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DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOLOGY BPT QUESTION BANK GENERAL PHARMACOLOGY AND ANS Long Essay: 1. 2. 3. #. $. Classify β blockers. Write the pharmacological actions and therapeutic uses of propranol. Classify β blockers. Write the adverse effects and therapeutic uses of propranolol. Classify SM s. !iscuss the pharmacology of tubocurarine succinylcholine. Classify SM s. Write the therapeutic uses and adverse effects of any one of them. Classify drugs act as SM s indicating their site of action. Write the
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  DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOLOGYBPT QUESTION BANK GENERAL PHARMACOLOGY AND ANSLong Essay: 1.Classify β blockers. Write the pharmacological actions and therapeutic uses of propranol.2.Classify β blockers. Write the adverse effects and therapeutic uses of propranolol.3.Classify SMs. !iscuss the pharmacology of tubocurarine succinylcholine.#.Classify SMs. Write the therapeutic uses and adverse effects of any one of them.$.Classify drugs act as SMs indicating their site of action. Write the uses and adverse effects of d%c.&.'neumerate anticholinergic of drugs. Write the pharmacological actions( uses and side effects of atropine.).'numerate the various routes of drug administration *ith one e+ample each. Write the advantages and disadvantages of oral route ,- route pareneteral route ,M.!iscuss the factors that influence the dosage of drugs *ith suitable e+amples. /.What are the routes of drug administration0 !iscuss *ith suitable e+amples.1.!efine bioavailability. '+plain the factors affecting bioavailability.11.!escribe in detail ho* the action of drug is terminated.12.'numerate sympathomimetic drugs. Write briefly the action and uses of adrenaline.13.!iscuss various factors modifying drug action *ith e+ample1#.!efine absorption. !iscuss all the factors influencing absorption1$.Classify β blockers. !iscuss the pharmacology of propranolol1&.!escribe in detail ho* the action of drug is terminated Shor Essays: 1.dtubocurarine2.ses of β blockers propranolol.3.Succinylcholine#.4eostigmine$.5hysostigmine&.β blocker ).!rug antagonism.5rodrug/.Merits and demerits of ,- route of drug administration 1.,nhalational route of drug administration11.What are the routes of e+cretion of drugs0 12.Write briefly on adverse drug reactions13.!efine bioavailability. 6actors affecting bioavailability 1#.!rug tolerance1$.Synergism1&.%eratogenic drugs1).5lacental transfer of drugs1.Contraindications of β blockers1/.State the mode of action of pancuronium. !iscuss ho* the action of the drug can be antagoni7ed.2.Mention mode of action and uses of propronolol021.What is atenolol0 Mention the therapeutic uses of this drug0 22.Centrally acting skeletal muscle rela+ants.23.ses of atropine.2#.%achyphyla+es2$.4asal decongestants2&.5eripheral skeletal muscle rela+ants2).Special drug delivery system2.6actors influencing absorption of a drug2/.5lasma half life3.eceptor 31.ses of anticholinesterases32.'phedrine33.8mphetamine3#.-asopressors3$.4ame the 9 blockers and mention the uses of 9 blockers.3&.!rugs and e+ercise3).'+plain the methods prolonging duration of action of drugs  3.Clinical uses of atropine substitutes3/.Write a note on metabolism of drugs#.4ame the topical routs of drug administration *ith e+amples#1.8naphyla+is and its treatment Shor Ans! rs: 1.Why adrenaline is used in anaphylactic shock.2.8dvantages of ,- route of administration.3.!rug synergism *ith e+amples.#.What is baclofen0 Mention the use of this drug.$.Why 5ysostigmine used in the treatment of atropine poisoning0&.Why adrenaline is combined *ith lidocain.).What is drug dependence0 :ive t*o e+amples..4ame the drugs used in ;.5. poisoning/.'numerate symathomimetic agents1.State drug antagonism and its importance.11.4ame # drugs used in glaucoma012.4ame 2 beta( agonists and *rite their 2 uses0 13.!efine pharmacogenetics. :ive one e+ample.1#.What is therapeutic inde+. :ive t*o points of its significance.1$.Why is neostigmine preferred in the treatment of myasthenia gravis01&.4ame # nasal decongestants.1).4ame # adverse effects of atropine1.4ame # e+amples of drug antagonism1/.What is drug allergy0 4ame 2 drugs causing it. 2.4ame 2 β blockers0 Mention 2 uses021.!efine prodrug. :ive t*o e+amples.22.What is receptor0 :ive e+amples.23.What do you understand by contraindication0 :ive t*o e+amples.2#.4ame t*o drugs administered by inhalational route2$.!efine tachyphyla+is. :ive 2 e+amples2&.:ive the therapeutic uses of neostigmine2).