7 5 Days Fasting at The Spa Resort Chiang Mai

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In the great environment on the hill of Mae Ann Village , Mae Rim , Chiang Mai. The good place to see what your health need. For more information, please contact rsvn@thespachiangmai.com
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  YOUR CLEANSING FASTSTEP BY STEPINSTRUCTIONS For more information contact TheSPA Resorts Three Resorts to sever you…..T he Spa Resort Chiang Mai Tel : (66-53 ) 920 888 Fax : (66-53) 920 800Email : rsvn@spachiangmai.net Website : www.spachiangmai.net The Spa Beach Tel: (66-77) 230-855, 230985The Spa Village Tel: (66-77) 230-976, 424666 Fax: (66-77) 424-667The SPA Koh Chang Tel: (66-39) 553-091-2 Fax: (66-39) 553-093E-mail: info@spasamui.com Website: www.TheSpaResorts.net   First an IMPORTANT NOTE!!! Before beginning one of our programs, please be advised that your health isyour own responsibility!We here at ‘The SPA’ DO NOT PROFESS to be MEDICAL AUTHORITIES orADVISORS. Should YOU have any DOUBTS about your HEALTH,MEDICATIONS or ANY PRE-EXISTING CONDITION, PLEASE CONTACT YOURMEDICAL PRACTITIONER FIRST !  PLEASETHOROUGHLY READ ALL THE INFO IN THIS BOOKLET—YOU MUSTFULLYUNDERSTAND EVERYTHINGHERE BEFORESTARTING YOUR FAST. We would like to take this opportunity to give you an insight into what we are trying toachieve here at the Spa Resorts.It has been Guys’ policy since day 1 of discovering a truly remarkable health program(fasting) to offer it to as many people as possible. That’s it –THIS IS our BOTTOM LINE policyor reason for being here for YOU to fast and learn about taking care of yourself. To achievethis, Guy decided more than 10 years ago, to offer fasting at the most reasonable pricesachievable –THE BEST DEAL AROUND.To our knowledge, we still offer the BEST DEAL, using the best IMPORTED products,anywhere in Asia and probably the world for that matter. (We constantly ask people to letus know where they can find better prices than what The Spa Samui Resort offers). Ourbasic fast programs (The “First Timer” and “Self-Help Repeater”) ARE very successful if onelooks at the many great comments/feedbacks we receive and also when one looks at thepercentage of ‘fasters’ coming back time & time again to enjoy our services. At last countthis figure is around the 30-50% of first timers come back and enjoy second or third fastingexperiences at an even lower price. At the time of writing this, for the past week in fact wehave had more repeaters on the Self-Help program than those on the “First Timer” program.A truly remarkable statistic!You may ask, “why the need to explain all of this ?” … The reason being that unfortunately asmall percentage of our guests have a PRE-CONCEIVED EXPECTATION of what they thinkthey should receive here during their stay. The REALITY is that we are providing the bestpossible programs for the best possible price we can offer.Some, will sit around and look at how things could be done differently or improved to fit inwith what their pre-conceived expectations of how The Spa Resorts shouldoperate. (I know, because I did this myself when I first fasted here) … There are ways to dothings differently, however, getting back to the reality of life here on a tropical island in adeveloping country, these are not always easily achievable. And, in most cases not withoutincurring increased costs and hence higher fasting program prices. So, we get back to TheSpa Resorts bottom line policy of us offering these programs to as many people as possible,for the best possible deal.Don’t forget you probably chose to come and fast here knowing that this is the best dealgoing around these parts, and from also hearing about the family-supportiveATMOSPHEREwhich The Spa Resorts AND GUESTS uniquely provide.Many thanks for your understanding and HAPPY fasting !!!!  Your CLEANSING FAST… These programs work as a healing mechanism. They start working at full potential after 24-36 hours without the intake of food. Our healing mechanism works best when we stopeating, ingesting, digesting and metabolizing food.Our bodies switch to DETOXIFICATION MODE and remove parasites, toxins and potentiallycancerous cells! This waste material is then dumped into the bloodstream for excretionthrough the Liver, COLON, lungs and skin. The tired and weak feeling experienced during thefirst 3 or 4 daysare due entirely to the presence of these toxins and other waste matterwaiting to be excreted, NOT the lack of food. (Incidentally, you will be taking so manydetoxifying drinks, cleansing herbs & nutritional herbs you are unlikely to get physicallyhungry at all !)These programs will remove large amounts of toxic