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  IS9401(Paft17):1999vRdbm=m Indian Standard METHOD OF MEASUREMENT OF WORKS INRIVER VALLEY PROJECTS( DAMS AND APPURTENANT STRUCTURES ) PART 17 HYDROMECHANICAL AND RELATED METAL WORKS ICS 93.1600 BIS 1999 BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS MANAK BHAVAN, 9 BAHADUR SHAH ZAFARMARGNEW DELHI 110002 Febrtmy 1999Price Group 2  Measurement of Works of River Valley Projects Sectional Committee, RVD 23 FOREWORD This Indian Standard ( Part 17 ) was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards, after the draft finalized by theMeasurement of Works of River Valley Projects Sectional Committee had been approved by the River ValleyDivision Council.In measurement of works of river projects, a large diversity of methods exists at present according to localpractices. Lack of uniformity creates complications regarding measurements and payments. This standard isbeing formulated in various parts, covering each type of work separately. Part 17 is intended to provide auniform basis for measuring the work done in respect of hydromechanical and iron works for river valley projects.In reporting the result of measurement made in accordance with this standard, if the final value, observed orcalculated, is to be rounded off, it shall be done in accordance with IS 2 : 1960 ‘Rules for rounding off numericalvalue (revised)‘.  Indian Standard IS 9401 (Part 17) : 1999 METHOD OF MEASUREMENT OF WORKS INRIVER VALLEY PROJECTS( DAMS AND APPURTENANT STRUCTURES ) PART 17 HYDROMECHANICAL AND RELATED METAL WORKS 1 SCOPE This standard ( Part 17 ) covers the method ofmeasurement of hydromechanical and relatedmetal works of river valley projects.net in decimal system, as fixed in its place, as givenin 3.4.1 to Linear dimensions including diameter shall bemeasured to the nearest 0.00 1 m.2 REFERENCE3.4.2 Areas shall be worked out to nearest 0.001 m2.The following standard contains provisions whichthrough reference in this text, constitutes provisionof this standard. At the time of publication, the editionindicated was valid. All standards are subject to revision,and parties to agreements based on this standard areencouraged to investigate the possibility of applyingthe most recent edition of the standard indicatedbelow:3.4.3 Weights shall be worked out to nearest 0.5 kg.3.5 Description of ItemsThe description of each item shall include conveyanceand delivery, handling, loading, unloading, storing,rehandling, installation/erection testing andcommissioning including all inputs for finishing torequired shape and size.IS No. Title 9401 (Part 2 ) : Method of measurement of works1982in river valley projects (dams andappurtenant structures ) : Part 2Dewatering3.6 Work to be Measured Separately Wherever dewatering is resorted to it shall be measuredin accordance with Part 2 of this standard.3.7 Mill Tolerance 3 GENEBAL 3.1 Hydromechanical works are not amenable tosimple measurement techniques for the purpose ofpayment. The bill of quantities is framed in such a waythat measurement for the purpose of payment can bedone on the basis of completion of various stages ofwork carried out in accordance with specifications andapproved drawings. As such the bill of quantities anddetailed scope of work is generally brought out in termsof sets, or numbers, of equipment.Mill tolerances/rolling margins shall not be consideredif the weight is determined by standard weight basis.In case where details of actual weights are availablethe same should be adopted.4 BILL OF QUANTITIES3.2 Clubbing of Items Items may be clubbed together provided that break-up of clubbed items is agreed to be on basis of detaileddescription of items, stated in this standard.3.3 Booking of Dimensions Items of work shall fully describe the materials andtruly represent the work to be executed. For the purposeof this standard the works shall be categorised intothe stages/activities given in 4.1. The stages areapplicable to all components of hydromechanical worksincluding first and second stage embedded parts, gatestructures, stoplogs, bulkhead gates, lifting beams andtrash racks, hoists and appurtenances, pcnstocks andpressure shaft liners, etc.4.1 Stages/ActivitiesIn booking dimensions, order shall be consistent andgenerally in sequence of length, width, and height ordepth or thickness.3.4 Dimensions 4.1.1 Design, fabrication, manufacture, shop assembly,painting and