<ist # adverse drug effects *ith e+amples2.Compare central and peripheral acting SMs2/.!efine the term idiosyncrasy3.<ist 2 contraindication to use of propranolol31.<ist 2 important 8! of succinylcholine32.Mention the natural sources of drugs *ith e+amples33.What is myasthenia gravis0 4ame the 2 drugs used to treat it3#.<ist the drugs administered as transdermal patch3$.What is drug allergy0 4ame 2 drug causing it G#$ r ason 3&.4eostigmine is used in myasthenia gravis.3).8tropine is used in ; poisoning.3.4eostigmine is used in curare poisoning3/.5ropranolol is given an+iety states#.!opamine is given in shock.#1.5ilocarpine is used in glaucoma#2.What are adverse drug reactions0 :ive an e+ample.#3.4ame # 9 blockers##.4ame # β blockers#$.4ame # atropine derivatives#&.4ame t*o catecholamines and 2 non catecholamines#).What is succinl choline apnoea. #.Why insulin is not administered orally and 8ch is not used clinically#/.:lucocorticoids are beneficial in bronchial asthma. =o*0$.5ropronolol is contraindicated in bronchial asthma. =o*0$1.6resh blood transfusion is given in succinylcholine apnoea$2.5lacental transfer of drugs  CHEMOTHERAPY 1.!efine >a? Chemotherapy >b? 8ntibiotic >c? @acterial esistance to antimicrobials2.Classify antimicrobial agents based on their mechanism of action3.Combinaton of antimicrobials#.Chemoprophyla+is $.Superinfection&.Cotrimo+a7ole).Ciproflo+acin.4orflo+acin/.8mo+icillin1.ses of 5enicillins11.8mpicillin12.Cephalosporins13.!o+ycycline1#.Chloramphenicol 1$.%hird generation cephalosporins1&.ses of tetracycline1).@acterial esistance to antimicrobials 1.Common properties of aminoglycosides1/.Streptomycin 2.:entamicin21.'rythromycin22.ses of macrolides23.ifampicin2#.,4=2$.5yra7inamide2&.!apsone2).8mphotericin2.87ole antifungals2/.Clotrima7ole3.8cylovir 31.Aidovudin32.8ntiretroviral drugs33.ChloroBuine3#.Metronida7ole3$.8lbenda7ole3&.Mebenda7ole3).!'C3.Methotre+ate3/.Common adverse effects to anticancer drugs#.Cyclosporine#1.-accines#2.!iscuss the chemotherapy of leprosy.#3.Mention the main advantages of multidrug chemotherapy in leprosy.##.'numerate antimalarial drugs.#$.Classify penicillins. Write the preparation of penicillin and its therapeutic uses and adverse effect. 8dd a note on the treatme nt of anaphylactic shock due to 5enicillin : inection#&.Classify opioid analgesics. Write the pharmacological action( therapeutic uses and contraindication for morphine therapy.#).Duinolones Shor Ans! rs: 1.Mention the methods of transfer of resistance 2.Mention the adverse effects of sulfonamides 3.4ame 2 topical sulfonamides#.Mention the uses of sulfonamides$.M;8 of penicillins >β lactam antibiotics?&.β lactamase inhibitors).4ame # cephalosporins each belonging to a different generation. .4ame 2 carbapenems /.4ame # β lactam antibiotics 1.87tronam  11.8dverse effects of tetracyclines12.4ame # fluoroBuinolones13.5rophylactic uses of penicillins. 1#.'numerate aminoglycosides1$.8dverse effects of aminoglycosides1&.4ame # macrolides1).4ame # drugs that act by inhibiting protein synthesis1.4ame # antibiotics used topically1/.Streptogramins2.4ame # drugs used in %,21.4ame the first line anti tubercular drugs22.4ame # tuberculocidal drugs23.4ame # drugs used in leprosy2#.<epra reactions. 4ame 2 drugs that are used in E<epra reactionsF2$.'numerate the antifungal drugs2&.4ame # topical antifungal drugs2).'numerate the antiviral drugs2.4ame # drugs used in 8,!S2/.4ame # drugs used in malaria3.4ame # drugs used in falciparum malaria31.%reatment of  P.vivax  malaria32.Mention the uses of chloroBuine33.4ame the drugs used in amobiasis3#.Mention # uses of metronida7ole3$.4ame 2 drugs used in round *orm infestation3&.4ame 2 drugs used in hook *orm infestation3).4ame 2 drugs used in pin *orm infestation3.4ame 2 drugs tape *orm infestation3/.4ame # anticancer drugs#.4ame the immuno suppressants#1.8ctive immuni7ation#2.5assive immuni7ation#3.Mention # differences bet*een morphine and pethidine##.Mention 2 immunosuppressive agents and one 8! of each#$.Morphine is contraindicated in head inury *hy0 G#$ r ason: #&.5robenecid is given along *ith 5enicilin#).Sulbactam is used *ith ampicillin #.,mipenem is combined *ith cilastatin #/.8ntitubercular drugs are given in combination.$.ationale of combining sulfametho+a7ole *ith trimethoprim$1.@en7yl penicillin is less effective by oral route.$2.Clofa7imine is used in lepra reaction *hy0$3.Multi drug regimen is used in leprosy *hy0$#.!o+ycycline is preferred to tetracycline in patients *ith renal insufficiency0$$.Clavulanic acid is combined *ith amo+icillin *hy0$&.4ame 2 6Ds and mention their uses
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