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Master script 2004 AGP Gala RONA Inc. November 5, 2004 Windsor Station, Montreal 7:50 PM: Welcome & MC Arrival ANNOUNCER: Good evening and welcome one and all to the RONA AGP Gala! Tonight we ll be honoring
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Master script 2004 AGP Gala RONA Inc. November 5, 2004 Windsor Station, Montreal 7:50 PM: Welcome & MC Arrival ANNOUNCER: Good evening and welcome one and all to the RONA AGP Gala! Tonight we ll be honoring the crème de la crème in the service champion category and that calls for a host who s the most to be the emcee. Our host certainly fits the bill. She started out making a name for herself as a TV & radio host, news anchor and reporter in the nation s capital. She s also done a fair share of voice-over work for many top radio and TV spots, so I m sure she s graced the airwaves where you live as well. And she s a talented actress in her own right with roles on the big screen and on TV in many Canadian and international productions. But all that pales in comparison to how you know her today as host of the one and only RONA Dream Home show! Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm RONA home-renovation welcome to tonight s host and she s definitely the most Caroline Redekopp. MUSIC: Kashmir from Led Zeppelin (until CR removes her trenchcoat) ARRIVAL SKIT MUSIC: Camera Flashes 7:52 PM: Opening Words Good evening everyone! It s my great pleasure to be here with you this evening for this very special occasion. Tonight, we re celebrating RONA s 2004 AGP Champions. To all of you who offer your customers a unique experience, we offer you a unique evening in return, an evening with a bit of a British twist to it. Britain a land where, as you have just seen, the paparazzi are hungrier than a woodpecker with a headache. Bloody madness, I say! Thank God, the Canadian media don t behave that way! That being said, I m a fan of all things British, and, throughout the evening, we ll be harking back to cool Britannia But you re probably wondering, Why did they chose a British theme? Well, it s because much like Canadians, the Brits are generally very polite and mild-mannered, and these are excellent qualities when it comes to delivering superior customer service. But it s also because we thought it d be fun, as the Brits are renowned for their wit and sense of humor. And they produce very cool music, as we all know Tonight, RONA is proud to recognize its AGP Champions This evening s Gala is your time to shine. You deserve to be recognized, and you have every reason to be proud. FEW SECONDS PAUSE But before we go any further I have, as they say, a few words from our sponsor. Please be advised that to get a beverage, you must first buy a voucher from the cashier and then exchange the voucher at the bar. You ve also received an envelope at the registration table that includes a ticket with the name of a song and the British act that performed it. Hold on to that ticket! You ll need it for the Karaoke portion of the evening PAUSE...Gotcha! No, actually, you ll need the ticket for both the door prize giveaways and for the grand prize drawing, coming up later on. Now, let s turn our focus to safety. I must inform you that smoking is only allowed in the cocktail area. Everywhere else, well, you may get a dirty look from your colleagues and that s just for starters! Also, please note that, in case of an emergency, the fire exits are located on the left and on the right. (You point, like a flight attendant, where they re located.) 2 Okay, okay enough of this. The safety demonstration is over. But while we re on the topic, I d like to start the evening off right by introducing someone whose main preoccupation is security that affects all of you. By working every day to strengthen and expand RONA, he oversees the company s financial security with the help of employees and dealer-owners, of course for the benefit of everyone involved. Also, by staying with the same company for 27 years, he has shown his incredible dedication to his own job security. I m sure you all know who I m talking about Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming RONA s president and CEO Robert Dutton. ROBERT DUTTON (4-minute speech) Thank you, Caroline. Good evening everyone! It s a real pleasure for me to be here tonight to congratulate our AGP Champions the stars of RONA service. They are the RONA people who have gone more than that extra mile to acknowledge, guide and propose solutions to their customers to OUR customers. The AGP Champions being honored here tonight all have one thing in common: you have made exceptional efforts to earn the confidence of our customers. And you have done so by simply offering them the respect they deserve. Your expertise, know-how and personality ensure that our customers have an excellent service experience every time they come to RONA. You are the heart and soul of the relationship between RONA and our customers. You are the face of RONA. You are RONA. Each of you makes a difference every day because