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1. Chinese Medical Qigong is coming out! Chinese Medical Qigong is coming out! If you are suffering from Hypertension, Diabetes, Menopause, Depression, Insomnia, Obesity,…
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  • 1. Chinese Medical Qigong is coming out! Chinese Medical Qigong is coming out! If you are suffering from Hypertension, Diabetes, Menopause, Depression, Insomnia, Obesity, Impotence, and some other common diseases and wondering why, Chinese Medical Qigong might provide you some fundamental causes from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. Qigong Study in Chinese Medicine is the only official textbook of medical Chi Gong in China. It is a collaborative effort of more than thirty faculty members of a dozen top-ranked colleges and universities of the Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM. This textbook is used in all Chinese universities for the Traditional Chinese Medicine and in its third edition. With a massive joint effort by both Chinese and American academic professionals for the past four years, this textbook has been translated into English and named Chinese Medical Qigong. The content of this book is extensive and all inclusive. It consists of fundamental theories, practical methods and skills, clinical applications of Chi Gong therapy, classical Chi Gong literature, and many
  • 2. other more. This textbook will be a useful tool for medical students and health care professionals who are interested in complementary and alternative therapies. Part I. Fundamental Theories Chapter 1 A Brief History of Qigong Development 1.1. Developmental history of ancient Qigong 1.2. History of recent and contemporary Qigong 1.3. A brief introduction to major Qigong traditions 1.4. Introduction to Qigong in other countries Chapter 2 Classic Qigong Theories 2.1 Theories of medical Qigong 2.2 Theories of Daoist, Buddhist, Confucianism and Martial-art Qigong Chapter 3. Modern Scientific Research on Qigong 3.1. Summary of modern research of Qigong a. Development of modern research of Qigong b. Trend and controversy in Qigong research 3.2. Physiological effects of Qigong a. Effects of Qigong on respiratory system b. Effects of Qigong on cardiovascular system c. Effects of Qigong on neuro-electrophysiology 3.3. Psychological effects of Qigong a. Operational mechanism of adjusting mind in qigong practice b. Psychological element of external Qi therapy 3.4. Biochemical and immunological effects of Qigong a. Biochemical and immunological effects of internal Qi b. Biochemical and immunological effects of external Qi 3.5. Physical effects of Qigong a. The infrared effect b. The radiation effect of bio-phooton c. The magnetic field effect
  • 3. d. The effect of sound wave e. Other physical effects Part II. Practical Methods and Skills Chapter 4. Basic Operations of Qigong Practice 4.1. Adjustment of body posture 4.2. Adjustment of breathing 4.3. Adjustment of mind state 4.4. Integrating three adjustments into Oneness Chapter 5. Introduction to Qigong Forms and Methods 5.1. Classifications of Qigong Methods and forms 5.2. Essentials and Cautions in Qigong practice 5.3. Normal responses of Qigong practice 5.4. Possible deviations and correction in Qigong practice Chapter 6. Selected Qigong Forms 6.1. Liu Zi Jue - Six syllable formula or Six-Healing Sound Qigong 6.2 Ba Duan Jin - Eight Pieces of Brocade 6.3. Yi Jin Jing - Mucle/Tendon Changing Classic 6.4. Wu Qin Xi - Five-Animal Play 6.5. Zhan Zhuang - Standing Post Qigong, or Standing Meditation 6.6. Bao Jian Gong - Health-Preservation Qigong 6.7. Dao Jia Yang Sheng Chang Shou Shu - The Daoist arts of nurturing life and attaining longevity 6.8. Fang Song Gong - Relaxation Qigong 6.9. Nei Yang Gong - Internal Nourishing Qigong 6.10. Qiang Zhuang Gong - Roborant Qigong 6.11. Wu Xing Zhang - Five-element Palm 6.12. Zhen Qi Yun Xing Fa - Genuine Qi Circulation Method 6.13. Xin Qi Gong Liao Fa - New Qigong Therapy Part III. Clinical Applications of Qigong Therapy Chapter 7. Introduction to Qigong Therapy 7.1. Characteristics and suitable applications of Qigong therapy 7.2. Individualized treatment principle of Qigong therapy 7.3. Clinical routine practices of Qigong therapy Chapter 8. Examples of Clinical Application 8.1. Pulmonary Tuberculosis 8.2. Hypertension 8.3. Cardio Vascular disease 8.4. Chronic liver diseases 8.7. Chronic kidney diseases 8.8. Menopause syndrome 8.11. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 8.13. Tumor and cancer 8.16. Arthritis and Waist-leg pain
  • 4. 8.17. Problem in Cervical Vertebra 8.18. Glaucoma Part IV. Classical Qigong Literature Chapter 9. Selected Readings of Ancient Literature 9.1. Summary of Ancient Qigong Literature a. Qigong literature in medical works b. Qigong literature in ancient works of Daoist philosophy c. Qigong literature in ancient Confucian works d. Qigong literature in ancient Buddhist works e. Qigong literature in ancient Martial-art works 9. 2. Ancient Literature in Medical Qigong a. Excerpts from the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic b. Excerpts from the Records concerning cultivating mind and prolonging life c. Excerpts from the General Treatise on the Etiology and Symptomology of Diseases d. Excerpts from the Essential Golden Prescriptions for Emergencies e. Excerpts from the General Collection for Holy Benevolence f. Excerpts from the Essentials of Attaining Longevity g. Excerpts from the Eight Essays for Cherishing Life h. Excerpts from the Incisive Light on the Source and Origin of Miscellaneous Diseases
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