supply at designated locations.4.1.2 Handling, site assembly, erection/installation,field painting, testing and commissioning.5 MEASUREMENTSUnless otherwise stated all work shall be measured5.1 Various items of steel work for hydromechanical  IS 9401 Part 17) : 1999 equipment shall be classified and measured separatelyas given in 5.6 to The dimensional measurement at works and atsite is carried out during inspections to ensuremanufacturing and operational accuracy andcompleteness of items in accordance with the approveddrawings. The approved drawings shall incorporateBill of Materials indicating various componentswith their description, size, quantity, material,specifications, and theoretical weights in case offabricated components. The bill of materials shallform the basis for ensuring completeness to enableacceptance of sets of different items of works.5.3 Unless otherwise specified, an additional allowanceof 2.5 percent of the weight of the structure shall bemade for shop and site rivet heads in riveted steelstructures.5.4 Unless otherwise specified, in the case of weldedsteel structures 1.5 percent of the weight of structureshall be added to the weight.5.5 The theoretical weight of components in the billof materials incorporated in the approved drawingsshall be based on unit weight given in relevant IndianStandards. No deduction shall be made for holes ofarea less than 0.01 m2.5.6 The following items shall be measured as numberof sets supplied as per approved specifications anddrawings.5.6.1 Embedded Parts a) First stage embedded parts consisting of anchorbolts, corner angles, holding down boltsincluding all fittings, etc.b) Second stage embedded parts comprising trackassembly, seal seats and bases, sill beam, liners,bonnet and bonnet covers, side guides, trurmionbrackets, rest beam, anchor girders, doggingdevices, anchor bolts and holding down boltsetc.5.6.2 Gates, Bulkhead Gates and Stoplogs Gates, bulkhead gates and stoplogs comprising gateleaf/skin plate, horizontal girders, vertical girders/endvertical boxes, vertical stiffeners, arms, bracings, rollerassemblies, guide assemblies, seal assemblies, liftingarrangements, flow breakers, shields, trunnion girders,u-minion hubs, dogging devices, filling in valve, spliceplates etc. The theoretical weights of components in thebill of materials incorporated in the approved drawingsshall be based on the details given below:a) The weight of steel sheet, plate and strip shallbe taken from relevant Indian Standards onstandard weight basis for every millimeter ofsheet thickness. For rolled sections like girders,channels, angles, rounds, steel strips etc, weightsgiven in relevant Indian Standard shall be used.b) Unless otherwise specified, weights of cleats,brackets, stiffeners, distance pieces, separators,diaphragms, gussets (taking overall rectangulardimension), base plates, packing pieces shallbe added to the weight of respective items.c) For forged steel/steel castings weight shall becalculated on the basis of relevant IndianStandards.5.6.3 Hoists Hoists comprising hoisting ropes and attachments,rope drums, gears, shafts, couplings/bearings,pedestals, electric motor, worm reducers, electro-mechanical/thruster brakes, hand operationarrangements, gate position indicators, dial and dialassembly, limit switches, cables, cable reeling drums,control panels, remote control switches, and coversfor drive unit and gear boxes, etc.5.6.4 Hoist Supporting Structures Hoist bridge, columns, cross girders, platformassembly, ladders, staircases including treads andlandings, hand rails, chequered plates/gratings andfasteners.5.6.5 Lifting Beam Includes engaging and disengaging hooks. lifting lugs,side guide shoes, links etc.5.6.6 Under slung hoist/gantry cranes, EOT-Cranes,trash rack cleaning machine, including gantrygirders, embedments, crane runway rails includingfasteners and fixtures.5.6.7 Hydraulic hoists, power packs and other electricalequipment.5.6.8 Screw hoists ( manually/electrically operated ) and associated pedestal, stem, gearing, etc.5.7 Trash racks, cast iron gates and frames shall bemeasured by weight or sets.5.8 Cables and guy wires shall be described andmeasured in running metres stating the diameter.5.9 The stanchions and columns shall be describedand measured in numbers specifying weight.5.10 Grid flooring and grills shall be described by size2
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