it s the quality of our service that guarantees that our stores survive and thrive. AGP Champions very well know that customers are won or lost through service. If each of you takes good care of our customers, they will remain loyal. Sales will follow, and profits, too. More stores will be built, more jobs created and your jobs will be more secure. You are one of the pillars of our company because you have primary responsibility for service, which is RONA s primary raw material. Service is also one of RONA s fundamental values. Helping customers and helping one another: that s the very basis of RONA. Service and RONA are inseparable. Because service is at the root of everything we do. When we design our stores, when we stock the shelves, when we select our products, it s all with service in mind. When we interact with our customers, when we help them with their projects, that s obviously service, too. Everything we do, we do for our customers. Because RONA is service. 3 In closing, I would like to pay a special tribute to the families. Many of you are accompanied here tonight. I would like to salute all the spouses who have joined us on this special occasion. I consider your presence very important and I wish to thank you for supporting the members of our team on a daily basis. Family is what s most important to all of us, and your attendance tonight testifies to that. Once again, congratulations to our AGP Champions: we are all very proud of you. And I, personally, am very proud to be able to count on such a remarkable group of team players like you. Thank you for your contribution to the success of your store and to RONA as a whole! Thank you for being who you are. Your commitment to our customers and our fellow citizens means a lot to me. Enjoy the evening to the fullest. You really deserve it! APPLAUSE 7:59 PM: Order of the evening Thank you, Robert. Now, before we tuck in to our first course, I ll just go over our schedule for the remainder of the evening. In about 25 minutes, the two executive vice-presidents responsible for retail operations, Claude Bernier (pronounced Bear-Nee-Ay) and Pierre Dandoy (pronounced Dan-Dwa) will come out to say a few words. Moving right along, we ll have a drawing for five door prizes. Plus we ll be handing out special gifts to each of the AGP Champions. I don t want to drop a clanger and let it slip out what the gift is at this point. But I can tell you that it s both stylish and practical. And listen to this: it can also be used as a mildly effective means of self-defense. Stay tuned for details And we ll cap off the official part of the evening with the grand prize drawing. One jammy beggar that is, one lucky AGP Champion will receive a prize that s definitely the bees knees and that s no jiggery pokery And then, the party really begins! In keeping with our British theme, we ve first lined up an outstanding cover band with a rendition of the greatest rock n roll band ever, The Beatles! These chaps go by the moniker Beatles Forever, and they sound just as fab as the original four! And in addition to the Beatles Forever, we re chuffed as nuts to offer you another cracking-good band to rock the house tonight. Amalgame (pronounce Amm-al-gamm) is certain to abso-bloody-lutely blow us away with their high-energy command performance. 4 So I ll see you back here in about twenty minutes after the soup. Bon appétit! SOUP COURSE IS SERVED 8:22 PM: Speech about the A of AGP ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, give a warm welcome once again to Caroline Redekopp! MUSIC: Walk-in music ( Kashmir from Led Zeppelin) God, is that you? ANNOUNCER: No Caroline it s your announcer! Well of course you are you cheeky monkey! Didn t you know I was only kidding? Actually, maybe you didn t, because we don t really know each other (You turn to the audience) It s a bit odd, don t you think, that we never know who it is that s making those announcements? When you think about, it s the first thing a host should do. What do you think? Mr. Announcer can you tell me your name? ANNOUNCER: Certainly, my name is Bob. 5 Well hello to you too Bob. Keep up the good work! With a voice like yours, you must get a lot of jobs like this ANNOUNCER: I won t if we keep this up we re getting behind schedule. Sorry about that. You re right, Bob, I ve waffled enough. But at least I now know who I m taking to. And I m sure you ll agree that it s every bit as important for you to get to know your customers, too. Of course that doesn t mean getting every customer entering your store to disclose their name, address and the nature of their business. They might start thinking you work for the RCMP... and that s not at all what we re aiming for But there are other ways to make sure your customers feel welcome. It starts with acknowledging them. That s the A in the AGP program. And by acknowledging them, making eye contact and smiling, you re actually starting up an important dialogue. The customer might not need your help at that very moment, but they know you re there for them whenever they need you. The key is to