and waste materials from your system.And also promote the loss of many kilo’s of putrefied matter and fat! This will enable yourbody to begin to RE-BUILD and REJUVENATE, thus giving you more vitality and helpPREVENT further illness. Learn to follow the “Five Habit System” of cleansing, breathingproperly, food combining, exercise, meditation & peacefulness. All this helps to make aHEALTHIER and HAPPIER life! The Anti-Candida Cleanse , is specifically designed to help people who are suffering from aCandida imbalance. This 7 day cleanse can make quite an impact on the Candida populationliving in your body & very effectively start the process of returning it to good health. Youwill, however, have to continue clearing out & rebalancing your body, for a period of timeafterwards (read the Understanding Candidacies pages). IMPORTANT THINGS TO REMEMBER.. .·Keep to the times outlined for taking the detox drinks & supplements.·We think you should get plenty of rest/sleep every day...at least 9-10 hours.·During your fast, practice correct BREATHING 3 times per day as follows... take 10 deepbreathes through your nose, hold for 10 seconds then exhale through your mouth.Exhale completely down to the last bit.·Daily exercising by stretching & yoga is highly recommended twice daily (am/pm) (walking& swimming are also good)·Try to visit our Herbal Steam room every day as this promotes the excretion of toxinsthrough your skin! (Fasters get the Steam at a reduced rate of only 300 Baht or we nowhave a 7 steam Membership card for 1100 Baht )·Daily sunbathe for...5-20mins and swim in the warm salty water at the beach.·Try dry skin brushing every day (always towards the heart) as this helps as well. (We dousually have some natural bristle brushes for sale in our shops)·We feel strongly about health being each individual’s responsibility!We are here to guide you thru our successful program, however, the MOST IMPORTANTthing is to LISTEN to YOUR BODYand try and start to make your own DECISIONS on whatoptions to take!!!  The SPA Resorts’s CLEANSING Program... STEP 1 ...HOW TO PREPARE YOURSELF (the correct way)Before starting any fasting program we strongly encourage you to do whatwe call a “Pre-Cleanse”. This should be for at least 2-3 days, or even 1-2 weeks!It depends how toxic you think you may be ~ everyone is different! Basically thisinvolves eating only fruit, salads and only slighted cooked vegetables with juices, herb teas& plenty of pure water. NO meats, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine or soft drinks. Wehave specially designed what we call our “LIVER FLUSH DIET” which consists of Spa salads,vegie soups, lightly steamed vegetables and our famous liver flush drink. This drink containsextra virgin olive oil (2 tbls up to 1/3 glass), fresh garlic, ginger and cayenne (500mg) mixedwith freshly squeezed orange juice & lemon (75bht by itself). It starts the process of elimination by assisting the liver, kidneys & gall bladder to detoxify & cleanse!Just order direct from our menu: fruit, salads, vegies & Liver Flush drinks. STEP 2...the pH TEST (Your Acid level test)The day before (or, on the morning you start your fast–do before brushing your teeth) youcan take a pH test. Do not eat anything for at least 2 hours. Water is ok. This is done to helpdetermine if it is safe for you to commence the program-too much acidity means you couldhave problems with Lactic acid later on. In such cases we would recommend you go onalkaline based food diet (the liver flush fast) for a day or two more. If the yellow paperwhich you moisten with saliva turns green or blue, this means your acid levels are fine. Allset to go ! STEP 3...Take INTESTINAL CLEANSERS the night before starting yr fast (We will give yousome the day before you start fasting. Please take before sleep) STEP 4...your 1st DETOX drink (the FAST BEGINS-DAY 1 !!!)Begin the fast (7am) with a Detox drink...this is “Bentonite” clay liquid detoxifier(2 tbl/s) mixed with “Psyllium” husk bulk intestinal cleanser (2 tea/s) in a largeglass (10oz) of water & either pineapple or watermelon juice. *VERY IMPORTANT:DRINK QUICKLY & FOLLOW WITH ANOTHER LARGE GLASS OF WATER..(these are prepared for you 5 times/day every 3hrs...7am,10am,1pm,4pm & 7pm ) STEP 5...HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS At 8.30am start taking the herbal supplements...3 x ’Intestinal Cleanser’ capsulesplus 3 x ‘Herbal Nutrient’ capsules with a large (10oz) glass of water.These will be given to you at 7am every morning by the staff making the Detox drinks. Youtake these capsules 5 times/day every 3hrs...8.30am,11.30am,2.30pm, 5.30pm & 8.30.
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