Amendment to Board Policy EIA (Local) Academic Achievement Grading/Progress Reports to Parents

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Dallas ISD 057905 ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT GRADING/PROGRESS REPORTS TO PARENTS EIA (LOCAL) GRADING PHILOSOPHY AND PURPOSE To meet the District’s mission of college and workforce readiness, grading practices must be in accordance with the District’s philosophy that expects and supports all students learning at high, rigorous levels. Therefore, grading practices must focus on student growth and mastery of the learning standards identified in the District curriculum, which include, but are not limite
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  Dallas ISD057905ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT EIAGRADING/PROGRESS REPORTS TO PARENTS (LOCAL) DATE ISSUED: 9/20/2010 1 of 10LDU 2010.11EIA(LOCAL)-X To meet the District’s mission of college and workforce readi-ness, grading practices must be in accordance with the Dis-trict’s philosophy that expects and supports all students learn-ing at high, rigorous levels. Therefore, grading practices mustfocus on student growth and mastery of the learning stan-dards identified in the District curriculum, which include, butare not limited to, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.Grading emphasis shall be placed on accomplishment of these standards and not on the time it takes to learn them, nor on the short-term failures that may occur along the way tomastery.Grading shall serve the following purposes:1. Equity and Access: To support equity and access to ri-gorous learning for all students by providing coherentgrading expectations based upon challenging learningstandards.2. Communication: To inform parents/guardians and stu-dents of the students’ success in learning and mastery of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and other re-quired learning expectations.3. Motivation: To promote and maintain desirable learninghabits and practices of achievement as a basis for stu-dent self-management of learning tools for future educa-tional success and college and workforce readiness.4. Instructional Decision Making: To provide data for use ineducational planning and decision making at the student,classroom, school, and District levels.5. Documentation: To provide a coherent process for do-cumenting and archiving student mastery of requiredlearning standards across grade levels and betweenschools and districts. The District shall determine instructional objectives that relate tothe essential knowledge and skills for grade-level subjects or courses. These objectives shall address the skills needed for suc-cessful performance in the next grade or next course in a se-quence of courses.Assignments, tests, projects, classroom activities, and other in-structional activities shall be designed so that the student’s perfor-mance indicates the level of mastery of the designated District ob- jectives. The student’s mastery level shall be a major factor indetermining the grade for a subject or course. GRADINGPHILOSOPHY ANDPURPOSE RELATION TOESSENTIALKNOWLEDGE ANDSKILLS: PK–12  Dallas ISD057905ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT EIAGRADING/PROGRESS REPORTS TO PARENTS (LOCAL) DATE ISSUED: 9/20/2010 2 of 10LDU 2010.11EIA(LOCAL)-XReport cards shall be issued every six-week grading period. Dis-trictwide student passing/failure rates shall be monitored by theSuperintendent of Schools or designee and reported biannually or as directed by the Board. The Superintendent of Schools shall de-velop guidelines for teachers to follow in arriving at six-week andsemester grades for students. These guidelines shall ensure thatgrading reflects a student’s relative mastery of an assignment andthat a sufficient number of grades are taken to support the gradeaverage assigned. Grades shall not be reduced for disciplinaryreasons except in cases of late assignments or academic disho-nesty. Guidelines for grading shall be clearly communicated tostudents and parents. [See EIA(REGULATION)] The Superintendent of Schools or designee shall developguidelines regulating homework, makeup work, and gradingprocedures. [See EIA(REGULATION)]Numerical averages of 0.5 or above shall be rounded up to thenext whole number. That is, 77.5 becomes 78, while 77.4 be-comes 77. An examination or course grade issued by the teacher is final andmay not be changed unless the grade is arbitrary, erroneous, or notconsistent with the District’s grading policy applicable to the gradelevel or program as outlined in this policy.Interim progress reports shall be issued by the teacher every threeweeks to a student whose performance in any subject or class isbelow 70 or whose average is deemed borderline according to Dis-trict guidelines.Lack of a failure notice shall not absolve a student of the responsi-bility to pass assigned work.The District shall make this information available to the sponsors of extracurricular activities in which the student participates. The no-tice shall stipulate that the student shall have the remainder of thesix-week period to bring the grade up to 70 or above and that thestudent shall be suspended from extracurricular activities if thegrade is not brought up to that point by the end of the six-week pe-riod. The District may require any student whose mid-reporting period grade average is below 70 or borderline toattend tutorial sessions.A student who receives an interim progress report during thesix-week grading period indicating the student’s performancein