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Fox 1 Jack Fox Ms. Peña English IV 20 March 2018 If not Software, then what? After Bill Gates signed his first deal between Microsoft and IBM he stated, Hardware in effect will become a lot less interesting, the total job will be in the software (Isaacson 362). Not only was he referring to the fact that programming software is a more lucrative business
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   Fox 1  Jack Fox Ms. Peña English IV 20 March 2018 If not Software, then what? After Bill Gates signed his first deal between Microsoft and IBM he stated, Hardware in effect will become a lot less interesting, the total job will be in the software (Isaacson 362). Not only was he referring to the fact that programming software is a more lucrative business, but that designing software is a job of creativity. Building a program from start to finish is similar to an artist, a sculptor or an author using their abilities and talents to create something beautiful and potentially valuable. In choosing a career one should examine future trends for employment to ensure job security. Undoubtedly, the technology revolution is in full swing with no end in sight. Despite all of the available job opportunities in the technology field, one must narrow their search to something specific such as computer programming. If the student chooses a career field with a positive future, attends a technological college and capitalizes on their creativity, they are sure to succeed as a computer programmer. One must take advantage of the technological revolution and realize that a job as a computer programmer is a prudent decision for the future. As Isaacson states in his novel The Innovators , the future might belong to people who can best partner and collaborate with computers (Isaacson 472). One of the advantages of choosing a career in this field is that it is not confined to one industry. Computer programmers are needed in almost all   Fox 2 businesses, giving one incredible flexibility. In addition, demand is always at a high level due to technology advancing at such a fast rate. Moreover, computer programming is a very lucrative business. Starting salaries range from $60,000-120,000 according to Chron magazine . Furthermore, programmers can work on a contract basis for $100-400 per hour and have flexibility in their work schedules. Computer coding is the universal language of the planet, comparable to basic literacy now and even more so in the future. Certainly, there will be more opportunities for a successful job experience with this type of demand for programmers. Coders are indeed currently in such demand that companies are recruiting candidates without college degrees. So why not skip four more years of studying? While this might be an optimal situation initially, a degree may be needed to further one's career. Tom Redman, Senior Supervisor of IT at Charter Communications, states, I did not attend college or graduate school, however if I were considering going in to this field today I would highly suggest it. This can be especially true given the fast and ever-changing pace in the world of technology. School can be helpful for learning how to translate real-world problems into mathematical equations and then to communicate those commands that a machine will understand (Isaacson 90). College is also an excellent place to learn the computer languages such as Java, C++ and Python, necessary for the work world. Most importantly is the collaboration that colleges require on projects. This is a real-world lessen for success in the field of computer programming. Most of the great innovations of the digital age sprang from an interplay of individuals with teams that knew how to implement their ideas (Isaacson 92). The student needs to be prepared for the tech companies that promote collaboration and   Fox 3 team structure in the workplace. Being a team player is vital to being successful! (Redman). The skills and mindset that college affords will only increase the value of the employee. Choosing a career field in which one can express their creativity is crucial for long term success. Computers are only novel electronic boxes without programmers providing them with instructions in the form of software (Downing). More so than other professions, one can make up their own rules in software creation. One must be able to combine science and art to manufacture a product that functions and appeals to the masses from conception to finish. Isaacson speaks of the artistry involved in coding when he states, I was struck by how the truest creativity came from those who were able to connect the arts and sciences (Isaacson 5). Furthermore the programmer needs the creativity to come up with ideas to problem solve. The ability to literally think 'outside the box' is extremely important in building a functional program. Taking something benign and having the vision to create something interesting is key in becoming a programmer. Mistakenly, many believe it is just math and numbers with no artistry involved. Using the creative part of the mind will take one far in the world of programming. If the entire planet is relinquishing man power to machines, computers and robots why not be in the field that controls them? If one attends the right technical college, employs their creativity, and chooses a specific technological job that applies to the future, then they will reach the success that they are searching for. In addition, one might have an entertaining  journey along the way. As programmer Steve Downing states, Being a programmer is like winning a goddam game show every day    Fox 4  Works Cited Downing, Steve. “Why Is Being a Programmer a Good Career Choice?” Forbes, 13 Apr. 2012. Isaacson, Walter. The Innovators . Simon & Schuster Paperbacks, 2015. Redman, Tom. Personal Interview. 19 March 2018.
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