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Chaos Black Legion Army List BL1.0 THE FORCES OF CHAOS Ten thousand years ago, the Imperium of Man was beset by a devastating civil war known as the Horus Heresy. Several Space Marine Legions rebelled against the False Emperor under the persuasive-yetcorrupt leadership of Warmaster Horus, a former lieutenant of the Emperor who fell under Chaos' sway. Space Marine fought brother Space Marine, culminating in a final battle at the Imperial Palace on Holy Terra. Though the forces of the Imperium
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  The Black Crusades Perhaps once or twice in a millennia a truly greatChampion of Chaos will arise in the Eye Terror.Through the power of his implacable will and thefavour of the Dark Gods this Champion can weldtogether an unsteady alliance between the infernalregions of the Eye. How the Champion brings thecrusade together depends upon his nature and hispatron god. Some use manipulation, othersextortion, others domination, others intimidation.Most simply use all of the considerable powers attheir disposal.Preparations for a Crusade can take years, or weeksdepending on the whims of the gods. The forges of the hell worlds belch out armour and weapons forthe chosen one's followers, daemon engines arearoused from their dark slumber with bloodsacrifices, factions vie for command of the massedranks of crusaders or are mercilessly crushed intoobedience. When the Black Crusade is launched the Eye Terror vomits forth the diabolic hordes of Chaos: armies of daemons and ancient and terrifying Chaos Titans.Spearheading it all are the Chaos Space MarineLegions, united in their lust for booty and theirdesire to bring destruction upon the hatedImperium.The Imperium keeps strong forces stationedaround the Eye to fend off these invasions. EntireTitan Legions, Space Marine Chapters and massedregiments of Imperial Guard defend the most vitalsystems in close proximity to the Eye. But evenpowerful fighting formations like these cannotguarantee victory over the infernal throng. All toooften the black tide of Chaos expands and recedesleaving entire systems ravaged and burned. Wholeplanetary populations are irrevocably tainted by Chaos, cities and industries are crushed by thethunderous pounding of diabolic engines of destruction, uncounted citizens are dragged away to serve as slaves and playthings to the damnedsouls and their daemonic masters at the edge of reality.Every city ruined, every planet burned brings theImperium a little closer to dissolution. In anImperium of a million worlds how much can asingle world matter? Enough to have to defendeach one against the infernal host, enough to bringthe curse of Exterminatus upon those that bend theknee and bow down to daemon-kind. A Black Crusade may come crashing forth from the Eyeonly once in a thousand years, but the damage itinflicts can never be undone. Chaos Powers Khorne Khorne is the god of anger anddestruction, the warrior god of Chaos whose bellows of rage echothroughout time and space. He sitsupon a great throne of brass atop amountainous pile of bleached skulls. Whenever a Champion of Khorne isslain in battle his skull is added to the pile, whichslowly grows higher and higher. Khorne is afighting god and his daemons and mortalChampions are amongst the most potent warriorsof all. Khorne is a noble warrior who respectsstrength and bravery, who takes no joy indestroying the weak and considers the helplessunworthy of his wrath. It is said that fate will spareany brave warrior who calls upon Khorne's nameand pledges his soul to the blood god. It is also saidthat Khorne's daemons will hunt down and destroy any warrior who betrays his honour by killing ahelpless innocent or murdering in cold blood.Khorne's great delight is battle and the spilling of  blood. Chaos Black Legion Army ListChaos Black Legion Army List 1   Ten thousand years ago, the Imperium of Man was beset by a devastating civil war known as the Horus Heresy. Several Space Marine Legions rebelled against the False Emperor under the persuasive-yet-corrupt leadership of Warmaster Horus, a former lieutenant of the Emperor who fell under Chaos' sway. Space Marine fought brother Space Marine, culminating in a final battle at the Imperial Palace on HolyTerra.Though the forces of the Imperium were victorious, the Emperor of Mankind was mortally wounded and encased in the Golden Throne to sustain his life. Meanwhile, the surviving rebel Space Marines fled for the Eye of Terror, a massive Warp storm on the northeastern edge of the galaxy. Here, warpspace mixed with realspace and the