94-Rvf400rr Hrc Manual

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1994 rvf 400 manual
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    HRC HONDA RACING   Setup ManualParts List ‘94‘94‘94‘94----98 RVF400RR98 RVF400RR98 RVF400RR98 RVF400RR   Racing Kit   A) For further details issued, refer “Honda RVF400 (NC35) Service Manual” published byHONDA MOTOR CO., LTD. B) Whole components listing are developed for racing purpose only based on ’94 SP classregulations. It would be necessary to modify a body to install specific components. Termof Use: ♦ Listed components are provided for competition use, not for common use. No refundsor warranty, not same as manufactured components for common uses. ♦ Any motorcycle installed these components must not allow riding common roads. Thevehicle must specify NON MOT vehicle. ♦ HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD. may make changes to description, or to the specificationdescribed therein, at any time without notice.    ‘94 RVF400RR Racing Kit / Setup Manual & Parts List Content  1. Treatment 1-2(1)Fuel 1-2(2)Engine Oil 1-2(3)Spark Plug 1-2(4) Cooling Water 1-22. Operation 1-3(1)Starting Engine 1-3(2)Turn Off 1-3(3)Warming Up 1-4(4)In Riding 1-4(5)After Riding 1-43. Carburetor Setting 1-5(1)Air Fanner 1-5(2)Jet Needle 1-5(3)Main Jet / Needle Jet Holder 1-5(4)Case Study 1-6Setting Procedure 1-64. Air-cleaner Box Set Parts 1-7(1)Install 1-7(2)Air-vent tubes Layout 1-7(3) Air-guide Plates 1-75. Sealing Plug Set and Other Peripherals 1-8(1)Starting Motor 1-8(2)Oil Pressure Switch 1-8(3)Oil Filler Cap 1-8(4)Oil Drain Bolt 1-8(5)AC Generator 1-96. Thermostat 1-9(1)Detachment 1-97. Fuel (auto) Cock 1-98. Transmission 1-9(1)Transmission Set 1-9(2)Standard Mission 1-99. Radiator Set 1-1010.Steering Damper Set 1-10(1)Handle Stopper 1-10(2)Install 1-1011. Suspension 1-11(1)Front Fork 1-11(2)Rear Cushion 1-11(3)Rear Cushion Spring -Replacement 1-11(4) Rear Cushion - Height Adjustment 1-1112. Front Brake Hoses Set 1-1113. Spark Units Set 1-1214. Tappet Clearance -Adjustment 1-1215. Breather Case Set -Install 1-12   PG1-21. Treatment(1)FuelHigh Octane white gasoline(2)Engine OilRecommended Oil: HONDA Ultra-GP (for four-cycle Motorbike) SAE20W-50 or 10W-40Full Capacity: 3.0Liter (5.28pt) Oil Exchange: 2.5Liter (4.4pt) Filter Exchange: 2.4Liter (4.224pt)(3)Spark PlugNGK R 847-10(11)(4)Cooling WaterHighly recommend checking the water level on each ignition/riding.Ingredient: Tapped water or Drinking water I. Unscrew a radiator cap. Apply water up to limb of intake. II. Hold steering and heave the body two or three times to let air out. III. Add water if necessary. IV. Screw the cap tighten. V. Start Engine then check water level again. Add water if necessary.< Notes for racing condition>ã Keep your attention when you re-check the water level since the water would spill out of intake. Alsocover the body with wastes.ã Drain cooling water in a catch-tank before riding.ã Drain whole water in a radiator after riding. It avoids corrosion or clog of components.ã It is admitted adding coolant in winter season. Handle carefully when you apply them. It makes thecircuit slippery if it drops or spilled.   PG1-32. Operation(1)Starting Engineã Check on break oil level and cooling water then start engine.(Also check oil drain bolts wiring) ➀ Turn a fuel cock to “ON” ➁ Kick gear into “Low” ➂ Pull a choke knob ➃ Push-start ➄ Warm up until the rev get steady then set the choke knob<Note>ã It is not necessary manipulating choke knob when the engine is warmed up enough.ã Never running engine for a long time in unopened place.(2)Turn Off ➀ Turn a fuel cock to “OFF” ➁ Push termination switch to “OFF” when the rev went down.<Note>ã Keep a fuel cock on “OFF” position when engine stops to prevent any troubles on carburetor.
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