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CELL SEPAR ATION PRODUC TS FOR HL A ANALYSIS PRODUCT LISTING FOR HLA APPLICATIONS TABLE 1 CELL TYPE TOTAL LYMPHOCYTES SELECTION METHOD Positive Negative CD2 Positive CD3 SEROLOGY (SEE PAGE 4) PBMC1 BLOOD2 − − − 18657HLA 18051HLA 4 FCXM (SEE PAGE 6) PBMC1 BLOOD2 − − − 18657HLA 18051HLA 19051HLA − − − − 19054HLA − − − − − − − − − − − 15263HLA3 19961HLA 18687HLA 18081HLA 15061HLA 19951HLA − − − − 15064HLA 19954HLA − − − − − − − − − CHIMERISM (SEE PAGE 8) PBMC1 BLOOD2 − − − − 18051HLA − − −
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  CELL SEPARATION PRODUCTS FORHLA ANALYSIS  2 TABLE 1   CELL TYPESELECTION METHOD SEROLOGY (SEE PAGE 4) FCXM (SEE PAGE 6) CHIMERISM (SEE PAGE 8) PBMC 1 BLOOD 2 PBMC 1 BLOOD 2 PBMC 1 BLOOD 2 TOTALLYMPHOCYTES Positive−−−−−18684HLA 3 Negative−−−−−−15263HLA 3 19961HLA−−15263HLA− T CELLS PositiveCD218657HLA18687HLA18657HLA18687HLA−−CD318051HLA 4 18081HLA 4 18051HLA18081HLA18051HLA18081HLANegative19051HLA15061HLA19951HLA19051HLA15061HLA19951HLA−−−−Lymphoid(CD3 + )−−−−−15271HLA B CELLS PositiveCD19CD20CD19/CD2018054−−1808418685HLA 5 −−−−−−−18054−18454HLA 5 18084−18184HLA 5 Negative19054HLA−15064HLA19954HLA19054HLA−15064HLA19954HLA−−−− MYELOID CELLS/ GRANULOCYTES PositiveCD15CD33CD33/66bCD66b−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−18257−−18681HLA18287HLA18683HLA18682NegativeMyeloidGranulocyte−−−−−−−−−−15272HLA15121 MONOCYTES PositiveCD14−−−−1805818088 NK CELLS PositiveCD56−−−−1805518085HLA HEMATOPOIETICPROGENITORS PositiveCD34−−−−1805618086 1. PBMC= Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell; kit will also work on single cell suspension of bone marrow, spleen, and lymph node2. Kit also works on other red blood cell containing samples (i.e. cord blood, buffy coat, bone marrow).3.Red= RosetteSep ® kits,Purple= EasySep ® kits4. Please contact STEMCELL Technologies for compatibility with other products.5. Coming Soon! PRODUCT LISTING FOR HLA APPLICATIONS  CELL SEPARATION PRODUCTS FOR HLA ANALYSIS3 The role of the HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) complex is of critical importance in immune responses and transplant medicine.Since the late 1960s, research on human organ and tissue transplantation reinforced the importance of HLA matching for graftsurvival and transfusion efficiency. Today, HLA testing is a standard procedure that is important in organ and hematopoietictransplantation.The specific and varied distribution of HLA antigens requires precise, accurate, and consistent HLA testing. In a busy HLA lab,finding powerful tools that facilitate accurate HLA testing while processing a high number of samples is important.At STEMCELL Technologies, we provide highly optimized cell separation solutions for a variety of HLA applications to facilitate high-volume sample processing   and   clear,   reliable test results . Our HLA cell isolation products have been formulated for:Two cell isolation systems are available for these HLA tests: RosetteSep  ®  (see page 10) and EasySep  ®  (see page 11), see Table 1.In addition, EasySep  ®  can be completely automated using RoboSep  ®  , The Fully Automated Cell Separator (see pages 12-13). OUR CELL ISOLATION SYSTEMS ARE PARTICULARLYSUITABLE FOR HLA LABS AS ALL PROCEDURES ARE: GENTLE ON CELLSQUICKEASYPERFORMED AT ROOM TEMPERATURE ã   Serology (see pages 4-5) ã   Flow Cytometry Crossmatch (FCXM) (see pages 6-7) ã   Chimerism Analysis (see pages 8-9) CELL SEPARATION SOLUTIONS FOR HLA ANALYSIS  4 CELL SEPARATION SOLUTIONS FOR FIGURE 1: Cells separated using EasySep HLA reagents andanalysed in a Complement-Dependent Cytotoxicity assay(CDC assay). ROSETTESEP ®   ã   Immunodensity cell separation procedure - isolates untouched T and B cells directly from whole blood simply and quickly (see page 10). ã   Cell preparations are cleaner and less damaged when analyzed by microscope (see Figure 2). ã   Desired cells isolated with purities of up to 95% for accurate serological HLA testing . EASYSEP ® ã   Immunomagnetic cell separation procedure - isolates cells with purities of up to 99% (see page 11). ã   The small magnetic particle size reduces the risk of membrane shearing and damage to the cellcompared with other magnetic isolation systems (see Figure 2). ã   Clear, simple , and readable serological HLA testing .For clear and reliable analysis of serological HLA testing, RosetteSep ® and EasySep ® kits are the ideal solution for the isolation of clean cell preparations   that show bright and uniform fluorescence under the microscope (see Figure 1 and Figure 2). Both systemsare quick , efficient , and cost-effective for serological HLA testing and crossmatching and allow for simpler scoring with less ambiguity  and greater productivity and confidence (see Table 2). SEROLOGY
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