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Telephone ThreaTs - BomB & oTher Although rare, telephone and bomb threats are an issue that all staff should be made aware of. It would be useful to keep a photocopied or laminated version of the Bomb Threat Checklist (located on rear of this card) directly beside/ near the business telephone for immediate use by employees at the time, should a threatening call be received. TELEPHONE RESPONSE 1. Stay calm. 2. Do not panic or make return threats. 3. If possible, fill out all information on Bomb
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  Telephone ThreaTs - BomB & oTher  Although rare, telephone and bomb threats are an issue that all sta should be made aware o. It would be useul tokeep a photocopied or laminated version o the Bomb Threat Checklist (located on rear of this card) directly beside/near the business telephone or immediate use by employees at the time, should a threatening call be received. TELEPHONE RESPONSE 1. Stay calm.2. Do not panic or make return threats.3. I possible, ill out all inormation on Bomb Threat Checklist while you are on the phone to the caller.4. Listen careully or a ull description:ã Sex o the callerã Age o the callerã Any accents or speech impedimentsã Any background noisesã Any key phrases used by the oender5. Ask the caller:ã What the threat is ?  ã When the threat is to be carried out ? ã Where the threat may be located ? ã Why the threat is being made ? 6. Keep the person talking or as long as possible (to obtain as much inormation as possible).7. Whilst not alerting the caller, have an available co-worker contact the police using a separate telephone line ormobile phone.8. Once a call is inished DO NOT HANG UP – it may be possible to trace the call i the telephone line is kept open,regardless o whether the caller hangs up.9. Ensure all inormation has been written down.10. Inorm management and report threat to police immediately - use a separate telephone line or mobile phone. LOCATING AN ITEMIf an item or suspect package is located: ã Do not touch, tilt or tamper with the itemã Notiy police immediately and ollow the instructions given to you by them EVACUATIONIf evacuation is deemed necessary, it should be conducted in a pre-planned and organized manner: ã I appropriate in the circumstances, clear the area immediately within the vicinity o the package o all people,ensuring that they are not directed past the packageã Ensure people that have been evacuated are moved to a sae, designated locationã Request that people remain available at the designated location to assist police  Alert your supervisor.If your supervisor is unavailable call Police on 000DO NOT HANG UP PTO...  PHONE THREAT CHECKLIST REMEMBER TO KEEP CALM  WHO RECEIVED THE CALL :erutangiS:)tnirp(emaN Telephone number called:Date call received: / / Time received: / / GENERAL QUESTIONS TO ASK THE CALLER  What is it ?  When is the bomb going to explode ? OR  When will the substance be released ?  Where did you put it ?  What does it look like ?  When did you put it there ? How will the bomb explode ? OR How will the substance be released ? Did you put it there ?  Why did you put it there ? BOMB THREAT QUESTIONS  What type of bomb is it ?  What is in the bomb ?  What will make the bomb explode ? CHEMICAL / BIOLOGICAL THREAT QUESTIONS  What kind of substance is in it ? How much of the substance is there ? How will the substance be released ? Is the substance a liquid, powder or gas ? EXACT WORDING OF THREAT ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ANALYSIS OF CALLER’S VOICE Sex:MaleFemale Accent:Australian AmericanMiddle EasternEuropeanBritishIrish AsianOtherSpecify: Voice:Angry ChildCalmObsceneLoudSoftGigglingOtherSpecify:Speech:FastStutterSlowLispSlurredDistortedDistinctClearMuffledOther: _______Threat Language:Well SpokenIncoherentIrrationalTaped AbusiveMessage read by callerOtherSpecify:BackgroundNoise:NoneConstructionTV/RadioSirensTrain AircraftTraffic VoicesMusicOther: _______oNseY ? aeraehthtiwrailimafraepparellacehtdiDllaCfonoitaruD Estimated Age:Comments from person receiving the call:_______________________________________________________________________ Alert your supervisor. If your supervisor is unavailable, call 000 - DO NOT HANG UP -    Alert your supervisor.If your supervisor is unavailable call Police on 000DO NOT HANG UP   armeD roBBerY  A small amount o planning may assist in reducing the risks o armed robbery to your business thereby maximizing thesaety o your employees and customers.It may be useul to keep photocopies o the Description Form (located on the rear of the ‘Aggressive People‘ card)  in a predetermined, convenient location within the business or quick and easy reerence and use by sta. Ensure stamembers are amiliar with its location and use. The