Daemons of Chaos could manifest themselves.The traitor Space Marines took refuge in the Eye of Terror, launching raids and Black Crusades fromtheir maelstrom base. These Chaos Space Marines became an endless plague upon the Imperium,wreaking havoc in the name of their Chaos Gods.Chaos Space Marines have most of the capabilities of regular Space Marines, though they also haveChaos abilities and gear that make them unique. Each of the four Chaos Gods have Chaos Space Marinesdevoted to their cult, be they Noise Marines in service of Slaanesh to Plague Marines in service of Nurgle.They can unleash untold horrors on their opponents, from Daemon Packs to Chaos Defilers. They can beorganized in an infinite number of ways, which is appropriate because Chaos embodies disorder itself. Inthe end, Chaos Space Marine armies are feared opponents that are seen as highly unpredictable by thosewho fight them. BL1.0 THE FORCES OF CHAOS  Tzeentch Tzeentch is the god of fortune andchance and the cosmic architect of fate and destiny. His body is covered with faces which constantly shift andchange, reflecting the mood of Tzeentch as his all seeing mindprobes the endless strands of fate which hold the universe together. Tzeentchschemes and plots to further his own unimaginablepurposes, sometimes supporting a mortal cause, atother times hindering it, but constantly manipulating the vastly complex strands of fate which hold the secrets of life and death. BecauseTzeentch's plots are so convoluted it is impossibleto divine what his true purposes or intentions are.His machinations invariably turn out to be moresubtle and complex than they first appear, and evenhis most loyal followers are likely to discover only too late that they are just pawns in a cosmic gameof the gods. Tzeentch is also the god of mentalenergy and magic - the raw forces of changethemselves. Nurgle Nurgle is the god of plague,pestilence, decay and physicalcorruption. His body is huge and bloated, his rotting flesh swollen with decay and pock-marked withsores and lesions. Tiny daemonscalled Nurglings crawl all over his putrid carcassplucking at torn flesh and sucking at the leproussores and putrid boils. Nurgle is full of morbidenergy and enthusiasm, and his daemons travelthrough time and space spreading plagues andcorruption as they perform their Dance of Deathround cities and towns they wish to infect. Mortals who die from Nurgle's plague are never free of theiragonies, as their souls are claimed by the plaguegod and they become new daemon servants in turn. A mortal so much as touched by a daemon of Nurgle will catch some foul disease, and is doomedfrom that moment on to die. It is held that a mortal who is dying of sickness can forstall his death by calling upon Nurgle and pledging his soul to theLord of Decay. Slaanesh Slaanesh is the Lord of Pleasure whose followers abandon all self-restraint and inhibition to embracethe countless possibilities of mindand flesh. Slaanesh is neither malenor female, but a disturbingly  beautiful amalgam of the two. It issaid that any mortal who gazes upon the image of Slaanesh will become enslaved by the god's beauty and willingly obey the Lord of Pleasure's slightest whim. The very touch of the god's breathoverwhelms mortal senses with the scent of delight,melting the resolve of the toughest warrior andsubmerging his mind in waves of pure pleasure.The slightest purr of the god's voice is enough tostimulate the senses into eternal and blissfuloblivion. To the followers of Slaanesh the mortal world is grey and insipid compared to the sensualparadise of their master's affection. Chaos Titans In the dark days of the Horus Heresy greatnumbers of the Adeptus Mechanicus were luredinto the service of Chaos with promises of forgottenknowledge. The Tech Priests of Mars were pitchedinto a bloody civil war, unleashing forbidden weapons to scour the surface of the red planet. TheTitan Legions split into loyalist and traitor factions, with over half of the Titan Legions joining Horus.Throughout the Heresy innumerable battles werefought between Titans, and whole cities shook  beneath the heavy tread of these awesome warmachines. With the failure of the Heresy therenegade Titan Legions were driven into the Eye of Terror, where they still dwell ten thousand yearson, waiting to board space hulks or ancienttransport vessels and ravage the worlds of theImperium again.During their long sojourn among the daemon worlds the renegade Titans have been warped andmutated, for the mutable power of Chaos is notlimited to creatures of flesh and bone. Thesegigantic engines of terror are universally feared asthey