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PROGRAMME OF SUMMER 2012 SECTIONS ‘A’ AND ‘B’ EXAMINATIONS JUNE 02-08, 2012 SECTION A DAY/DATE OF SESSION EXAMINATION NON-DIPLOMA SCHEME DIPLOMA SCHEME ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING (BRANCH CODE 03) AR 411 Solid Mechanics and Foundation Engineering AR 421 Ekistics AR 431 Professional Practice AR 423 Climatology AR 433 Interior Design SECTION B CHEMICAL ENGINEERING (BRANCH CODE 04) CH 411 Mass Transfer Operations CH 421 Fuels and Combustion CIVIL ENGINEERING (BRANCH CODE 05) CV 411 Advanced Structura
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  PROGRAMME OF SUMMER 2012 SECTIONS ‘A’ AND ‘B’ EXAMINATIONSJUNE 02-08, 2012 DAY/DATE OFEXAMINATIONSESSIONSECTION A SECTION BNON-DIPLOMASCHEMEDIPLOMASCHEME ARCHITECTURALENGINEERING(BRANCH CODE 03)CHEMICALENGINEERING(BRANCH CODE 04)CIVIL ENGINEERING(BRANCH CODE 05)FIRST DAY (SATURDAY)02.06.2012 FN  AN 201 Fundamentals of Design and   Manufacturing  AD 301 Fundamentals of Design and   Manufacturing  AR 411 Solid Mechanics andFoundation Engineering  AR 421 Ekistics CH 411 Mass TransferOperations CH 421 Fuels and Combustion CV 411 Advanced Structural Analysis CV 421 Principles of EnvironmentalEngineeringAN  AR 431 Professional Practice CV 431 Transportation Engineering SECOND DAY (SUNDAY)03.06.2012 FN  AN 202 MaterialScience andEngineering  AD 302 MaterialScience andEngineering  AR 423 Climatology  AR 433 Interior Design CH 412 Heat Transfer Operations CH 422 Biochemical Engineering CV 432 Traffic and TransportationSystemsAN CH 432 PetrochemicalEngineering CV 425 Waste Management and   Environmental Impact Assessment  THIRD DAY (MONDAY)04.06.2012 FN  AN 203 Computing and   Informatics  AD 303 Computing and   Informatics IC 402 Engineering Management    AN  AR 412 Construction Technology  AR 422 Town Planning andLandscape Architecture  AR 432 Mapping a Thesis Project  CH 431 Polymer Materials andTechnology CV 412 Design of RCC and Pre-stressed Concrete Structures CV 422 Environmental Engineering -Processes and Management  FOURTH DAY (TUESDAY)05.06.2012 FN  AN 204 Society andEnvironment   AD 304 Society andEnvironment   AR 403 History of Architecture CH 403 Chemical ReactionEngineering CV 403 Civil Engineering Materials   and Construction PracticesAN  AR 404 Building Services CH 404 Transport Phenomena CV 404 Geotechnical andFoundation Engineering FIFTH DAY (WEDNESDAY)06.06.2012 FN  AN 205 MechanicalScience  AR 413 Theory of Structures CH 413/423 Mechanical Operations CH 433 Industrial Pollution andControl CV 413 Design of Steel Structures CV 423 Air Pollution and Its Control CV 433 Town Planning andUrban Development AN  AN 206 EngineeringPhysics andChemistry  AR 405 Quantity Surveying,   Specifications, Contractsand Valuation CH 405 Chemical Engineering   Thermodynamics CV 405 Water Resources Systems SIXTH DAY (THURSDAY)07.06.2012 FN  AN 207 EngineeringDrawing andGraphics  AR 406 Surveying, BuildingConstruction andMaterial CH 406 Chemical ProcessPrinciples CV 406 Principles of GeoinformaticsAN  AN 208 Electronics andInstrumentation  AR 414 Prestressed and Precast Concrete Structures  AR 434 Computer Graphics CH 414 Fluid Mechanics CH 424 Chemical ProcessTechnology CH 434 Fertilizer Technology CV 414 Structural Dynamics CV 424/434 Design of Water and   Wastewater Treatment Systems SEVENTH DAY (FRIDAY)08.06.2012 FN  AN 