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ADC Preliminary Examinations 7./8. September 2006 Paper 1 1. A. B. C. D. The term abrasion best describes: Loss of substance by chemical agent Loss of substance by external agent Loss of substance by the movement of tooth against tooth The rapid loss of substance that is seen in the movement of porcelain crowns aganist natural teeth Some days after preparation and filling of a shallow class I amalgam cavity the patient complains of pain on biting. You would: Perform vitality test Replace filling
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   ADC Preliminary Examinations 7./8. September 2006  Paper 1 1.The term abrasion best describes: A.Loss of substance by chemical agentB.Loss of substance by external agentC.Loss of substance by the movement of tooth against tooth   D.The rapid loss of substance that is seen in the movement of porcelain crowns aganistnatural teeth 2.Some days after preparation and filling of a shallow class I amalgam cavity the patient complains of pain on biting. You would: A.Perform vitality testB.Replace filling with liningC.Check for premature contactsD.Remove all occlusal contacts from this fillingE.Tell the patient to wait 2-4 weeks, the pain will go away 3.In a composite filling, the matrix band is for  A.Help shaping and contouring the fillingB.Prevent material to be pushed under the gingival margin 4.The advantage of guttapercha over silver points is A. The possibility for lateral condensation 5.When do you make a fixed-moveable bridge? A. When the abutment teeth don’t have the same path of insertion 6.In a class II.2 malocclusion, which bridge design would be contraindicated for a missinglateral upper incisor? A.Cantilever bridgeB.Maryland bridge 7.Which is the best cantilever bridge design for missing maxillary canine? Abutment on A.Both premolarsB.Lateral and central incisorC.Lateral incisor  D.First premolar 8. A 9 years-old child who has sustained a fracture of a maxillary permanent central incisor in which 2 mm of the pulp is exposed, presents for treatment 30 minutesafterinjury. Which of the following should be considered? A.Remove 1-2 mm of the pulp tissue surface, place calcium hydroxide and fill with resinB.Remove 1-2 mm of the pulp tissue surface and cover with ledermixC.Place calcium hydroxide directly on the exposed pulpD.Pulpotomy using formocresolE.Pulpectomy and immediate root filling 9.In a flouridated toothpaste with 0.304% sodium fluoride the amount of flouride ions is A.400 ppmB.1000 ppmC.1500 ppmD.4000 ppm 10.The most important diatary habit for caries development is A.Amount of sugar intakeB.Frequency of sugar intakeC.Form of sugar intake 11.The normal unstimulated salivary flow rate is A.0.02 ml/minB.0.2 ml/minC. 2 ml/min 12.Titanium is used in dentistry A.In a very pure form in implantsB.In an alloy with aluminium in casting for crowns and bridgesC.In an alloy with nickel in orthodontic wiresD.A and BE.A, B and C 13.What is the reason for a tooth to develop pulpitis several years after setting of a fullveneer gold crown? A. Bacterial microleakage 14.How is the regeneration process after damage by injury to odontoblasts working? A.Proliferation of the remaining odontoblasts  B.Differentiation from fibroblastsC.Regeneration from undifferentiated mesenchymel cellsD.Histodifferentiation from ectodermal cellsE.Differentiation from the inflammation cells 15.In construction of full dentures, what does the term “too low vertical dimension” refer to? A.A situation in which there is too much interocclusal space between upper and lowerartificial teeth when the mandible is in rest position. 16.Reversible pulpitis is characterized by A.Pain lasts longer on hot or cold stimulus than normallyB.Patient can’t localize painC.Will have periapical involvement in radiograph 17.Irreversible pulpitis is characterized by A.There is often a history of spontanous painB.Sudden throbbing painC.Pain can’t be localised when it reaches the periapical areaD.There is pain which lingers for a short duration after romoval of stimulus 18.What are the symptoms of internal resorption? A.Very painfulB.Symptom-free or only mild pain 19.What kind of root fracture in a tooth has the best prognosis? A fracture at the A.Apical thirdB.Coronal thirdC.Middle thirdD.Vertical fracture 20.What will develop after prophylaxis? A.Acellular pellicle is formed immediately afterB.Cellular pellicle is formed immediately afterC.Acellelar pellicle is formed after 48 hoursD.Cellular pellicle is formed after 48 hours  21.What is the purpose of making a record of protrusive relation and whatfunction does it serve after it is made?  A. To register the condylar path and to adjust the inclination of the incisal guidance.B. To aid in determining the freeway space and to adjust the inclination of the incisalguidance.C. To register the condylar path and to adjust the condylar guides of the articulator so thatthey are equivalent to the condylar paths of the patient.D. To aid in establishing the occlusal vertical dimension and to adjust the condylar guides of the articulator so that they are equivalent to the condylar paths of the patient. 22.A 50 years-old patient presents with pain from time to time on light cervical abrasions.What is your first management to help patient in preventing pain in the future? A.Change diatary habitsB.Change brushing habitsC.GIC fillings  23.In planning and construction of a cast metal partial denture the study cast A.facilitates the construction of custom traysB.minimizes the need for articulatingC.provides only limited information about inter ridge distance, which is best assessedclinicallyD.can be used as a working cast when duplicating facilities are not available 24.What are the artificial teeth in removable dentures made of? A.PorcelainB.Cross-linked methyl-methacrylateC.Ethyl-methacrylateD.Acrylic  25.Following extraction of the molar teeth A.The ridge height is lost more from the maxilla than from the mandibleB.The maxillary ridge will get more bone lost from the palatal aspect than the buccalC.The mandibular arch is relatively narrower than the maxillary archD.Compared with the pre-resorption state, the mandibular ridge will lose more bone fromthe lingual aspect than the buccal one. 26.Which anatomical landmark is important to include in impressions for lower fulldentures? A.Mylohyoid ridgeB.Lower incisive papilla  27.Wrought metal is to be, A.Marble
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