wander the daemon worlds from battle to battle, eternally wreacking the carnage they were built for. No-one knows quite whether thesemachines retain their srcinal crews, their livesunnatural prolonged by their close contact with thepowers of the warp, hidden in the Eye of Terror where time means nothing. Some say they arepossessed by the spirits of daemons, whose rage attheir entrapment drives the machine to ever greateracts of destruction. Chaos Titans are feared andrespected amongst the followers of the Dark Godsas monstrous brooding effigies of ancient gods of  war. The Imperium fears the Chaos Titan as theavenging revenants of a horrific past. Chaos Navy Long ago, when the Emperor of Mankind led hisSpace Marine Legions across the stars in what wasto become known as the Great Crusade, Primarchscaptained his armies. Each Primarch commandednot only a Legion of Space Marines but also vastfleets of warships and innumerable armies of Guardsmen. The military might at the disposal of each of them was immense. Then came the HorusHeresy and fully half the Primarchs rebelledagainst the Emperor. The history of the Heresy is well known, it was a dark and terrible time in whichcivil war almost destroyed the Imperium. In itsaftermath, it was clear to the High Lords that toomuch power had been at the disposal of the traitorPrimarchs.The Codex Astartes of Roboute Guilliman was themain reform. The huge Space Marine Legions were broken down into Chapters of a thousand warriorsand equipped with specialist barges and strike Chaos Black Legion Army ListChaos Black Legion Army List 2  cruisers. The fleet was reorganised into battlefleetsdispersed between the major worlds of eachSegmentum. The Imperial Guard was reorganisedto more clearly define who could authorise theformation and deployment of additional regiments.The measures were successful insofar that althoughthere have been rebellions since the Heresy they have always lacked the capacity to tear theImperium apart as Horus almost did.The defeated Traitor Marines were never a part of these reforms however. When the Ultramarines were spawning numerous successor Chapters, theBlack Legion, the World Eaters and all the others were establishing territories in the Eye of Terrorusing all the forces they had managed to salvagefrom the defeat on Terra. To this day Chaos fleetsare subordinate to the Lords of the Chaos SpaceMarine Legions. Abaddon  Abaddon the despoiler. Abaddon the arch-fiend. Abaddon who has led endless Black Crusadesagainst the horrified worlds of mankind's fragileImperium. An inhuman monster whose name has become a tenfold curse for the ten thousand yearsof terror and desolation he has rained upon thegalaxy he once helped conquer in the name of theEmperor of Mankind.Long ago Abaddon was a great hero, a mighty  warrior who battled in humanity's wars of expansion and retribution. He was captain of theLuna Wolves' 1st Company during the GreatCrusade, and followed Horus from ancient Terra toconquer the distant stars. The Luna Wolves battledacross uncounted worlds to free them from alientyranny or the taint of Chaos, and Abaddon wasever at the fore. He worshipped the Warmaster likea god and Horus treated him as his most favouredson, indeed some whispered that he was in truththe clone-son of the Primarch himself, product of the earliest Primogenitor experimentation. None were prouder than he when the Emperor renamedthe Legion the Sons of Horus in honour of the Warmaster's accomplishments in the UllanorCrusade. Abaddon has led thirteen Black Crusades againstthe Imperium. Some have been great invasions of  whole Legions of the lost and the damned, othershave been vicious raids with only a few companiesof the the most deadly Chaos Space Marines at hiscommand. Each attack has sent the Imperiumreeling and ravaged worlds close to the Eye of Terror. The High Lords of Terra live in fear of theday that Abaddon unites all of the Traitor Legionsinto an unstoppable horde and returns to play outthe last acts of treachery begun by Horus tenthousand years ago. Chaos Black Legion Army ListChaos Black Legion Army List 3  BL1.1.1 Initiative & StrategyRating  All Chaos Marine, Daemon, Chaos Titan Legionand Chaos Navy formations have an initiativerating of 2+. Chaos Black Legion armies have astrategy rating of 4. The Chaos Powers are quick to punish or rewardtheir champions. In the strategy phase if the Chaosplayer rolls a 6 they are rewarded for their tacticalacumen with an additional 1D3 daemons to add tothe Daemon Pool (see BL1.1.3). If the Chaos playerrolls 1 their patron Powers withdraw their supportand the Chaos player must remove 1D3 