show them you re available. A FEW SECONDS PAUSE 8:24 PM: Introduction of Claude Bernier and Pierre Dandoy It s now my distinct pleasure to introduce two people who have a real passion for service. Day in and day out, they plan the development and oversee the retail operations of RONA s 530 plus stores across Canada. Let s have a warm welcome for two people who have been playing an instrumental role in RONA s phenomenal success: Claude Bernier (pronounced Bear-Nee-Ay), executive VP for Traditional and Specialized Stores and Pierre Dandoy (pronounced Dan-Dwa), executive VP for Big-box Stores 6 C. BERNIER AND P. DANDOY (5-MINUTE SPEECH) Pierre Dandoy Good evening friends! Claude Bernier We hope you re all having a great time! Pierre Dandoy You know I find it a bit intimidating to speak about service in front of the 2004 AGP Champions you re the undisputed experts after all! Every day, your contributions improve the service culture at RONA, a powerful and very inspiring way of working that I could clearly feel when I arrived at RONA two and a half years ago. Before I joined RONA, I worked for over 15 years in other businesses where customer service was also of the utmost importance. I saw what service could do in those other companies some were terrific and others less than and it showed. And I ll tell you what I know for a fact. The AGP program at RONA is truly unique. I ve never seen anything like it! Claude Bernier Me neither, Pierre. In my 28 years in marketing and retailing, I ve never seen such a well-structured customer service program anywhere else. Certainly nothing that offers such a clearly defined service standard and such specific means for achieving it. This program really sets RONA apart. We ve got a priceless asset in the AGP program, one that gives us a big advantage over the competition and puts us out in front! The AGP program teaches us the kind of behavior and how to adopt the right attitudes that help us stay ahead throughout our lives. 7 Pierre Dandoy Even though Claude and I work in different departments and for two different types of stores, we share the same service vision. And it s AGP Champions like you that personify that vision at its best. Claude Bernier You personify it beautifully each in your own way. Because you re all unique individuals, with your own personalities, your own attitudes and your own feelings. Pierre Dandoy But what you have in common are the three essential qualities for becoming an AGP Champion: Passion Attentiveness Generosity Qualities like these are what make you true service champions. And we can see this passion, attentiveness and generosity in each of you. Claude Bernier Passion What is passion? Passion is loving your job and taking pleasure in what you do. When you re passionate about what you do, you naturally strive for excellence, to go beyond your own limits. When we re passionate about what we do, we speak from the heart. We have dreams and plans that we re determined to achieve. And when we succeed, we re proud of our accomplishments. Passion also means making the most of every moment. It means living each day to the fullest, and being excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. 8 Pierre Dandoy Attentiveness What is attentiveness? First of all, it means being curious and proactive so you can excel at what you do. It means keeping in tune with trends, knowing regional needs, paying attention to seasonal and other external factors. It means learning the features of new products. Showing attentiveness also means being able to create warm, lasting relationships with customers. It means watching their expressions and their actions and responding appropriately. Being attentive is essential for helping customers. It means trying to understand their projects, seeing what their preferences are and determining their priorities. It means offering them a customized solution, suited exactly to their needs. Claude Bernier Generosity What is generosity? Generosity is what takes us out of ourselves, allowing us to put aside our own self-interest for the sake of others. There are many different types of generosity, all equally important. Generosity can be as simple as offering a smile, a friendly nod, help your time. Generosity also means sharing your knowledge, coaching and being a mentor. In a nutshell, generosity is being committed to what you do and being part of the solution. Pierre Dandoy Conclusion Your passion, attentiveness and generosity allow you to take customer service one step further, to have a real impact on the success of your customers renovation and construction projects every time. 9 Claude Bernier Your commitment to excellence represents the very best of RONA, the essence of our success. Keep up the great work! And please promise to keep sharing your pride in what you do with your colleagues, your customers and your friends. Pierre Dandoy Thank you. Claude Bernier And good night! APPLAUSE 8:30 PM: Transition (to main course) Thank you Claude and Pierre. What did I tell you? That s passion in action! Just before we break for the main course, I