209 EngineeringMathematics  AR 415 Structural Design CH 415/425/435 Instrumentation andControl CV 415 Seismic Design of Structures CV 435 Construction Management SystemsAN  AN 210 ElectricalScience  AR 407 Architectural Design CH 407 Chemical EngineeringEquipment Design CV 407 Analysis and Design of StructuresForenoon Session : IST 1000 h – 1300 h Afternoon Session : IST 1430 h – 1730 h  PROGRAMME OF SUMMER 2012 SECTIONS ‘A’ AND ‘B’ EXAMINATIONSJUNE 02-08, 2012 DAY/DATE OFEXAMINATIONSESSIONSECTION BCOMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING(BRANCH CODE 06)ELECTRICALENGINEERING(BRANCH CODE 07)ELECTRONICS ANDCOMMUNICATIONENGINEERING(BRANCH CODE 08)MECHANICALENGINEERING(BRANCH CODE 11)FIRST DAY (SATURDAY)02.06.2012 FN CP 411 Graph Theory andCombinatorics CP 421 Parallel Processing EL 411 Energy Systems EL 421 Advanced Aspects of Electrical Machines EC 411 Broadcast and TelevisionEngineering EC 421 Digital Hardware Design MC 423 Analysis and Synthesis of Mechanisms and Machines MC 431 Manufacturing ScienceAN CP 431 Pattern Recognition andImage Processing EL 431 Control Theory EC 431 Sensors and Transducers MC 411 Refrigeration andAir-conditioning SECOND DAY (SUNDAY)03.06.2012 FN CP 415 Database Management Systems CP 435 Software Engineering EL 414 Power SystemPerformance EC 415 Computer Networks andCommunication EC 425 Software Engineering MC 421 Design of Mechanical   SystemsAN EL 424 Electrical PowerUtilisation EL 434 Instrumentation Systems EC 432 Industrial Instrumentationand Computer Control MC 413 Non-conventional EnergySystems MC 433 Tool and Die Design THIRD DAY (MONDAY)04.06.2012 FN IC 402 Engineering Management AN CP 412/422 Computer Networks CP 432 Theory of Computation EL 412/422/432 Power Electronics EC 413 Microwave Engineering EC 423 IC Design Techniques EC 433 Biomedical Electronics MC 412 Power Plant Engineering MC 422 Optimisation — Theoryand Applications MC 432 Computer AidedManufacturing FOURTH DAY (TUESDAY)05.06.2012 FN CP 403 Data Structures EL 403 Power Systems EC 403 CommunicationEngineering MC 403 Mechanics of SolidsAN CP 404 Programming Languages EL 404 Circuit and Field Theory EC 404 Circuit Theory andControl MC 434 Manufacturing   Automation FIFTH DAY (WEDNESDAY)06.06.2012 FN CP 413/423/433 Operating Systems EL 413 High Voltage Engineering   and Power Apparatus EL 423 Electrical Drives EL 433 Process Control Systems EC 435 Control Systems MC 404 Mechanics of FluidsAN CP 405 Pulse and Digital Circuits EL 405 Electrical Machines EC 412 Radar and AntennaEngineering EC 422 Pulse and Digital Circuits MC 415 Turbomachinery MC 425 Computer AidedEngineering Design MC 435 Production Management  SIXTH DAY (THURSDAY)07.06.2012 FN CP 406 Computer Architecture EL 406 Measurements andControl EC 406 Electronic Circuits MC 406 Manufacturing   TechnologyAN CP 425 Microprocessors andMicrocontrollers EL 415/425/435 Microprocessors andMicrocontrollers EC 405 Microprocessors andMicrocontrollers MC 405 Thermal Science andEngineering SEVENTH DAY (FRIDAY)08.06.2012 FN CP 414 Artificial Intelligence CP 424/434 Computer Graphics EC 414 Optical andSatellite Communication EC 424 Solid State Physics andSemiconductor Devices EC 434 Signal Processing MC 414 Internal CombustionEngines MC 424 Design of    Machine ToolsAN CP 407 Systems Analysis andDesign EL 407 Design of ElectricalSystems EC 407 Design of ElectronicDevices and Circuits