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Stand of AIGETOA CHQ on ITS repatriation Dear Members, During past few days CHQ has received several queries over stand of AIGETOA on ITS repatriation. Herein, we would like to clarify that this association was never against ITS officers working in BSNL as an absorbed officer but our prime concern was ITS officers working in BSNL on unlimited deemed deputation which in our opinion was not only against the rules of law but also the serious lack of belongingness and ownership. Now once again, GOI
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  Stand of AIGETOA CHQ on ITSrepatriation Dear Members, During past few days CHQ has received severalqueries over stand of AIGETOA on ITS repatriation.Herein,we would like to clarify that this association was neveragainst ITS officers working in BSNL as an absorbedofficer but our prime concern was ITS officers working inBSNL on unlimited deemed deputation which in ouropinion was not only against the rules of law but also theserious lack of belongingness and ownership.Now onceagain, GOI has taken bold steps to end deemeddeputation. Most of the ITS officers have opted for DOTbut they are very much conscious of the fact that servingBSNL is better option for them in view of their stagnantcareer growth in DoT. In our opinion, Opting DOT may betheir strategic decision or a long term plan to come back to BSNL with better pay and position through one or otherways, off course with the help of their big brothers sittingat TOP in BSNL and DOT. We do agree with hues and cries srcinating from the herds of some of the executives associations in BSNL who have off lateassumed the role of so called self styled champions of HR and arehaving illusion that they are the messiahs of BSNL at this critical juncture. They are crying that they have lots of young, talentedand qualified executives and hence there will not be any effect onservices after repartition of ITS officers.  We also agree thatthey are very much true but our question to them iswhether they are willing to let BSNL board have free  hands to select any person amongst the workingexecutives on the basis of their qualification andperformance for any superior post bypassing the existingseniority cum fitness rule.   We know that it has neverhappened and will never happen and all they are going toagree is for recruitment of MT/DGMs from outside at thecost of Direct recruitees of BSNL as is evident from theirseveral communications to the management in Past.Whenever it comes to giving responsibility and post onthe basis of capability and performance, they have alwaysopposed the young blood, be it erstwhile DoT recruitedEngineers or BSNL recruited executives.   We once againwant to remind these associations that they were theassociations who opposed qualification bar at the level of STS and JAG.   They are the ones who made qualificationand performance – a subject of Mockery in BSNL and thisis the only reason that today BSNL board has not muchoptions to replace ITS at top.  BSNL board should have taken firm decision as at the time of Group-B and Group-C &D absorption without giving them the wayto come back through the back door with technical resignation. This association believes that most of the ITS officers would haveopted BSNL. Anyway we are of the firm opinion that nowthis deemed deputation of ITS officers has ended and nowthat they are to be replaced immediately,they should bereplaced with the existing executives from DOT and Directrecruits of BSNL on the basis of qualification, experienceand performance.Now it’s high time for all of us to fightfor abolishing the existing obsolete HR Policy which haslost its relevance in the era of tough competition whichBSNL is facing in the market.It’s high time for the BSNLBoard to think out of box and replace the current policywith contemporary policy which is being followed by otherPSUs and fortune 500 companies so that in future BSNL  doesn’t faces the dearth of high rank capable managerswhich it is facing now.We request our honorable CMD andBoard of directors to desist from using the obsolete HRpolicies while finalizing the contingency plan. We appealto BSNL board to think out of box and counter all the antimovements whether it is through associational or throughlegal activities. We believe that it is the duty of BSNL board to decide the fate of ITS officers and also the subsequent action to replace them, Whatwe can expect that at least now, the board should takecognizance of the fact that they have a vast pool of young,talented and qualified professionals in the form of DR recruiteesand Erstwhile DoT DR-GE recruitees.  We want to remindmanagement thatDR stands for disaster recoveryand wealso want to make them believe thatyours this DR force iscompletely capable of lifting BSNL out of this disastroussituation. Repatriation order issued by DOT on 03/11/2011 andcommunication of BSNL board to field units has created severaldoubts among the executives working. Some of the sentencesmentioned in the orders are as under. ã Deputation is end on 8 th Nov 2011 and ITS officersshould immediately join DOT after formal relievingfrom BSNL . Deputation was already end on 22/12/2008after that there is no any extension order. As per DOPTguideline officer should not wait for their formal order oncedeputation is over else they will be liable for disciplinaryaction. ã BSNL Board has endorsed the order and uploaded the format for relieving but they did not tell whowill relieve to whom.  ã Repatriation Order dated 03/11/2011 is not at all under challenged but DOT order dated 03/11/2011astonishingly refers the court cases, which werefiled in Hon’ble Andhra Pradesh High Court at Hyderabad in the year 2006. It is pertinent to notethat these all cases were filed challenging the PCAT Order, which upheld the validity of repatriationorder dated 18/10/2005. The repatriation order dated 03/11/2011 is not at all under challenged inany court in India, and hence, there arise noquestion of interim stay/order. If at all there is any interim stay/order, the DOT must have reveal it as amatter of transparency.  Let us wait and watch whether ITS repatriation is final game or itis only paper formalities to safeguard themselves from legalangle. At the same time we request our DR fraternity toconcentrate on our career and other issues without beingemotionally blackmailed. There are several issues which haveattracted proper attention and commitment of BSNL board butnow they seem to be ignorant once again.  So, let us all start preparing for one mega event to get theissues resolved.
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