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BABY An original short story by: NICK RIOS SOUND OF RAIN, slowly growing louder. FADE IN: EXT. PARKING LOT - DAY A car sits in a typical office building parking lot. PUSHING IN on the vehicle as we enter the passenger window through the rain. We see: DANA RUIZ, a fairly attractive twenty something, wise beyond her years but a bit stubborn for her own good. DANA (ON THE PHONE) Yes..yes. No. I don’t know. All I know is he said that my uterus wouldn’t... She begins to cry. PHONE VOICE Sweetie, ta
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    BABY   An srcinal short story by:NICK RIOS  SOUND OF RAIN, slowly growing louder.FADE IN:EXT. PARKING LOT - DAYA car sits in a typical office building parking lot. PUSHINGIN on the vehicle as we enter the passenger window throughthe rain. We see: DANA RUIZ , a fairly attractive twenty something, wise beyondher years but a bit stubborn for her own good.DANA (ON THE PHONE)Yes..yes. No. I don’t know. All Iknow is he said that my uterus wouldn’t...She begins to cry.PHONE VOICESweetie, take you’re time. What didthe doctor say?DANA (voice breaking)He said my god damn uterus wouldn’tsupport a baby. He said that’s whyI haven’t been able to getpregnant.She fumbles for her keys, finds the right one and sticks itinto the ignition. The car ROARS to life.DANA (CONT’D)I gotta go dad, I’ll call youlater.CUT TO:TITLE CARD ON BLACK SCREEN: “BABY”Various car shots as she drives through the city, wipingtears from her eyes.EXT. HOME - NIGHTDANA enters the drive way and pulls herself out of the car.  INT. DANA’S HOME - NIGHTThe door opens into DANA’S completely pitch dark home, one ofthe side effects of living alone.She grabs the mail and THROWS her keys on the counter--DANA (to herself)What a day, what a day.INT. DANA’S BATHROOM - NIGHTDANA’S POV -- Water shooting out of a shower head directlyinto the lens.PUSHING IN ON DANA as water begins to soak her hair, shestarts to weep, her body becomes to much for her legs to holdup.She sits on the floor of the shower, her legs to her chest,her emotions become to much for her to bare as she breaksdown.FADE TO BLACK.EXT. DANAS HOME - NIGHTDana exits her back porch, dragging a large trash bag, thekind contractors use for the big jobs.On the lid of a city trash as it FLIPS up, Dana prepares forthe dead lift it’s going to take to get this trash bag intothe can.DANA OK, lets do this you son of a..She lifts with all her might,DANA (CONT’D)Grrrrr!the bag almost reaches the mouth of the can.DANA (CONT’D)Ughh! Cmon baby...She gives it one more lift, gets it to the edge and gravitydoes the rest.2.  DANA (CONT’D)(dusting her handssatisfied)That’s what I am talking about.A noise of some type.DANA turns around, totally caught off guard. She is slightlyalarmed.DANA (CONT’D)Hello. Anyone there?Another noise. Like a metal can falling on concrete.INT. KITCHEN - NIGHTON LIGHT SWITCH, DANA’S hand flips it on.EXT. BACKYARD - NIGHTThe backyard comes to life with light.DANA’S POV as she scans the backyard for the source of thenoise.DANA Hello...?As DANA looks down we see a puppy about 2 months old, lightbrown hair with adorable stubby legs. It’s eyes look like thebig over exaggerated ones you see on the front of birthdaycards. It’s sitting still and looking directly at DANA You can almost hear DANA’S heart melt.DANA (CONT’D)Oh my god, baby. What are you doingout here all alone in the dark.DANA lays on her side next to the puppy and checks for tags.DANA (CONT’D)Who do you belong to baby?DANA rubs its head.DANA (CONT’D)Are you hungry? I bet you arehungry.3.(MORE)
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