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OVERVIEW OF CITRIX ACCESS GATEWAY CITRIX SYSTEMS, INC. Citrix Systems, Inc., (NASDAQ:CTXS) is the global leader and the most trusted name in application delivery infrastructure. More than 180,000 organizations worldwide rely on Citrix to deliver any application to users anywhere with the best performance, highest security and lowest cost. Citrix customers include 100% of the Fortune 100 companies and 98% of the Fortune Global 500, as well as hundreds of thousands of small businesses and prosumer
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    OVERVIEW OF C ITRIX ACCESS GATEWAY CITRIX SYSTEMS, INC. Citrix Systems, Inc., (NASDAQ:CTXS) is the global leader and the most trusted name in applicationdelivery infrastructure. More than 180,000 organizations worldwide rely on Citrix  to deliver anyapplication to users anywhere with the best performance, highest security and lowest cost. Citrixcustomers include 100% of the Fortune 100 companies and 98% of the Fortune Global 500, as well ashundreds of thousands of small businesses and prosumers. Citrix has approximately 6,200 channeland alliance partners in more than 100 countries. CITRIX ACCESS GATEWAY  Citrix Access Gateway ™ is ranked by key industry analysts such as Gartner and Forrester Research as aleading SSL VPN product line. Deployed as a hardened appliance at the perimeter of an organization’snetwork, it gives users a single point of secure access to applications and resources hosted in thedatacenter. PROVIDING A GREAT ACCESS EXPERIENCE: ã With a Citrix Access Gateway solution users on any client with a Web browser and Internetaccess can establish a secure connection back to the corporate network and be productivewherever they go. ã With an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, users receive the best possible experience, minimizing training   and support calls . Features such as always-on access ensure sessions Page 1 Overview of CAG    are automatically reconnected after losing a network connection, or when users roam betweenaccess points. ã Citrix Access Gateway simplifies access from any machine by hiding the complexities fromthe user . Access can be challenging for a number of reasons. With other SSL VPN products,users often cannot gain full network access because they don’t have administrative right onthe client machine. The Citrix Access Gateway client installer will detect this situation andautomatically install in non-administrator mode, allowing users to use all TCP and UDPprotocols without reconfiguring applications. ã In situations when client software can’t be installed or when users need quick access froma borrowed machine, Citrix Access Gateway enables access to protected websites, fileshares and email from any device with a standard Web browser , including somehandheld and small form-factor devices. STRONG SECURITY FOR APPLICATIONS AND DATA For administrators, Citrix Access Gateway acts as a point of control to secure your organization’s vitalresourceswith a number of key capabilities: ã Endpoint analysis can be run on clients prior to authentication and continuously to determinethe machine’s configuration and identity. Scans are included to detect: ã Most antivirus software (and ensure an up-to-date pattern file) ã Personal firewalls ã Operating system and patch level ã Browser type and version ã Known MAC addresses ã Client certificates ã Clients failing to meet the minimum configuration requirements can be given limitedaccess and sent toremediation pages to  install the correct software. ã Users can be authenticated with a number of strong forms of authentication includingsmartcards and varioustoken-based methods, or from any authority that supports RADIUS or LDAP protocols. ã All communication with the client can be safely transmitted over the Internet because of strongtraffic encryption with SSL and TLS. ã Application fluency allows administrators to create granular authorization policies on a numberof the mostcommon resource types. By understanding application protocols, Citrix Access Gatewayenables administrators to easily control access to Web applications, file shares,email, applications hosted on Citrix Presentation Server ™ , and any other applications requiring TCP or UDP connections to the data center. ã Administrators can  grant or deny access to resources based user identity and groupmembership (derived from LDAP or RADIUS authorities). In addition, policies can be based onthe client’s access scenario (defined by client configuration, machine identity or networklocation), allowing access permissions to change as users move between machines. Page 2 Overview of CAG    ã Patent-pending Citrix   Smart Access technology with Action Rights not only controls whatresources a user can access, but also determines the most secure and optimal way toprovide access . ã User and administrator activities can be tracked with the auditing capabilities of CitrixAccess Gateway. Optionally, log entries can be sent to an external Syslog server to consolidateentries with other products in the network. ã With a number of redundancy options, Citrix Access Gateway ensures sessions remainuninterrupted  when a single appliance or an entire datacenter