daemonsfrom the Daemon Pool. If the Chaos player has noremaining daemons in their Daemon Pool thenthere is no further effect. BL1.1.2 Factions Each formation in an army of the Black Legion belongs to a faction that owes allegiance to one of the gods of Chaos (Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh orTzeentch), or to Chaos Undivided. You must decide which faction each formation in your army belongsto before the battle and note it down on your army list. With the exception of those formations that worship Chaos Undivided, the different factions donot get along well, and some factions hold amillennia-old hatred of each other. Although thefactions will often unite under a powerful Warlordto fight a common enemy, their enmity can causeproblems during a battle. This is represented by thefollowing rules:Formations belonging to Khorne hate those belonging to Slaanesh, and vice-versa. Formations belonging to Tzeentch hate those belonging toNurgle, and vice-versa. A formation that has no friendly units from a hatedformation within 30cm of any of its units receives a+1 modifier to its Initiative test. If even one hatedfriendly unit is within 30cm then this bonus is lost.This modifier only ever applies to units that are onthe battlefield; aircraft, spacecraft and any otherformations that are not in play never receive themodifier. BL1.1.3 Summoned Units Formations that purchase the Daemonic Pactupgrade (see the army list below) are able tosummon daemons to the battlefield. In order tosummon daemons a players must first purchase asingle Daemon Pool from which all formations withthe Daemonic Pact upgrade will summon.Daemons in the Daemon Pool are purchased andnoted only as being lesser or greater daemons, not by their faction. The summoning formation’sfaction dictates what types of daemons may besummoned (see below). Players should either writedown the contents of their Daemon Pool or usetokens to indicate the number of each lesser andgreater daemon they have available to summonduring a game. The Chaos player’s opponent isalways able to view the number of lesser andgreater daemons remaining in the Daemon Pool.The Daemon Pool is kept off the board anddaemons are removed from it as formationssummon daemons onto the board. At the start of that formation’s action, before theaction test dice roll is made, the formation may summon daemonic units from the Daemon Pool.Summoning allows you to call 2D3 summoningpoints worth of daemonic units to the battlefield(the number of summoning points it costs tosummon a unit will be listed on its data sheet, butas a general rule greater daemons cost 8summoning points and all other units cost 1summoning point each). Summoning points must be used to summon daemonic units from theDaemon Pool and summoned units are broughtinto play immediately. If for any reason any summoning points generated are not used, they are lost and may not be carried over intosubsequent turns. You may only summon as many daemons as you have left in your Daemon Pool.Left over daemonic units may be summonedduring a later turn. Daemonic units that aredestroyed are removed from play and are not put back into the Daemon Pool. Broken formations orformations that have not bought a Daemonic Pactmay not summon daemons.Players may only have one greater daemon of agiven faction in the army on the board at one time.For example, if you already have a summonedBloodthirster on the board you are not allowed tosummon another Bloodthirster until that firstgreater daemon has been removed from play.Summoned units must be set up with their base within 5cm of any non-daemonic unit from theirformation, (i.e. you cannot place a ‘chain’ of summoned units). They may not be set up in theZone of Control of an enemy unit or in impassableterrain. The type of unit that can be summoneddepends on the summoning formation’s faction, asfollows: Faction Daemons KhorneBloodthirster: Greater Daemonof Khorne, BloodlettersNurgleGreat Unclean One: GreaterDaemon of Nurgle,PlaguebearersSlaaneshKeeper of Secrets: Great Daemonof Slaanesh, DaemonettesTzeentchLord of Change: Great Daemonof Tzeentch, Flamers Any FactionDaemonic BeastsSummoned units count as part of the formation forall rules purposes as long as they remain on the battlefield. The only exception to the normal rulesis when a summoned unit is destroyed it does notcause a blast marker to be placed on the formation.They are otherwise counted as normal units, andare included when working out if a formation Chaos Black Legion Army ListChaos Black Legion Army List 4   BL1.1 Chaos Special Rules
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