aim of any planning around armed robberies should be to: ã Prevent the business being targeted by oendersã Maximise the saety o employees and customersãReduce the impact o the crime on the businessã Assist police in the apprehension process o any oender/s PREVENTION 1. Be alert to strangers or individuals who may be observing the business or who are asking questions about how thebusiness runs.2. Ensure all back and side doors and windows are kept secure.3. Do not discuss cash holdings or movements o cash in public.4. Consider installation o a sae in a secure area but within close proximity to the cash register. The sae should besecured to a sturdy ixture.5. Reduce cash held at counters to a workable minimum.6. Predetermine and designate escape routes and sae areas or employees to move to when required.7. Ensure that sta members are aware o security and armed robbery procedures and what to do in the case o suchan event. This routine should be regularly practiced as with any other type o emergency drill.8. Make use o signage and stickers both inside and outside your business promoting security measures such as: timedelay locks, video surveillance and minimum cash held on premises.9. Consider installation o electronic methods o payment to reduce the amount o cash kept on hand.10. Consider the installation o additional security devices such as duress / panic buttons and quality Closed CircuitTelevision (CCTV). (Refer to ’Security of Business Premises’ card for further comment on CCTV)  IN THE EVENT OF AN ARMED ROBBERY  1. Try to remain calm, assess the situation and do exactly as the oender says. Remember the number one priority isyour saety, the saety o other sta and customers.2. Activate alarm devices as soon as possible but only i it is sae to do so.3. Avoid sudden actions and calmly explain any necessary movements to the oender. These could pose an unintendedthreat to the oender, who may already be anxious and tense.4. Speak only when spoken to as any conversation with the oender will prolong the incident.5. Unless otherwise ordered, discretely watch oender/s, making a mental note o their description especially scars,tattoos, prominent or other distinguishing eatures.6. Avoid direct eye contact with the oender.7. Note the oenders conversation including any indecent language, accent, nicknames or speech impediments.8. Observe and take note o any weapons that are being used.9. I sae to do so, observe the direction o travel taken by the oender/s when they leave the premises.10. I sae to do so, look to see i a vehicle has been used and i there are any other occupants, record the registrationnumber, make, model and the colour o the car.11. Never take drastic action during the robbery and do not chase the oender.PTO...   AFTER THE ROBBERY  1. Immediately telephone the police on 000, even i you have activated a hold up or duress alarm. Provide the policetelephone operator with:ã Exact location – business name/address o where the crime occurred including the closest intersecting streetã Your nameã Details o persons injured and whether medical assistance is requiredã Date / Time / Nature o oenceã Number and description o oender/s including any vehicles usedã Direction o travel2. Only hang up the telephone when told to do so and stay o the phone until police arrive unless you rememberadditional inormation that may be important.3. Close the premises to the public and keep unauthorised persons out.4. Make sure that no person touches or moves any items where the oender/s was/were present.5. Consider arranging someone to meet police outside, particularly in large shopping areas to make the response timemore eicient.6. Request that witnesses and customers remain until the police arrive – ailing that, request their names, addresses andtelephone numbers and pass them onto police when they arrive.7. Make sure witnesses are isolated rom each other or are aware not to discuss descriptions or what happened withother witnesses.8. Witnesses should independently try to write a ull description o oender/s and what actually occurred in as muchdetail as possible. (Refer to ‘Description Form’ at the back of the ‘Aggressive People’ card) 9. Do not make any statements to the media beore discussing the matter with police.10. Supply to police all details no matter how insigniicant they appear to you. This could include earlier suspiciouscustomers, rude, drunk or drug aected customers or simply details o certain cars constantly driving past.11. Crime aects dierent people in dierent ways and the impact may not be elt immediately. Consideration shouldbe given to organising proessional trauma counselling or employees aected by the crime. (Refer to VictimsHelpline information located on ‘Further Information/Contacts‘ card)
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