site becomes unavailable . SIMPLE ADMINISTRATION AND LOW TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP Citrix Access Gateway is loaded with features to reduce administrative tasks. With an auto-downloading and auto updating client , there is no need to touch every client machine. Users canlaunch any Web browser and deploy the software required to gain access from most Windows ® desktops, and Linux, and Mac OS X clients. Centralized administration allows management of allappliances from a single console, and role-based administration allows organizations to delegateresponsibility to multiple individuals. SNMP support   minimizes the need to regularly monitor each appliance for health andperformance status, allowingCitrix Access Gateway appliances to notify common network monitoring and management systemswhen notableevents occur. With capabilities such as multiple authentication points and virtual servers, a singleappliance can be configured to support many diverse segments of the user population. Companyemployees can be directed to a dedicated logon page and authenticate to the standard corporatedirectory. Partners can use another URL to access a separate logon page and authenticate to adirectory containing partner accounts. The same technique can be applied when new companies areacquired, allowing rapid access to information without requiring user accounts to be merged with themain company directory. As new requirements emerge, you’ll have the flexibility to rapidly meet thesenew demands with your existing infrastructure and stretch your capital investment further than youexpected. END-TO-END APPLICATION DELIVERY WITH CITRIX PRESENTATIONSERVER ã Citrix Access Gateway works with Citrix Presentation Server ™ to provide the most fullyintegrated applicationdelivery infrastructure on the market. The combined solution gives users the best accessexperience and ensures the tightest control of business-critical resources. ã Citrix Presentation Server hosts applications on servers in the datacenter and providesvirtualized access to these applications from most client platforms. The application and itsdocuments remain securely in the data center but are made available to clients over a networkconnection. ã Citrix Access Gateway treats these hosted applications like any other protected resource,acting as a single point of control to ensure secure delivery. Administrators can define policiesto determine the applications available to a user, and change this access as the accessscenario changes. As users move between clients, Access Gateway and Presentation Serverproducts work in conjunction to automatically reconnect users to the applications they hadpreviously accessed — a technology called Citrix Smooth Roaming. Page 3 Overview of CAG    ã SmoothRoaming will respect scenario-based policies. For example, if users who were accessinga sensitivefinancial application from the office want to move to a home computer, policies can beimplemented to disallow SmoothRoaming from reconnecting to the application at home. ã Action Rights can also be enforced with Citrix Presentation Server. Administrators can createpolicies forcingdocuments to be viewed in a virtualized environment for the highest level of data protection.Key applicationcapabilities, such as printing to the client’s local printer or saving to the client’s local drive, canalso be disabled by a policy. Administrators gain control over the flow of sensitive informationby disabling the ability to save data to untrusted client machines.With the integrated application delivery infrastructure provided by Citrix Access Gateway and CitrixPresentationServer, users will also benefit because the applications they need will be available from anywhere. DESIGNED TO MEET THE REQUIREMENTS OF ANY ORGANIZATION With three editions, Citrix Access Gateway is a comprehensive product line giving you the flexibility tochoose thecapabilities and price point that’s right for your organization. ã Citrix Access Gateway   Standard Edition is easy to deploy, simple to manage and the mostcost-effectivesolution on the market. With an Access Gateway appliance in your DMZ, you’ll have secureaccess to yourprotected resources including applications hosted on Citrix Presentation Server. ã Citrix Access Gateway   Advanced Edition is a solution geared for small and medium-sizeddeployments. It extends access to more devices and users by adding features such as browser-only access to resources,support for mobile devices, and a sophisticated policy engine with extensive Smart Accesscapabilities andAction Rights control. ã Citrix Access Gateway   Enterprise Edition is the best solution for demanding enterpriseenvironments,offering maximum scalability, performance and flexible management options. Built-in high-availability optionssupport business continuity planning with redundant application pairs and seamless multi-sitefailover options. Integrated application acceleration and optimization capabilities furtherincrease remote access performance to give your users the best access experience. More Information  You can find more information on the Citrix Access Gateway product line by visiting Page 4 Overview of CAG
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