Comprehensive Index of the Content of the Annals of Air & Space Law. Published by: McGill University Centre for Research on Air & Space Law

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Comprehensive Index of the Content of the Annals of & Guide Compréhensive au Contenu des Annales de Aérien et Spatial Published by: McGill University Centre for Research on & McGill University Institute
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Comprehensive Index of the Content of the Annals of & Guide Compréhensive au Contenu des Annales de Aérien et Spatial Published by: McGill University Centre for Research on & McGill University Institute of & Index to the Annals of & Page 2 of 146 Published by the McGill University Centre for Research on & Index of the contents of the Annals of & I. Leading articles p II. Jurisprudence p III. Legislation p IV. Book reviews p Index to the Annals of & Page 3 of 146 Published by the McGill University Centre for Research on & Substantive Articles published in the Annals of & AUTHOR Abdurrasyid, Priyatna Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I. R. Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I. R. Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I. R. Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I. R. Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I. R. Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I. R. VOLUME & PAGE XII p. 131 XV p. 3 XVII(I) p. 3 XVII(II) p. 1 XIX(II) p. 3 XX(II) p. 3 XX(I) p. 259 TITLE FIELD KEY WORDS CHAM PS The Outer Outer Treaty 1967, Treaty and the geostationary orbit, Geostationary Orbit developing countries, disadvantaged, Telecommunications Facilitation and the ICAO Role - A Prologue for the Nineties The Traffic Rights Debate - A Legal Study The Development of the Machine Readable Passport and Visa and the Legal Rights of the Data Subject The Economic Relevance of the Chicago Convention - A Retrospective Study Olympics 2000 and Sydney's port Policy: An Environmental Impact Study The Role of Automation in Facilitation of Transport into the 21st Century Treaty ICAO, facilitation, Chicago Convention, Article 22 ICAO Colloquium, regulation, bilateralism, multilateralism, Chicago Conference, GATS, EU Passport, visa, nature, machine readable, Annex 9, Chicago Convention, ICAO, rights, privacy Chicago Conference, national perspectives, resulting agreements, ICAO, bilateralism, multilateralism, Bermuda I, liberalization, GATS, GATT, MFN, taxation, charges, joint financing, ANS, CNS/ATM ports, Sydney, Olympics, environment, congestion, ICAO recommendations, planning, noise, emissions Chicago Revisited Conference, airports, congestion Europe, facilitation, ICAO, interference, Annex 9, electronic data, automated systems MOTS CLÉS Traité de l espace 1967, orbite géostationnaire, pays en voie de développement, désavantagé, Convention e des Télécommunications OACI, facilitation, Convention de Chicago, Article 22 Colloque de l OACI, réglementation, bilatéralisme, multilatéralisme, Conférence de Chicago, AGCS, UE Passeport, visa, lecture automatique, Annexe 9, Convention de Chicago, OACI, droits, respect de la vie privée Conférence de Chicago, perspectives nationales, accords résultants, OACI, bilatéralisme, multilatéralisme, Bermudes I, libéralisation, AGCS, AGCT, NPF, fiscalité, frais, financement conjoint, SNA, CNS/GTA Aéroports, Sydney, Jeux Olympiques, environnement, congestion, recommandations de l OACI, planification, émissions, bruit Convention de Chicago Rétrospective Conférence, aéroports, congestion, Europe, facilitation, OACI, atteinte à la sécurité, Annexe 9, données électroniques, systèmes automatisés Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I. R. Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I. R. XXI(I) p. 1 XXI(II) p. 1 Liability for Personal Injury and Death Under the Warsaw Convention and Its Relevance to Fault Liability in Tort Liability of States for Collusion with Extraterrestrial Warsaw Convention, Article 17, accident, embarking, disembarking, limitations, defenses, willful misconduct, fault Liability, States, extraterrestrial intelligence, UFO, Convention de Varsovie, Article 17, accident, embarquement, débarquement, limitations, défenses, dol, faute Responsabilité, États, intelligence extraterrestre, OVNI, CUPEEA, Résolutions Index to the Annals of & Page 4 of 146 Published by the McGill University Centre for Research on & Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I. R. Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I. R. Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I. R. Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I. R. Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I. R. Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I. R. Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I. R. Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I. R. Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I. R. Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I. R. XXII(I) p. 187 XXII(II) p. 1 XXIII p. 1 XXIV p. 1 XXV p. 1 XXVI p. 1 XXVII p. 1 XXVII p. 27 XXVIII p. 367 XXIX p. 501 Intelligence in the Sharing and Use of Technology The Notion of Willful Misconduct in the Warsaw System: Emerging Trends at Common The Use of Civil craft and Crew For Military Purposes State Responsibility in Classical Jurisprudence: Reflections on the Global Navigation Satellite System The Fuel Tax and Emissions Trading As Market-Based Options in Transport Legal and Regulatory Aspects of craft Noise Emerging Trends in the Carriage of Freight Funding an Financial Facility for Aviation Safety Aviation and Social Responsibility: Rights of the Passenger Aviation and Diplomacy: The ICAO Role Some Recent Initiatives in African Aviation and The COPUOS, UN Resolutions 49/34 & 50/27, UN Charter, Article 2(4) & 51, Registration Convention, ICJ & Challenges - Confronting Tomorrow Conference, Warsaw system, willful misconduct, jurisprudence, Re. KAL Disaster, crew, fatigue, medical emergencies, substance abuse Civil aircraft, military use, crew, Chicago Convention, Article 3, ICAO, Nottebohm case, ICJ, insurance, Geneva Convention 1949 GNSS, ANS, sovereignty, liability, transnational liability, draft Charter, Chicago Convention, Article 28, ICAO Emissions trading, tax, charge, environment, ICAO Sovereignty, common, nuisance, noise, benefit, remedies, ICAO, WTO Cargo, ICAO, liberalization, contract of carriage, e-commerce Privatization, aeronautical fund, joint financing, institutions, investment, airports, ATC, ICAO Passengers, ICAO, denied boarding, contract of carriage, tuberculosis, DVT Dispute settlement, ICAO, diplomacy, arbitration, case-, security, Declaration of the High Level Ministerial Conference, UN Africa, Banjul Accord, GDP, Yamoussoukro Declaration, de l ONU 49/34 & 50/27, Charte de l ONU, Article 2(4) & 51, Convention sur l immatriculation, CJI Conférence Défis en droit et - faire face à l'avenir, système de Varsovie, dol, jurisprudence, Re. KAL Disaster, équipage, fatigue, urgences médicales, abus de substances Aéronef civil, usage militaire, équipage, Convention de Chicago, Article 3, OACI, jurisprudence Nottebohm, CJI, assurance, Convention de Genève 1949 GNSS, navigation, global, satellite, SNA, souveraineté, responsabilité, responsabilité transnationale, projet de Charte, Convention de Chicago, Article 28, OACI Bourse du carbone, environnement, OACI, frais, taxes Souveraineté, droit commun, nuisance, bruit, bénéfice, remèdes, OACI, OMC Fret, OACI, libéralisation, contrat de transport, commerce électronique Privatisation, fonds aéronautiques, financement conjoint, institutions, investissement, aéroports, contrôle de la circulation ne, OACI Passagers, OACI, embarquement refusé, contrat de transport, tuberculose, TEV Résolution des différends, OACI, diplomatie, arbitrage, jurisprudence, Déclaration de la Conférence ministérielle de haut niveau, sûreté, ONU Afrique, Accord de Banjul, PIB, Déclaration de Yamoussoukro, compétitivité Index to the Annals of & Page 5 of 146 Published by the McGill University Centre for Research on & Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I. R. Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I. R. Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I. R. Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I. R. Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I.R. Abeyratne, Ruwantissa I.R. Addy, Naa Adoley Andersen, Heather J. Andries, Stephanie Andriotis, Dimitri XXXI p. 185 XXXI p. 495 XXXII p. 517 XXXIII p. 231 XXXIV p. 173 XXXIV p. 529 XXXIII p. 32 XXI(II) p. 428 XXV p. 43 XXII(I) p. 295 Banjul Accord Group Agreement Theoretical Justification for Modernizing the Rome Convention of 1952 The Reception of ICAO by National Courts The Legal Effect of ICAO Decisions and Empowerment of ICAO by Contracting States Runway Incursions : General Prinicples of Liability Registration of craft: Legal and Regulatory Issues The Role of The Civil Aviation Organization in the Twenty First Century Aviation Safety and Seurity in Western Africa: Legal and Regulatory Issues Inherent in Aerospace Activities Focus on Nigeria SITA (1996) The European Initiative Galileo: A European Contribution to the Global Navigation Satellite System Formal Implications of the Shortcomings of the Warsaw System: Towards a Crisis of competitiveness Liability, Rome Convention, insurance, Montreal Protocol, environmental damage, modernization, ICAO ICAO, functions, profile, immunity, liability, waiver of immunity ICAO, Chicago Conference, SARPs, status, extension of competence, authority Runway incursion, ATC, liability, accidents, ANSPs, airport operator, pilot, error, negligence, employer, ICAO. Registration, maritime, flags of convenience, leasing, ICAO, Chicago Convention, safety, audits ICAO, history, unforeseen incidents of civil aviation, response, corporatization, environment Nigeria, safety, security, SARPSs, accident, enquiry, aircraft maintenance, crew, audit, registration, Cape Town Convention, pilot, negligence, infrastructure, regulation. Purpose, origin, structure, membership, services, external relations, telecommunications ANS, ATC, Single Sky, Europe, Galileo, US, GPSS, difficulties, financing, organization & Challenges - Confronting Tomorrow Conference, Warsaw system, Responsabilité, Convention de Rome, assurance, Protocole de Montréal, préjudice environnemental, modernisation, OACI OACI, fonctions, profil, immunité, responsabilité, renonciation d immunité OACI, Conférence de Chicago, normes et pratiques recommandées, statut, extension de compétence, autorité Incursions sur piste, Contrôle de la circulation ne, responsabilité, accidents, fournisseurs de services de navigation ne, exploitants d'aéroports, pilote, erreur, négligence, employeur, OACI. Immatriculation, droit maritime, pavillons de complaisance, location, OACI, Convention de Chicago, sécurité, audits OACI, histoire, incidents imprévus de l aviation civile, réponse, corporatisation, environnement Nigerie, sécurité, sûreté, normes et pratiques recommandées, maintenance des aéronefs, équipage, pilote, audit, immatriculation, Convention du Cap, négligence, infrastructure, réglementation. Objectif, origine, structure, membres, services, relations extérieures, télécommunications SNA, contrôle de la circulation ne, ciel unique, Europe, Galileo, États- Unis. GPSS, difficultés, financement, organisation Conférence Défis en droit et - faire face à l'avenir, système de Varsovie, méthodologie alternative, UE, Index to the Annals of & Page 6 of 146 Published by the McGill University Centre for Research on & Arnopoulos, Paris Arnopoulos, Paris Arnapoulos, Paris Auckenthaler, Alan Auckenthaler, Alan Augustin, J.V. VII p. 215 VIII p. 287 IX p. 179 XX(II) p. 53 XXV p. 301 XVII(II) p. 33 Private Methodology The Politics of the Orbit- Spectrum Issue A Situation Study on the Orbit-Spectrum Issue (Model and Application) Public Policy Planning Recent Developments at Inmarsat INMARSAT (2000) The Role of ICAO in Relation to the Convention on the Marking of Plastic Explosives for the Purpose of Detection Azzie, Ralph V p. 3 Second Special Transport Conference and Bilateral Transport Agreements Baccelli, Guido Rinaldi Baccelli, Guido Rinaldi Baccelli, Guido Rinaldi Baccelli, Guido Rinaldi III p. 3 VIII p. 3 X p. 217 XIII p. 344 L entreprise aéroportuaire: son role dans l aviation civile, ses perspectives dans la collaboration internationale L'unification internationale du droit privé : Perspectives en matière de responsabilité des transporteurs, des exploitants des aéroports et des services de contrôle de la circulation ne La Convention de Varsovie devant la Constitution italienne ILA (1988) alternative methodology, EU, US, developing countries, IATA