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  ormls~* Indian Standard METHOD OF MEASUREMENTOF WORK INRIVER VALLEY PROJECTS (DAMS ANDAPPURTENANT STRUCTURES) P-ART 18 SHEET PILCNG ICS 93.1600 BIS 2000 BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS MANAK BHAVAN, 9 BAHADUR SHAH ZAFAR MARGNEW DELHI 110002August 2000 -Price Group 1  Measurement of Works of River Valley Projects Sectional Committee, WRD 23FOREWORDThis Indian Standard (Part 18) was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards, after the draft finalized by theMeasurement of Works of River Valley Projects Sectional Committee had been approved by the Water ResourceDivision Council.In measurement of works relating to river valley projects, a large diversity of methods exist according to localpractices. The lack of conformity creates complications regarding measurements and payments. This standardis therefore being formulated in different parts, covering each type of work separately. This part is-intended toprovide a uniform basis for measuring the work done in respect of sheet piling works in river valley projects.There is no IS0 Standard on the subject. This standard has been prepared based on indigenous manufacturer’sdata/practices prevalent in the field in India.For the purpose ofdeciding whether a particular requirement of this stand&-d is complied wit%, he final value,observed or calculated, expressing the result of a test or analysis, shall be rounded off in accordance withIS 2: 1960 ‘Rules for rounding off numerical values (revised)‘. The number of significant places retained in therounded off value should be the same as that of the specified value in this standard.  IS 9401 (Part 18) : 2000 Indian Standard METHOD OF MEASUREMENT OF WORK INRIVER VALLEY PROJECTS (DAMS ANDAPPURTENANT STRUCTURES) PART 18 SHEET PtLlNG 1 SCOPE This standard (Part 18) covers the method of measure-ment of sheet piling work in river valley projects (damsand appurtenant structures).2 REFERENCEThe following standard contains provisions whichthrough reference in this text, constitutes provisionsof this standard. At the time of publication, theedition indicated was valid. All standards are subjectto revision, and parties to agreements based on thisstandard are encouraged to investigate the possibilityof applying the most recent edition of the standardindicated below:IS No.9401 (Part 2) : 1982 Title Method of measurement of workin river valley prqjects (dams andappurtenant structures): Part 2Dewatering3 GENERAL RULES3.1 Clubbing of Items Items may be clubbed together if the break up of theclubbed items conforms to the description of theindividual items stated in this standard.3.2 Recording of Dimensions In recording dimensions, the order shall be consistantand generally in the sequence of length, width anddepth or thickness.3.3 Description of Items and Methodology ofConstruction The description of each item shall unless otherwisestated, include shape type, size, thickness and weightper square metre where applicable. It shall alsoinclude where necessary, conveyance and delivery,handling, loading, unloading, storing, fabrication,hoisting, all formwork and scaffolding, all tools,equipment and labour for finishing to required shapeand size, setting, fitting and fixing itrposition, cut-ting and return of unused materials, dismantling ofthe equipment and taking it back, etc.The sheet piles shall-be driven true to plumb and alongthe line as indicated in relevant drawings. In case it isnot possible to follow the line, or cut-off, as indicatedin the drawings due to any unavoidable circumstances,the sheet pile line may be diverted at right angles,again turned at 90° and taken parallel to the srcinalline and then joined at right angles as per the draw-ings. As the effectiveness of the cut-off depends uponthe verticality and consequent interlocking of sheetpiles, special care should be taken to drive piles verti-cally and no deviations from the true plumb shouldbe allowed. In case any pile goes out of plumb thesame has to be pulled out and another pile driven inits place after making sure that the preceding piles arenot disturbed from their verticality. No separate meas-urement will be made for such withdrawal and re-driving of the sheet piles.3.4 Units of Measurement All work shall be measured net in decimal system asfixed in its place subject to the following limitations,unless otherwise stated:a) Linear dimensions to the nearest 0.01 m; andb) Weight to the nearest 0.1 