBS Teacher's Training Program, and was awarded the Betty Oliphant Award. She is now back at NBS, teaching girls and boys of all levels, and staging various ballets such as Swan Lake and Giselle. As an NBS student, Martine Lamy won a Peter Dwyer Award and a Canada Council Grant. She also represented Canada in the 1981 Moscow Ballet Competition where she won the Third Prize, as well as the Best Partnership Award with Serge Lavoie. In 1983, she joined The National Ballet of Canada and quickly went through the ranks to become a Principal Dancer. Known for her versatility, clean technique and acting acumen, Lamy has danced most of the major classical roles such as Kitri in Don Quixote, Swan Queen/Black Swan in Swan Lake, Aurora in The Sleeping Beauty, the title role in Giselle, Lise in La Fille mal gardée, Katherine in The Taming of the Shrew, Hanna in The Merry Widow, and Tatiana in Onegin. Equally admired in the Contemporary canon, Lamy has created roles in William Forsythe's the second detail, Robert Desrosier's Blue Snake, James Kudelka's Pastorale, The Four Seasons and The Contract(The Pied Piper), a full-length ballet especially created for her. Some of her title roles include Glen Tetley's Sphinx, Daphnis and Chloe, Alice, La Ronde, Voluntaries and The Rite of Spring, as well as many Balanchine, Ashton, MacMillan, and Tudor works. Ms Lamy was also a guest artist with various ballet companies such as The Stuttgart Ballet, Danish Ballet, La La La Human Steps, and took part in Debbie Allan's choreography for the 66th Academy Awards. Throughout her ballet career, Ms. Lamy has taught and adjudicated for many dance competitions, and since her retirement in 2005, went on to teach professionals at The National Ballet of Canada and various schools such as Marin Ballet, Dance Teq, Children's Dance Theater, The Sean Boutillier Academy, McMaster University and NBS where she is currently teaching full time. Ashleigh Powell Tour Locations: St. John s, NL Bio: Ashleigh Powell began her ballet training in Ottawa at the Kanata Ballet School. In 2009, she graduated from Canada's National Ballet School's Teacher Training Program with Distinction. During her training at NBS she obtained her teaching qualifications with the Cecchetti Society of Canada, the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, and the Royal Academy of Dance as well as her Advance II dancing qualifications from all three organizations. Powell is the recipient of both the Carole Chadwick Award and the Betty Oliphant Award for teaching and holds an Honours Degree in History and Sociology from the University of Toronto. Beyond her role as a teacher in the Professional and Associates Programs, through Powell s position as Manager, Sharing Dance, she has the opportunity to teach movement workshops and dance classes to public school students and community groups in cities across the country. In this capacity, Powell enjoys creating choreography for youth and curriculum based dance content to meet education guidelines across Canada. À propos de la Tournée nationale d auditions de l École nationale de ballet du Canada À propos de la Tournée nationale d auditions de l ÉNB Membres du corps enseignant de la tournée : Rosalie Deligioridis Alexander Gorbatsevich Deborah Hess Martine Lamy Ashleigh Powell À propos de la Tournée nationale d auditions de l ÉNB Le talent est le seul critère d'admission aux programmes à temps plein de l'énb. L'admission au Programme de ballet professionnel de l'énb est basée sur un processus d'auditions en deux étapes. Chaque automne/hiver, une équipe composée de membres du corps enseignant de l'énb s'embarque pour la Tournée nationale d'auditions et visite environ 20 villes et villages canadiens pour y offrir des classes ouvertes et des ateliers pour les enseignants, en plus des auditions. La Tournée nationale d auditions est la première étape du processus d auditions tandis que le Cours d été est la seconde étape. Dans le cadre d'auditions qui se déroulent annuellement, plus de élèves font chaque année une demande d'admission aux programmes à temps plein de l'école. Environ 175 de ces candidats seront invités à se joindre aux élèves de l'énb pour participer au Cours d'été, en juillet, et approximativement 50 d'entre eux se verront offrir une place dans le Programme de ballet professionnel et le Programme postsecondaire à temps plein. Les frais de scolarité pour le Programme de ballet professionnel sont subventionnés par le gouvernement et le secteur privé. De plus, un vaste programme de bourses est en place au Programme de ballet et d'enseignement scolaire (de la 6 e à la 12 e année) et au Programme postsecondaire afin de s'assurer qu'aucun élève doué ne se voit refuser l'accès à l'énb pour des raisons financières. À titre de maison d'enseignement nationale, l'énb offre des bourses aux élèves canadiens; environ la moitié de tous les élèves reçoivent une aide financière. Le processus d auditions Première étape la Tournée nationale d