Intercarrier Agreement Orbit & spectrum, limitations, distribution, US, USSR, IGOs, NGOs, conferences, political history, prospects Orbit-spectrum, geostationary orbit, axiology Geostationary orbit, electromagnetic spectrum, ITU, WARC, Canada, telecommunication, policy Inmarsat P system, restructuring Privatization, amendments ICAO, plastic explosives, marking, security, Lockerbie, Resolution A27-8, IETC, mandate, competence, Bilateral agreements, charters, capacity, tariffs ports, Chicago Convention, charges, commercialization Liability, Warsaw system, constitutionality, Italy, airports, air traffic control, unification, ICAO Warsaw system, liability, limitation, constitutionality, Italy, reform ATC États-Unis, pays en voie de développement, Accord IATA entre compagnies nes Orbite géostationnaire, spectre radioélectrique, limitations, distribution, États-Unis, URSS, OIG, ONG, conférences, histoire politique, futures perspectives Orbite géostationnaire, spectre des fréquences, axiologie Orbite géostationnaire, spectre électromagnétique, UIT, CAMR, Canada, télécommunication, politique Système Inmarsat P, restructuration Privatisation, amendements OACI, explosives plastiques, marquage, sûreté, Lockerbie, Résolution S27-8, CTIE, mandat, compétence Accords bilatéraux, vols charters, capacité, tarifs Aéroports, Convention de Chicago, redevances, commercialisation Responsabilité, système de Varsovie, constitutionalité, Italie, aéroports, contrôle de la circulation ne, unification, OACI Système de Varsovie, responsabilité, limitation, constitutionnalité, Italie, reforme Contrôle de la circulation ne Index to the Annals of & Page 7 of 146 Published by the McGill University Centre for Research on & Baccelli, Guido Rinaldi Baccelli, Guido Rinaldi Baccelli, Guido Rinaldi Baccelli, Guido Rinaldi Baccelli, Guido Rinaldi XIV p. 3 XV p. 17 XVI p. 3 XIX(I) p. 109 XX(I) p. 509 Le droit au transport comme liberté fondamentale de la personne L'exploitant de l'assistance aéroportuaire comme préposé du transporteur La réglementation du droit de grève du transport en Italie - Considérations sur la Loi 194 sur la grève dans les transports publics essentiels 50 années d'expérience depuis la Convention de Chicago: L'effort italien pour atteindre l'uniformité internationale dans le respect des droits fondamentaux visés par la Constitution La protection des victimes en matière d'aviation civile UN Charter, public service, human right, ECHR port auxiliary services, agent of carrier, Warsaw Convention, Article 20 & 25 Strike, Italy, essential service, 194 Chicago Convention, ICAO, security Conventions, liability, Warsaw Convention, limitation, accident, inquiry, harmonization, Italy Chicago Revisited Conference, liability, limitations, Warsaw system, modernization, constitutionality, Italy Charte de l ONU, service public, droit de l homme, CEDH Assistance aéroportuaire, préposé du transporteur, Convention de Varsovie, Articles 20 & 25 Grève, Italie, service essentiel, Loi 194 Convention de Chicago, OACI, Conventions relatives à la sécurité ne, responsabilité, Convention de Varsovie, limitation, accident, enquête, harmonisation, Italie Convention de Chicago Rétrospective Conférence, responsabilité, limitations, système de Varsovie, modernisation, constitutionnalité, Italie Baccelli, Guido Rinaldi Baker, Howard A. Baker, Howard A. Baiada, R. Michael XXII(II) p. 25 XII p. 143 XIII p. 183 XXXIII p. 484 Bailey, Edwin O. XIX(II) p. 81 Évolution du régime de responsabilité du transporteur pour les dommages aux passagers Protection of the Outer Environment: History and Analysis of Article IX of the Outer Treaty Liability for Damage Caused in Outer by Refuse The Network line Production Problem Article 15 of the Chicago Convention and the Duty of States to Avoid Discriminatory User Warsaw system, derogations, conformity, Italy, constitutionality Outer Treaty, Article IX, environment, regulation Liability, refuse, risks, collision, interference, fault lines, financial state, hub and spoke, congestion, ATC. Chicago Conference, airports, charges, Article 15, non-discriminatory, US, UK, Heathrow, arbitration Système de Varsovie, dérogations, conformité, Italie, constitutionnalité Traité de l espace, Article