B2B Marketing Trends And Predictions For 2012 (Forrester) -Feb12

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Informe elaborado por Jeff Ernst de Forrester en el que se analiza las tendencias de marketing para 2012 en B2B (inglés)
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  Making Leaders Successul Every Day Feba 21, 2012 B2B Maketg TedsAd Pedctos Fo 2012 b Je Esto CMO & Maketg Leadeshp Poessoals  © 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. All rights reserved. Forrester, Forrester Wave, RoleView, Technographics, TechRankings, and Total Economic Impact are trademarks o Forrester Research, Inc. All other trademarks are the property o their respective owners. Reproduction or sharing o thiscontent in any orm without prior written permission is strictly prohibited. To purchase reprints o this document, please email clientsupport@orrester.com. For additional reproduction and usage inormation, see Forrester’s Citation Policy located at www.orrester.com. Inormation isbased on best available resources. Opinions refect judgment at the time and are subject to change. Fo CMO & Maketg Leadeshp Poessoals ExECuTivE SuMMAry Last year, B2B CMOs were challenged with increasing marketing’s impact on revenue, adapting torapidly changing buyer behaviors, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. In 2012, they willgo rom experimenting with new tools, devices, and channels to applying them to deliver real customer value. Read this report to better understand the trends you need to be tracking and how they will aectyour strategic decisions this year.  TABLE OF COnTEnTS New Tecngies G Frm C T Critic In2012 new Tools Wll Empowe B2B CMOs To HaeGeate impact O reee GowthMaketes Wll Qest Ate Moble De ToSmatphoe Ad Tablet EplosoSocal Meda Focs Wll Sht Fom The Meda To The SocalMaketes Wll Fd Ceate Was To MeetDemad Fo Thoght Leadeshp Ad Cotet WHAT iT MEAnS Cnsmeritin Wi Rese Bsiness BerEecttinsSement Mteri nOTES & rESOurCES Foeste teewed agec ad secompaes, cldg B2B Fso Gop,Babcock & Jeks, BGT Pates, Doems, LetBa DGA, reassace OPTi, Sgma MaketgGop, The Atas Gop, vsoEdgeMaketg, vML, ad xeo. Reted Reserc Dcments “CMO impeates Fo 2012”Jaa 18, 2012 Feba 21, 2012 B2B Maketg Teds Ad Pedctos Fo 2012 b Jef Ernst wth Dad M. Coopeste ad Matthew Deoga 265  ©2012, Foeste reseach, ic. repodcto PohbtedFeba 21, 2012 B2B Maketg Teds Ad Pedctos Fo 2012  Fo CMO & Maketg Leadeshp Poessoals 2 NEW TEChNoloGIES Go FRoM Cool To CRITICal IN 2012 It has never been more exciting — or more challenging — to be a B2B CMO than it is right now.Digital, social, and mobile channels open up all kinds o new opportunities or how you attract andinteract with customers. At the same time, CEOs and CFOs have woken up to the realization thateverything is measurable, and they are holding CMOs more accountable or the money they spend.From our conversations with more than 200 marketing leaders in 2011, we saw several majortrends pick up steam. We have combined these insights with input rom executives at 10 marketingagencies that work with B2B clients to predict which trends will have the greatest impact on thedecisions B2B CMOs make in 2012. New Ts Wi Emwer B2B CMos T hve Greter Imct on Revene Grwt In 2011, CMOs had higher budgets, but they came with a catch: more scrutiny rom the CEOand CFO on how the unds were allocated and greater expectations or their impact. 1 Provingmarketing’s impact has always been an elusive goal, but new revenue-cycle analytics and dashboardcapabilities rom marketing technology vendors such as Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, and Adobe haveclosed this gap. In 2012, we expect that: · Marketing automation will hit a tipping point. Te conuence o several actors will causeautomation technology to tip in 2012. Our surveys show that 19% o B2B organizations areplanning to implement marketing automation in 2012, and another 17% are expanding theirusage. 2 Why? Price tags have come down due to intense competition; user interaces havegreatly improved in the past year; sales orce automation has reached a saturation point, andcompanies want to get more rom it; and dismal results rom cold calling and unsolicited emailsare pushing marketing and sales teams to adopt a lead nurturing approach. · Adoption will expand beyond technology companies. ech vendors have been the primary adopters o marketing automation due to their aggressive plans and comort with technology solutions. In 2011, every vendor increased its marketing ocus on companies outside o the techindustry. In 2012, 20% o manuacturers, 20% o nancial services rms, and 18% o businessand proessional services rms plan to implement automation. 3 For example, oro is deployingmarketing automation aer three years o using salesorce.com because it recognizes that itneeds stronger lead management capabilities to deepen relationships with gol courses, rentalagencies, and landscape contractors. · Use o marketing automation will go beyond email. Most o the marketing automation userswe talk with are using the systems or operational needs such as sending email blasts andcustomer newsletters. In 2012, CMOs will nally recognize that these platorms allow you tobuild a revenue growth engine and will allocate time and budget to the process work requiredto realize the true value o marketing automation and ensure strategic adoption. Tey will work   ©2012, Foeste reseach, ic. repodcto PohbtedFeba 21, 2012 B2B Maketg Teds Ad Pedctos Fo 2012  Fo CMO & Maketg Leadeshp Poessoals 3 closely with their sales and nance counterparts to dene an integrated lead-to-revenue processor the system to automate, identiy the right success metrics, hire people with a revenue-enablement rather than activity mindset, and tie incentive compensation o team members torevenue metrics rather than output. Mrketers Wi Qest ater Mbie De T Smrtne and Tbet Esin Use o mobile devices went mainstream in 2011, with smartphone penetration in the US, many European countries racing past 25%, and corporate I departments guring out how to satisy business user demand or tablets. As business buyers consume more o their inormation on mobile,it will become a vehicle to the buyer that B2B marketers can’t ignore. In 2012, CMOs will resist thetemptation to build gimmicky applications to entertain and amuse users like their B2C counterpartsdo and instead ocus on the elusive goal o nding ways to deliver real value to customers as they purchase and use their oerings. We’ll see that: · Campaign eectiveness will be the starting point or mobile. B2B marketers saw a declinein campaign perormance in 2011, since a larger portion o their audience used mobile devicesto open emails and access web pages that were optimized or web browsers. In 2012, marketerswill use technologies like Litmus that detect which device the prospect is using and render anexperience optimized or that device. · Sales teams continue to be the biggest target or mobile applications. echnology andpharma companies have led the way in deploying tablets or their sales representatives to use ingiving ace-to-ace presentations and demonstrations to customers. Roche has deployed 31,000tablets in North America and intends to continue the rollout internationally in 2012. 4 Teserms will develop more apps or these tablets to make sales reps more efcient and customermeetings more interactive. · Customer-acing mobile apps take hold or content delivery and service. Since tablets aredesigned or content consumption, B2B marketers will build mobile apps or delivering morepersonalized content, as KPMG has done with its iPhone app that gives access to its large library o thought leadership articles, reports, and surveys. B2B rms will also deploy apps to providepremium-level service, such as apps or easy ordering and helping attendees to their events. Sci Medi Fcs Wi Sit Frm Te Medi T Te Sci LinkedIn surpassed 100 million users and 1 million groups in 2011. 5 Forrester’s B2B Socialechnographics® showed that 86% o decision-makers use social media or business purposes.Business buyers are social, but when it comes to social media marketing, B2B marketers have beenmore ocused on the media than the social part, using it primarily as another outbound channelor pushing content to the marketplace. As a result, social marketing has been ocused on listeningand creating awareness. In 2012, CMOs will no longer have to convince their ellow executives that
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