kg.3.5 Work to be Measured Separately3.5.1 Work executed in the following conditions shallbe measured separately : a) Work in under-water/wet and dry land,b) Work in liquid mud/marshy land, andc) Work under tides.3.5.2 The level of high and low weather tides andground water table, where occurring shall be stated.3.5.3 Wherever springs or special situations are en- countered and dewatering is resorted to, it shall bemeasured in accordance with IS 9401 (Part 2).4 BILL OF QUANTITIES4.1 The bill of quantities shall fully describe thematerials and workmanship and accurately representthe work to be executed.4.2 A genera1 description of the nature of the site shallbe stated. For works near river banks, reservoirs or sea  IS 9401 (Part 18) : 2000 front, the maximum and minimum water levels shallhe stated.4.3 Information on ground water conditions shall bestated.4.4 The available information as to the strata throughwhich sheet piling is to be carried out shall be statedor reference records of bores shall be provided.4.5 If sheet piles are to be provided from any levelother than ground level, it shall be stated.4.6 The cut-off level of the top of the sheet piles beclearly specified. The level and location of the refer-ence bench marks shall also be provided.4.7 The item shall include any extra excavation fill-ing and/or ramming required at the time of construc-tion for the movement of cranes and other equipmentat the site.4.8 Bringing plant to the site and erecting it, disman-tling and taking it back, shall be measured separatelyas lump sum items or shall be deemed to be includedin the items pertaining to the sheet piling work.4.9 Shifting of plant and equipment at site of workshall be included in the item of sheet piles.4.10 Special anchors, structural steel ties, braces, andsupports, coffer dams dewatering and any other tem-~porary work to be carried out for the purpose of sheetpiling shall be deemed to have been measured andpaid under sheet piling unless these are expressly iden-tified, and measured under separate items.5 METHOD OF MEASUREMENT OF STEELSHEET PLLES 5.1 Supply of sheet piles shall be measured either byweight or area in square metres. The description ofthe item shall include the cross-sectional shape, size,type, unit weight, sectional modulus and composi-tion of material. It shall also include details of fabri-cation of junction pile, tapered piles, such as length-ening by means of welding, riveting, drilling, orcutting holes, joining or fixing of structural rolledsteel sections, handling and transportation to the siteand the like. Piles exceeding 12 m in length shall bedescribed separately stating the lengths in furtherstages of 3 m.5.2 All struts, ground anchors (anchor bolts, anchorplates, turn buckles, etc) walings, tie rods and pilingancillaries, etc, shall be measured separately by weightin accordance with relevant Indian Standards.5.3 When sheet piles are to be painted prior to driv-ing, such painting shall be measured in square metresobtained by multiplying the length by the perimeterof the fabricated sheet pile measured along the profile(as enlarged flat surface) for specified number of coatsand thickness in microns. Description of items shallinclude the method of preparation of surface, numberof coats (that is thickness), mode of painting, and thelike.5.4 Lifting, handling, pitching, engaging throughinterlocks or clutches of adjacent sheet shall not bemeasured separately.5.5 Pile driving shall be measured in square metresobtained by multiplying the length of the pile in soil,or up to cut-off level, whichever is specified, and thenominal width of pile from center-to-center of clutches,or by weight as the case may be.5.6 Wherever sheet piles are to be driven under/inwater necessitating use of special hammers and/orloader frames such piles shall be described and meas-ured separately.5.7 In case of defective driving and installation ofpiles necessitating extraction of piles already driven,and re-driving, no separate measurement shall betaken:5.8 No separate measurement shall be made fordriving piles through varying strata.5.9 Driving corner piles and junction piles shall .bemeasured separately.5.10 Cutting or drilling through steel sheet piles shallnot be measured. The disposal of cut length shall bedescribed.5.11 Extraction of piles other than describedin 5.7 shall be measured separately including opera-tions such as lifting, handling and removing from site.
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