IX, environnement, réglementation Responsabilité, déchets, risque, collision, interférence, faute Compagnies nes, état financier, plaques tournantes, congestion, contrôle de la circulation ne. Conférence de Chicago, aéroports, frais, Article 15, non-discrimination, États- Unis, Royaume-Uni, Heathrow, arbitrage Index to the Annals of & Page 8 of 146 Published by the McGill University Centre for Research on & Balfour, John XX(I) p. 497 Charges: The US-UK London Heathrow port User Charges Arbitration Some Lessons from the European Experience Chicago Revisited Conference, EU, market access, third package, ownership, competition, state aid, slots, CRS, ground handling Convention de Chicago Rétrospective Conférence, UE, accès aux marchés, troisième phase, propriété, concurrence, aide étatique, créneaux, SIR, services au sol Balfour, John XXII(I) p. 83 Barlow, Patricia XVII(II) p. 71 Barnet, Todd XXVIII p. 257 Barkowski, Mareike XXI(I) p. 45 Bartlik, Martin XXXIV p. 151 Bashor, Harold XXXII p. 149 Some Comments on the EC Commission's Proposal for a Regulation on Carrier Liability Punitive Damages Under the Warsaw Convention: Mixing Apples with Oranges Legal Fictions in the Five United Nations Treaties Stifle Commerce and Encourage a Dangerous and Chaotic Environment Responsibility for Navigation (ATM) in Europe The extension of the European Union s Emissions Trading Scheme to Aviation Activities Interpretation of the Moon Treaty: Recourse to Working Papers and Related Documents Bédard, Charles II p. 3 Le système de Varsovie: complexités, flexibilité & Challenges - Confronting Tomorrow Conference, EU, Warsaw system, advance payments, liability, limitations, increase, passenger information, fifth jurisdiction Liability, Warsaw system, punitive damages, history, UK, US, case- UN, treaties, legal fiction, military, maritime, forfeiture, pollution, environment, criminal liability, willful misconduct ANS, liability, States, international organizations, ICAO, ECAC, harmonization program, Europe, INSTAR, Eurocontrol, EU EU, environment, emissions trading, legality, Chicago Convention, sovereignty, jurisdiction Moon Treaty, travaux préparatoires, negotiation history, States perspectives and proposals, US, USSR, Argentina, COPUOS, UN Warsaw Convention, liability, Montreal Agreement, Montreal Protocols, Guadalajara Convention Conférence Défis en droit et - faire face à l'avenir, UE, système de Varsovie, paiements anticipés, responsabilité, limitations, augmentation, informations aux passagers, cinquième juridiction Responsabilité, système de Varsovie, dommages et intérêts exemplaires, histoire, Royaume-Uni, États-Unis, jurisprudence ONU, traités, fiction juridique, militaire, droit maritime, confiscation, pollution, environnement, responsabilité juridique, dol SNA, responsabilité, États, organisations internationales, OACI, CEAC, programme d harmonisation, Europe, INSTAR, Eurocontrol, UE Union européenne, environnement, échanges de droits d émission, légalité, Convention de Chicago, souveraineté, juridiction Traité sur la Lune, travaux préparatoires, histoire de négociation, perspectives et propositions des États, États- Unis, URSS, Argentine, CUPEEA, ONU Convention de Varsovie, Accord de Montréal, Protocoles de Montréal, Convention de Guadalajara, responsabilité Index to the Annals of & Page 9 of 146 Published by the McGill University Centre for Research on & Bernauw, Kristiaan C. XVI p. 11 Courier Services and the Debate on the Postal Monopoly Bhatt, S. IV p. 385 An Ecological Approach to Aerospace Bhatt, S. V p. 309 Contribution of Aerospace to the Evolution of Man and Bisignani, Giovanni Blumenkron, Jimena Böckstiegel, Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel, Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel, Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel, Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel, Karl-Heinz XXXIII p. 496 XXXIV p. 31 II p. 15 V p. 17 VIII p. 305 XII p. 175 XVII(I) p. 15 Global Society Keynote Address Delivered at the 2007 ICAO-McGill Conference on Aviation Safety Security and Environment The Way Forward Implications of Transparency in the Civil Aviation Organization s Universal Safety Oversight Audit Prog
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