Cell Migration and Invasion: Choosing the Right Assay

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Cell migration is stimulated and directed by interaction of cells with the extracellular matrix (ECM), neighboring cells, or chemoattractants. Cell migration participates in morphogenic processes, wound healing and tumor metastasis. Specifically, inhibiting tumor invasion by blocking tumor cell chemotaxis has been a major focus of research. Tumor cell invasion, marked by degradation of ECM, is also directly correlated with metastatic potential.
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  Cell Migration and Invasion:Choosing the Right Assay EMD Millipore is a division o Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany  2 Cell Migration and Invasion:Choosing the Right Assay Cell migration is stimulated and directed byinteraction o cells with the extracellular matrix(ECM), neighboring cells, or chemoattractants. Cellmigration participates in morphogenic processes,wound healing and tumor metastasis. Speciically,inhibiting tumor invasion by blocking tumor cellchemotaxis has been a major ocus o research. Tumorcell invasion, marked by degradation o ECM, is alsodirectly correlated with metastatic potential.Cell-based assays enable researchers to simulate thebarriers invaded by and conditions encountered bynormal and metastatic cells in vivo . The traditionalBoyden chamber assay or cell migration uses ahollow plastic chamber, sealed at one end witha porous membrane. This chamber is suspendedover a larger well which may contain medium and/or chemoattractants. Cells are allowed to migratethrough the pores, to the other side o the membrane.Migratory cells are then stained and counted. InQCM™ cell invasion assays, a Boyden chamber systemis layered with an ECM solution that occludes themembrane pores, blocking non-invasive cells rommigrating through it.Our ever-evolving portolio o migration and invasionassay solutions is also moving beyond the Boydenchamber technique to analyzing the dynamics o extracellular matrix degradation and wound healing.Use the charts on the next page to select theappropriate cell-based assay and membrane pore sizeor answering your speciic research question.   Cell Invasion CytoskeletalSignalingMMPs &Proteasesion ECM Layer C e l l  M i g r a t i o n   3 Cell Migration and Invasion Assay Table DescriptionPore SizePlate FormatECM CoatingDetectionNo. o TestsCatalogue No. Chemotaxis Cell Migration Assays8 µm24-wellNoneColorimetric24ECM50824-wellFluorometric24ECM50996-wellFluorometric96ECM5105 µm24-wellColorimetric24ECM50624-wellFluorometric24ECM50796-wellFluorometric96ECM5123 µm24-wellColorimetric24ECM50424-wellFluorometric24ECM50596-wellFluorometric96ECM515Haptotaxis Cell Migration Assays8 µm24-wellFibronectinColorimetric24ECM58024-wellVitronectinFluorometric24ECM58124-wellCollagen IFluorometric24ECM5825 µm24-wellLaminin vialsColorimetric24ECM22024-wellFluorometric24ECM221Millicell® µ-Migration Assay KitNA4 slides o 3 wells NA12MMA205Cell Invasion Assays8 µm24-wellECMatrix™Colorimetric12ECM55024-wellColorimetric24ECM55496-wellColorimetric96ECM55524-wellCollagen IColorimetric24ECM55124-wellColorimetric24ECM55296-wellFluorometric96ECM556Endothelial Cell Migration Assays3 µm24-wellFibronectinColorimetric24ECM20024-wellFluorometric24ECM201Endothelial Cell Invasion Assays24-wellECMatrix™Colorimetric24ECM21024-wellFluorometric24ECM211Leukocyte Transendothelial Migration3 µm24-wellFibronectinColorimetric24ECM557Fluorometric24ECM559Tumor Cell Transendothelial Migration 8 µm 24-well Colorimetric24ECM558Fluorometric24ECM560QCM™ Invadopodia Gelatin Degradation Assay (Green)NANAFITC-Gelatin*Fluorometric32ECM670QCM™ Invadopodia Gelatin Degradation Assay (Red)Cy3-Gelatin*Fluorometric32ECM671 *FITC-Gelatin and Cy3-Gelatin are provided but not pre-coated. Cell NameCell TypePore SizesAssays typically perormed MDA-MB-231Invasive breast cancer cell line(human)5 or 8 µm 5 or 8 µm used in chemotaxis or invasion assayMCF7 Non-invasive breast cancer cellline (human)5 or 8 µm5 or 8 µm used in chemotaxis or invasion assayHT1080Invasive fbrosarcoma cell line(human)5 or 8 µm 5 or 8 µm used in chemotaxis or invasion assayNIH3T3Non-invasive fbroblast cell line(mouse)5 or 8 µm5 or 8 µm used in chemotaxis or invasion assayHUVEC (Human veinumbilical veinendothelial cells)Endothelial cells3 or 5 or 8 µm3 or 5 or 8 µm in chemotaxis, invasion,angiogenesis or transendothelial migration assaysHMVEC/HMEC(Humandermal microvascularEndothelial cells5 or 8 µm5 or 8 µm in chemotaxis, invasion, angiogenesis ortransendothelial migration assaysPMNPolymorphonuclear neutrophils1 or 3 µm1 or 3 µm in chemotaxis assaysPrimary stromal cells8 µmNo inormation availableEpithelial cells3 or 5 µm No inormation availableHuman coronary artery smoothmuscle cells 5 µm No inormation availableHepatic stellate cellsMyofbroblast 5 µm No inormation available What pore size should I select? Pore size determination depends entirely on your cell type. A quick literature search will enable you to decide the bestpore size or the particular cells you are using. The ollowing chart illustrates pore size choices or example cell lines usedin our assays, and by some o our customers or these assays.  EMD Millipore, the M logo, ECMatrix, and QCM are trademarks and Millicellis a registered trademark o Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.Lit No. PB3333EN00 LS-SBU-12-06066 3/2012 Printed in the USA.© 2012 EMD Millipore Corporation, Billerica, MA USA. All rights reserved. www.emdmillipore.com/oices To Place an Order or ReceiveTechnical Assistance In the U.S. and Canada, call toll-ree 1-800-645-5476For other countries across Europe and the world,please visit:  www.millipore.com/ofces For Technical Service, please visit: www.millipore.com/techservice Get Connected! 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