have a little tidbit for you. Did you know that the hotel where you re staying the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth is the actual place where John Lennon and Yoko Ono held their bed-in in the spring of 1969? And it s where they recorded Give Peace a Chance. John and Yoko stayed in corner-suite rooms Just in case anyone asks you. I ll be back right after the main course. Tuck in, then! MAIN COURSE IS SERVED 10 9:10 PM : Speech about the G of AGP ANNOUNCER: Once again, the host of the 2004 RONA Dream Home show Caroline Redekopp! MUSIC: Walk-in music ( Kashmir from Led Zeppelin) I hope you ve enjoyed your sup so far. You know, as the host of RONA Dream Home I ve met some pretty interesting renovation professionals and let me tell you, they re passionate about what they do! Week after week, they paid very close attention to the wishes of the Yellow and Blue families, so they could direct them through the renovation maze. When you think about it, it s pretty much what AGP Champions like you do every day. You re like renovation guides for your customers. And guiding is the G of the AGP program. It might be as simple as pointing them in the right direction in the store. But I m not talking about just pointing actually, like nine-inch nails, yeah, they re over there, man! Where exactly? I mean, like, over there. I d go, really, but I gotta restock these shelves. I just don t have time, dude! No, no, no! That s not the RONA way, and you know it. At RONA, the customer always comes first, so you go out of your way to show where those nine-inch nails are! But that s a no-brainer for AGP Champions, who also know just how important it is to explain to customers how to use the product, complete with warnings and helpful tips It s all about pointing the customer in the right direction literally and figuratively. FEW SECONDS PAUSE 11 9:12 PM: Door Prize Draw Ladies and gentlemen, it s now time to draw for the door prizes five exciting draws in all. Of course, we ll be doing things a bit differently or, as they say, and now for something completely different. There will be no actual gifts to be won. No bicycles, no radios, none of that. Instead, the five lucky winners will each get a piece of paper with numbers on it: followed by the words AGP points. You heard right. Tonight s five lucky AGP Champions will each receive 10,000 AGP points. And that s a fair bit of dosh you know, money. Enough to get a 3.2 megapixel-digital camera, a mountain bike, a 14-inch flat screen digital TV, or a set of golf clubs. And we ll also do the drawing for those AGP Points in a completely different way as well. So take out your envelopes and get out the ticket with the name of a song and the British act that performed it. Now, with the help of my friend the DJ, we ve placed all ticketed 111 songs in our computerized CD player, and we ll push the random button. If the song that comes up is the one on your ticket, you win! Bring the ticket with you up to the stage and claim your 10,000 AGP points. We ll do the random song selection five times. If, by any chance, a song is randomly selected twice, well, we re sorry, but we ll have to redo the draw, since no one is allowed to win more than once no matter how lucky you are! And remember even if you don t win a door prize, you re still eligible for the grand prize drawing later on. So hold on to your tickets! I hope that s clear because we re ready to go random Okay Mr. DJ hit it! THE 5 RANDOM DRAWS TAKE PLACE. DJ ANNOUNCES THE NAME OF THE SONG AND THE ARTIST (Ask each winner to tell you their name, store and city) THE RANDOM DRAWS END Congratulations to all winners, and let s hear it for our DJ. APPLAUSE 12 9:19 PM: Transition (to dessert) All right, everything is tickety-boo so far this evening and it s certainly not the time to skive off. In fact the most smashing moments of the evening are still to come handing out the AGP prizes! But first let s have some dessert. Toodles! Be back in a bit. Bon appétit! DESSERT IS SERVED 9:50 PM: Speech about the P of AGP ANNOUNCER: Ladies and Gentlemen, let s give a big hand for the host who s definitely the most Caroline Redekopp! MUSIC: Walk-in music ( Kashmir from Led Zeppelin) Right-o, here we are again and hello, hello, hello! It s just occurred to me that there s another interesting parallel between your career and mine. You all know that in addition to being a TV host and broadcaster, I was also an actress in film, television and theatre As an actress, my role is to help the director bring the script to life. In the beginning, my character is just a description on paper, that and nothing more. I have a good idea of who she is, of who she s supposed to be, but she doesn t really exist yet. My mission is to make her real, to bring her to life. And your situation is much the same. Your role is to help the director I mean, the customer bring a renovation project to life. Usually it starts out as a more-or-less developed idea, or a rough sketch sometimes very rough 13 Your mission is to hel
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