auditions La première étape consiste à suivre une classe spéciale enseignée par un professeur de ballet de l'établissement. Ces classes sont spécialement conçues pour évaluer divers attributs tels que la coordination, la musicalité, la qualité du mouvement et l'aptitude à satisfaire aux exigences du ballet classique. Aucune préparation particulière n'est requise. Il n'est pas nécessaire que les enfants de moins de 12 ans aient déjà reçu une formation en danse. Qui peut auditionner? Les élèves qui entreront en 6 e -12 e année en septembre Les élèves qui entreront en 5 e année en septembre 2017 peuvent auditionner pour le cours d'été préparatoire de l'énb. Les étudiants qui ont terminé leurs études secondaires dans un programme rigoureux de formation en danse à temps plein et qui désirent se préparer pour une carrière professionnelle. Les élèves et étudiants qui sont dans l'impossibilité d'auditionner en personne peuvent le faire sur DVD. Les élèves et étudiants qui aiment tout simplement danser et qui ne désirent pas auditionner peuvent toujours participer à la Tournée nationale d auditions en s inscrivant à une classe ouverte. Seconde étape Cours d été La deuxième étape du processus vise les élèves et étudiants choisis qui ont auditionné pour le Programme de ballet professionnel ou pour le Cours d'été offert aux élèves de 5e année. Il s agit d un stage intensif de quatre semaines qui a lieu en juillet chaque année dans les installations de pointe de l ÉNB à Toronto. Environ 175 élèves et étudiants qui auditionnent suivent des cours de danse pendant ces quatre semaines en compagnie des élèves et étudiants réadmis à l'énb. L ambiance au cours d été est plus détendue que durant l année scolaire à l ÉNB, en partie parce qu il n y a pas de cours théoriques et qu on offre de nombreuses activités et sorties amusantes pendant les heures qui ne sont pas consacrées à la danse. Comme le talent est le seul critère d'admission aux programmes à temps plein de l'énb, une aide financière est offerte en fonction des besoins de chaque famille. Afin que l École puisse déterminer le montant qui est nécessaire, les parents doivent faire une demande d aide financière annuellement; chaque cas est évalué individuellement. Il est aussi possible d obtenir de l aide financière pour le Cours d été. Évaluation continue Pendant le Cours d'été, on évalue les élèves et étudiants en fonction de leur aptitude à satisfaire aux exigences du programme de ballet classique de l'énb. Les résultats scolaires et les qualités interpersonnelles sont également pris en considération. Chaque année, environ 50 candidats seront invités à se joindre en septembre au Programme de ballet professionnel à temps plein. Tous les élèves et étudiants à temps plein sont évalués de façon continue afin de s assurer qu ils répondent toujours positivement aux défis plus vastes du programme. Comme l'énb ne peut offrir qu'un petit nombre de places chaque année, il est impossible d'admettre tous les candidats au programme à temps plein. Le processus d'auditions vise à faire vivre une expérience agréable aux participants. À chaque étape, les élèves et étudiants sont invités à entretenir leur amour de la danse et à considérer les nombreuses possibilités de formation qui s'offrent à eux en dehors de l'énb. On leur rappelle qu'il leur est toujours possible d'auditionner à nouveau l'année suivante. Les élèves qui entrent en 5 e année en septembre 2016 et qui ont bien participé à l'initiation du Cours d'été 2016 seront encouragés à passer l'audition pour le Cours d'été Cette première expérience devrait leur donner plus de confiance lorsqu'ils se présenteront aux deux étapes de l'audition l'année suivante. Membres du corps enseignant de la tournée Rosalie Deligioridis Villes de la tournée : Calgary, AB ; Edmonton, AB ; Vancouver, BC ; Victoria, BC Notice biographique : Formée à l ÉNB sous Betty Oliphant, Rosalie Deligioridis a obtenu son diplôme en Elle a joint les rangs de la direction artistique de l École en 1975, après avoir dansé avec le Prologue to the Performing Arts, ainsi que dans diverses productions de la Canadian Opera Company et de la CBC/SRC. Chorégraphe et instructrice, M me Deligioridis est aussi une examinatrice agréée de la Société Cecchetti du Canada. Elle a été professeure invitée auprès de l École du Ballet royal danois et de L École de Danse de Québec. Elle continue d enseigner à l ÉNB dans le Programme de ballet professionnel et le Programme de formation pour les professeurs. Alexander Gorbatsevich Villes de la tournée : Halifax, NS ; Charlottetown, PE ; Moncton, NB ; Ottawa, ON Notice biographique : Alexander Gorbatsevich a été formé à l école de ballet publique de Novosibirsk. En 1973, après avoir terminé ses études avec la mention «distinction», il intègre, à titre de soliste, le Théâtre national d opéra et de ballet de Novosibirsk pour ensuite, en 1977, devenir premier danseur pour la Compagnie de ballet
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