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SUN-T EcoSensor Wireless light & temperature sensor New Product Temperature & Light Sensors Ultra-low Power Low cost & small package Data Logger 32700 data acquisition IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Stack Very easy to install EcoSensor powered by Beanair® Two versions of sensor probe Applications Technical Building Management Cold chain traceability Medical lab & white room Solar Panels Monitoring Transport Main Features High & standard accuracy silicon temperature sensor Temperature measurement
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    SUN-T  EcoSensor   Rethinking Sensing Technology  Wireless light & temperature sensor Low cost & small package IEEE 802.15.4Wireless StackTemperature &Light SensorsUltra-lowPowerVery easy toinstallTwo versions of sensor probe EcoSensor    powered by Beanair® Data Logger 32700 data acquisition   Technical Building ManagementCold chain traceabilityMedical lab & white roomSolar Panels MonitoringTransport  ApplicationsMain Features High & standard accuracysilicon temperature sensorTemperature measurement range:-25°C to +75°C, -50°C to +150°C or-10°c to +60°CLight sensor measurement range: 0,1 to 40000 Lux Very small (55 mm x 53 mm x 35 mm) & watertight enclo-sure ( IP66/IP67  )   Ultra-low power consumption technology IEEE 802.15.4 : Current consumption during sleeping < 10 µ A with amaximum autonomy of 7 years   Maximum Radio range : 300 m (L.O.S) Embedded Data Logger : up to 32700 data acquisition records (with events dating)Entirely autonomous system : powered by Lithium-thionylchloride primary battery« Plug and Play » installation : requires no knowledge of wireless technology BeanDevice® SUN-T Main presentation   Video    SUN-T  2   EcoSensor   2   Rethinking Sensing Technology    The BeanDevice® SUN-T  integrates an embedded Data Logger, which can be used to log data when aWireless Sensor Networks can not be easily deployed on your site. All the data acquisition are stored on theembedded flash and then transmitted to the BeanGateway® when a Wireless Sensor Networks isestablished. The DataLogger feature is compatible with all the data acquisition mode available on your BeanDevice® SUN-T  :  LowDutyCycle Data Acquisition AlarmSurvey  Example : Cold chain traceability  The BeanDevice® SUN-T  is configuredwith its Datalogger feature once thetruck has been loaded. A standaloneinstallation of the BeanDevice® SUN-T  will be done on the truck, without thenecessity to be connected to theBeanGateway®.  When the truck starts rolling, the localtemperature is monitored and all thedata acquisition are logged on theembedded flash.  When the goods are unloaded in a dockarea, a BeanGateway® localized nearthe truck transmits a request for a logtransmission. The BeanDevice® SUN-T    starts sending all its logs . If all the logsare sucessfully transmitted to theBeanGateway®, the flash memory iserased and new logs will berecorded.    Embedded Data Logger  The Dataloggerfeature isactivated on theBeanDevice oncethe truck has beenloaded BeanGateway (WSN Coordinator) T r a n s m i t s  a l l  t h e  d a t a  l o  g s  R e q u e s t  f o r  L o  g s  t r a n s m i s s i o n  BeanDevice SUN-T BeanDevice SUN-T     SUN-T  3   EcoSensor   3   Rethinking Sensing Technology    Remote configuration and monitoring *Over-the-Air Configuration OTAC* The BeanScape® application allows theuser to view all the data transmitted bythe BeanDevice® SUN-T With the OTAC (Over-the-Air configura-tion) feature,the user can remotelyconfigure the BeanDevice® SUN-T Several data acquisition modes are available on the BeanDevice® SUN-T : Low Duty Cycle Data Acquisition mode (LDCDA) : the dataacquisition is immediately transmitted by radio. Thetransmission frequency can be configured from 1s to 24h. Alarm Mode   : the measured value is transmitted by radiowhenever an alarm threshold (fixed by the user) is detect-ed (4 alarm threshold levels High/Low). Survey Mode   : operates like the Alarm mode but thedevice sends frequently a beacon frame informing itscurrent status. SUN-T     SUN-T  4   EcoSensor   4   Rethinking Sensing Technology     Accurate silicon temperature Sensor (BeanDevice® High Accuracy) In Figure 2 is illustrated the accuracies of theBeanDevice® SUN-T High accuracy version and DINA and DIN Y (1/3 DIN B) platinum sensors.In the standard calibration the BeanDevice® SUN-Tis in the range between 5°C and 45°C moreaccurate than the DIN Y platinum sensor.An outstanding long term stability makes sure that the accuracy willremain in the described tolerances. …………... DINA sensor ——— - - DINY sensor _______Silicon temperature sensor  Accuracy comparison between theBeanDevice SUN-T High accuracy version an platinum sensors In Figure 1 is illustrated the accuracies of the BeanDevice® SUN-T standard accuracy version and DIN Aand DIN B platinum sensors.In the standard calibration the BeanDevice® SUN-T is in the range between 10°C and 110°C more accu-rate than the DIN B platinum sensor.An outstanding long term stability makes sure that the accuracy will remain in the described tolerances. …………...   DIN A sensor   DIN B sensor   Silicon temperature sensor    Accuracy comparison between theBeanDevice SUN-T Standard accuracy ver-sion an platinum sensors  Accurate silicon temperature Sensor (BeanDevice® Standard Accuracy)
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