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Annotated Bibliography 1. Atieno, Evelyn. “A Number Of Police Have Been Arrested For Human Trafficking - Could They Be A Part Of The Missing Girls In DC?” The Huffington Post,, 26 Mar. 2017, human-trafficking_us_58d5b210e4b06c3d3d3e6dd6. Police are making it easier for sex traffickers to get into certain countries and they are protecting them
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  Annotated Bibliography 1.   Atieno, Evelyn. “A Number Of Police Have Been Arrested For Human Trafficking - Could They Be A Part Of The Missing Girls In DC?” The  Huffington Post  ,, 26 Mar. 2017, Police are making it easier for sex traffickers to get into certain countries and they are protecting them from other police that are not apart. In America police help in organized crime is now  being in the light. This is another reason why it is so hard to put sex traffickers in  jail for the crimes that they commit because the police are not working against them but with them. 2.   Costantini, Cristina. “Why Did These Sex Traffickers Only Get A Slap on the Wrist?”  ABC News , ABC News Network, 28 June 2013, prison/story?id=19520482. In the US punishments for sex traffickers are usually not harsh at all and that is why people continue to easily get into trafficking rings. Barriers such as their victims being too afraid to testify, legislation sees  prostitution as a misdemeanor crime, and the short sentencing scares away many victims because they will believe that the trafficker will only get a short sentence. The government is set up in a way that most drug dealers will receive a longer sentence than sex traffickers.  3.    DeGarmo, Dr. John. “5 Ways You Can Help Stop Child Sex Trafficking.” The  Huffington Post,, 13 Jan. 2018, _b_14079630.html.  The author tells us that nearly 300,000 children are victims of sex trafficking every year. Here we are given a list if ways that spot out if someone is about to enter the trafficking ring and how we can report. The author tells us that the number one thing to do is to report anything that we know or see a suspicious to authorities. This can help a number of sex trafficking victims before they are entered into the ring. 4.    Jesionka, Natalie. “What's Being Done to Stop Human Trafficking?” Free Career Advice, The Muse, 1 Feb. 2013,   Different countries across the nation are implementing a host of solutions in order to stop sex trafficking. A few countries are adopting new laws and even are having acts added to their government to stop trafficking of any kind. Some countries are even planning on teaming up with each other to prevent traffickers from sneaking in victims from other countries. 5.   Lillie, Michelle.   “The Connection Between Sex Trafficking and Pornography ã  Human Trafficking Search.” Human Trafficking Search, 22 Aug. 2017 Victims of sex trafficking also fall subjects ton pornography. Traffickers will use  pornography as a method of brainwashing. They will exploit the victim and use the pornographic videos against the victim and say things such as “ no one will want you after they have seen this.” Pornography is also used as a teaching tool in  order to train their victims as to what they would like them to do . Many victimizers will refer to the videos as “ educational guides.”   6.   Mehlman- Orozco, Kimberly. “What Happens after a Human Trafficking Victim Is 'Rescued'?” TheHill  , 29 July 2016, blog/judicial/289709-what-happens-after-a-human-trafficking-victim-is-rescued. This article explains to us how many survivors of a sex trafficking ring will return to their victimizer because of physical and emotional needs. Many of the victims get accustomed to the fast way of living and decide to return to their trafficker but not by force. At times they cant hold a steady job or their victimizer were their significant others and they feel the need to return and put themselves in the same situation. 7.   “Methods of Human Trafficking: Modern Slavery Guidance.”  High Speed Training Hub , 31 May 2017, Trafficked people are exploited sexually, placed in domestic servitude, agricultural work, begging, manufacturing, construction, and organ harvesting amongst a host of other exploitative purposes. Traffickers would use methods of force, false advertisements, seduction and romance, and abduction in order to capture their victims. Sometimes victims would even be sold by their family into a sex trafficking ring as a source of income. 8.   “The Victims.”  National Human Trafficking Hotline , 7 Oct. 2014, Sex trafficking is divided into three populations including children under the age of 18 induced into commercial sex. Adults and children induced into commercial  sex through force, fraud , or coercion, and children and adults forced to do labor through force, fraud, or coercion. Human trafficking victims come from all over the world and have a variety of backgrounds to choose from. Most come from  broken backgrounds or are captured and brought illegally. 9.   “Sex Trafficking.” Polaris, 26 Oct. 2017, -trafficking/sex-trafficking. The situations that sex trafficking victims face vary dramatically. Many victims become romantically involved with someone who then forces or manipulates them into prostitution. Others are lured in with false  promises of a job, such as modeling or dancing. Some are forced to sell sex by their parents or other family members. They may be involved in a trafficking situation for a few days or weeks, or may remain in the same trafficking situation for years. 10.   “Where Do Trafficked People Come from?”  Purple Teardrop , In this article we learn the patterns of migration for sex trafficking. Most of the people brought into the ring are from underdeveloped poor countries . Thailand, China, Nigeria, Albania, and Bulgaria are some of the greatest sources of trafficked persons and most destinations of labour for sex traffickers are Japan, Israel, Belgium, and the United States. 11.   “Facts on Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery | Soroptimist.” Soroptimist  –   Women's Organization  –   Volunteer Organizations , Organized crime is responsible for the spread of sex trafficking. Sex traffickers find each other in different countries and
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