MC 407 Design of Machine ElementsForenoon Session : IST 1000 h – 1300 h Afternoon Session : IST 1430 h – 1730 h    PROGRAMME OF SUMMER 2012 SECTIONS ‘A’ AND ‘B’ EXAMINATIONSJUNE 02-08, 2012 DAY/DATE OFEXAMINATIONSESSIONSECTION BMATERIALS ANDMETALLURGICALENGINEERING(BRANCH CODE 12)MINING ENGINEERING(BRANCH CODE 13)PRODUCTIONENGINEERING(BRANCH CODE 14)TEXTILE ENGINEERING(BRANCH CODE 15)FIRST DAY (SATURDAY)02.06.2012 FN MM 411 Mineral Engineering MN 411 Advanced MineVentilation MN 421 Mine Systems Engineering PR 411 Manufacturing Science PR 421 Facility Planning, Design   and Maintenance TX 411 Advanced YarnManufactureAN MM 432 Welding andAllied Processes MN 431 Advanced Rock Mechanics PR 431 Materials Management  TX 421 Advanced FabricManufacture and Design SECOND DAY (SUNDAY)03.06.2012 FN MM 412 Fuels, Furnaces andRefractories MM 422 Electrometallurgy and   Corrosion MN 412 Environmental Pollutionand Control in Mines MN 422 Economics of Mining   Enterprises PR 425 Work Study andErgonomicsAN MN 432 Advanced Methods of Mining PR 413 Tool and Die Design TX 431 Advanced ChemicalProcessing and Finishing THIRD DAY (MONDAY)04.06.2012 FN IC 402 Engineering Management AN MM 421/431 Polymer Materials andTechnology MN 414/434 Mine Surveying PR 412/432 Computer AidedManufacturing PR 422 Project Management  TX 412 Modern Yarn Productionand Control Systems TX 422 Non-woven, Knitting andIndustrial Fabrics TX 432 Garment Technology FOURTH DAY (TUESDAY)05.06.2012 FN MM 403 Metallurgical Thermo-dynamics and Kinetics MN 403 Mining Geology and   Development of Mineral Deposits PR 403 Mechanics of Solids TX 403 Textile Fibres andTestingAN MM 404 Extractive Metallurgy MN 404 Exploitation of Mineral Deposits PR 404 ManufacturingAutomation TX 404 Yarn Manufacture FIFTH DAY (WEDNESDAY)06.06.2012 FN MM 413 Ferrous ExtractiveMetallurgy MM 423/433 Advanced PhysicalMetallurgy MN 413 Electrical Equipment andInstrumentation in Mines MN 423 Geostatistics MN 433 Mine Planning and   Excavation PR 423/433 Quality Management  TX 413/423 Engineering Design of    Textile Structures TX 433 Chemistry andTechnology of Man-made   FibresAN MM 405 Mechanical Behaviour of Materials MN 405 Mining Machinery and   Material Handling PR 405 Production Management  TX 405 Fabric Manufacture andDesign SIXTH DAY (THURSDAY)07.06.2012 FN MM 406 Physical Metallurgy MN 406 Mine Ventilation andEnvironmental Hazards PR 406 Manufacturing Technology TX 406 Chemical Processing andFinishingAN MM 414 Non-ferrous ExtractiveMetallurgy MM 424 Materials Characterisation MM 434 Foundry Engineering MN 424 Quality, Reliability andSafety in Mines PR 415 Inspection and Product Control PR 424/434 Operations Research TX 414/424 Textile Machinery andMaintenance TX 434 Energy Conservation,Environmental andPollution Control SEVENTH DAY (FRIDAY)08.06.2012 FN MM 415 Instrumentation and Control MM 425 Ceramic Materials MM 435 Mechanical Working Processes MN 415/425/435 Mine Management and   Legislation PR 414 Design of Machine Tools PR 435 Operations Planning andControl TX 415/425/435 Mill Organisation,Process Economics andQuality ControlAN MM 407 Metallurgical Design MN 407 Geomechanics andMine Design PR 407 Design of Machine   Elements TX 407 Design and Mechanisms   of Textile MachinesForenoon Session : IST 1000 h – 1300 h Afternoon Session : IST 1430 h – 1730 h  
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