any subject or class is below 70 or whose average isdeemed borderline according to District guidelines, shall beencouraged to attend tutorial sessions, complete special OVERSIGHT ANDGUIDELINES FORGRADING: PK–12 INTERIM REPORTSGRADES 2-12  Dallas ISD057905ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT EIAGRADING/PROGRESS REPORTS TO PARENTS (LOCAL) DATE ISSUED: 9/20/2010 3 of 10LDU 2010.11EIA(LOCAL)-X projects or extra credit assignments prior to the end of thesix-week grading period. When both the teacher and principalagree that extenuating circumstances are present, the studentmay be given additional time to complete the special projectsor extra credit assignments beyond the end of the six-weekgrading period. Academic dishonesty includes cheating or copying the work of another student, plagiarism, and unauthorized communication be-tween students during an examination. The determination that astudent has engaged in academic dishonesty shall be based onthe judgment of the classroom teacher or another supervising pro-fessional employee, taking into consideration written materials, ob-servation, or information from students.No honor roll shall be established for students in prekindergartenthrough grade 3 but shall be implemented for grades 4–12.Honor roll designations shall be restricted to grade point averagesof 80 or above. All courses shall count toward honor roll eligibility.However, a student must be enrolled in at least four courses to-ward GPA to be eligible for honor roll as follows:1. “A” Honor Roll—For students with a GPA of 90 or above, withno course grade lower than 70.2. “B” Honor Roll—For students with a GPA of 80–89, with nograde lower than 70.In compliance with Education Code 28.022, the District shall holdconferences with parents of all students in prekindergarten tograde 12 and shall give written notice to parents of a student’s per-formance in each class or subject. Parent conferences shall beheld twice a year. Personal business days may not be used duringdays scheduled for conferences. [See DEC(LOCAL)]  In addition to the twice-yearly conferences, a teacher shall sche-dule one or more conferences with the parents or guardians of astudent if the student is not maintaining passing grades or achiev-ing the expected level of performance.Additionally, the student’s progress and his or her level of achievement shall be reported to parents or guardians in a manner they can understand. Translation of English report card formatsshall be available for parents who speak a language other thanEnglish. Additional provisions for clarification shall be provided asnecessary. ACADEMICDISHONESTY: PK–12HONOR ROLL:PK–12PARENTCONFERENCES:PK–12  Dallas ISD057905ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT EIAGRADING/PROGRESS REPORTS TO PARENTS (LOCAL) DATE ISSUED: 9/20/2010 4 of 10LDU 2010.11EIA(LOCAL)-X Homework is assignment of work related to the essentialknowledge and skills and used as independent practice activi-ties. These assignments are expected to be completed out-side the regular classroom setting. Homework should alwaysbe reviewed with students with feedback provided by theteacher.Class work is all work related to daily classroom assignmentsthat reflects previously learned behaviors. It also refers tosubjective areas such as oral participation in class activitiesand discussions. The class work grade shall not be used toevaluate class conduct, tardiness, or other areas related todiscipline.Students shall be permitted to make up assignments and testsafter an absence. Students shall receive credit without penal-ty for satisfactory makeup work after an absence, includingabsences as a result of suspension, but shall receive a zerofor any assignment or test not made up within the allottedtime. For makeup work related to an absence, students shallbe given two days for every day missed. Teachers may de-termine if additional time will be allotted in consideration of the age of the student and/or difficulty of the missed assign-ments.For late work not related to an absence, teachers shall identifythe time allocation and grade penalties for submission of latework as part of their grade-level/department grading proce-dures.The Superintendent of Schools or designee shall developguidelines regulating homework, makeup work, and gradingprocedures. [See EIA(REGULATION)] To ensure that test grades reflect content mastery, a student shallbe permitted to retake any major test he or she has failed withinfive school days of the date the failing grade was received or nolater than ten days of the date of the test. If the test is passed onthe second attempt, the failing grade shall be removed from thegrade book, and the passing grade recorded with the following ex-ception. When student behavior or actions clearly demonstratethat a major test was failed due to lack of effort or inappropriatebehavior, a teacher with the principal’s approval, may assess agrade penalty. The grade penalty shall be either the average of thetwo tests or a 70 (if either the average or the second attempt isabove 70). The grade given a student failing the test for the secondtime shall be the higher score earned on either test. The retestingpolicy shall not apply to ACPs. The Superintendent of Schools or designee shall develop procedures for implementing the retesting HOMEWORKDEFINED:PK    –12CLASS WORKDEFINED: PK    –12MAKEUP WORKRELATED TO ANABSENCE DEFINED:PK    –12LATE WORK NOTRELATED TO ANABSENCE DEFINED:PK    –12 RETESTING PK–12 DURING A 6-WEEKSGRADING PERIOD  
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