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CLEAN SKY Aeronautics & Air Transport JTI Application for Associate Member in the Green Regional Aircraft (GRA) Platform INEGI - Portugal November 2006 Air Transport System “Clean Sky” Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) TABLE OF CONTENT 1. 2. 3. 3.1. 3.2. 3.3. 4. 4.1. 4.2. 4.3. 5. 6. 6.1. 6.2. 6.3. 6.4. 6.5. 6.6. 6.7. 6.8. 6.9. PROPONENT IDENTIFICATION SUMMARY DESCRIPTION OF THE WORK AND RELEVANCE Introduction Rationale Proposed Technologies EXISTING EXPERTISE AT INEGI INEGI Research Team f
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    CLEAN SKY  Aeronautics & Air Transport JTI  Application for Associate Member in the Green Regional Aircraft (GRA) Platform INEGI - Portugal  November 2006   Air Transport System “Clean Sky” Joint Technology Initiative (JTI)    INEGI   Application for Associate Member in the Green Regional Aircraft (GRA) Platform  Page   2   TABLE OF CONTENT 1. PROPONENT IDENTIFICATION 3 2. SUMMARY 4 3. DESCRIPTION OF THE WORK AND RELEVANCE 4 3.1. Introduction 4  3.2. Rationale 5  3.3. Proposed Technologies 7  4. EXISTING EXPERTISE AT INEGI 10 4.1. INEGI Research Team for the GRA Platform 10  4.2. INEGI Project Leader for the GRA Platform 12  4.3. Scientific Production of INEGI Team 12  5. NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION 13 6. PROPOSED WORK WITHIN THE GRA PLATFORM 13 6.1. Structures and Materials 13  6.2. Damage and Fracture Mechanics 15  6.3. Numerical Modelling Techniques 16  6.4. Experimental Mechanics and Non-Destructive Testing 17  6.5. Vibration Analysis and Control 18  6.6. Tribology and Maintenance 19  6.7. Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling 21  6.8. Sheet Metal Forming Technologies 22  6.9. Multidisciplinary Design and Manufacturing Optimization 23  6.10 INEGI Contribution in the GRA Platform Work Plan 25  7. PROPOSED BUDGET 28  ANNEX I – Curriculum Vitae of INEGI Leading Scientist 29 ANNEX II – Letter of Intent 37 ANNEX III – List of R&D Collaborative Projects 39   Air Transport System “Clean Sky” Joint Technology Initiative (JTI)    INEGI   Application for Associate Member in the Green Regional Aircraft (GRA) Platform  Page   3   1. PROPONENT IDENTIFICATION INEGI is a private Non-Profit Organization (a University-to-Industry Interface Institute) aiming to contribute to the development of both industry and university, through research and development, demonstration and technology transfer in the areas of conception and project, design, mechanical simulation, materials, production engineering, energy, tribology and industrial maintenance, management and environment. The shareholders of INEGI are the University of Porto (40%), Industrial Associations and SME’s (60%). INEGI activities are focused on Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Management and Information Technology Engineering and its competence is recognized by Portuguese and European entities mainly because of its participation in a great number of successful R&D  projects, and specialized services and consultancies to industry. Since its creation in 1986, INEGI has been growing steadily, broadening its area of intervention to almost all areas of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management. More than 1500 projects have been developed over the last 20 years, for public and private companies as well as governmental institutions, under different types of contracts, established according to the nature of the projects and the organisations involved. Whenever necessary and possible, the creation of INEGI /Client combined work teams has been assured, as well as the cooperation with other national and foreign technological infrastructures and support from institutions which are geared towards the funding of R&D and technology transfer activities. In July 1990 INEGI was awarded the status of Institution of Public Utility, and was also recognized as an important organisation for the scientific, Industrial and technological development in Portugal. INEGI  staff is composed of some 180 people, 20% of which have a doctoral degree, 60% are graduate scientists and engineers, and the remaining 20% are technicians and administrative. The organizational chart of the Institute is as presented below (Figure 1). Further information about the mission, the organization and the activities of INEGI  can be found in the Institute website at http://www.inegi.up.pt. Figure 1 – Organizational Chart of INEGI     Air Transport System “Clean Sky” Joint Technology Initiative (JTI)    INEGI   Application for Associate Member in the Green Regional Aircraft (GRA) Platform  Page   4   2. SUMMARY Aeronautics and Space are entering a new age - the age of sustainable growth – characterized  by the need of more affordable, cleaner, quieter, safer air travel and space exploration. New research and development will be essential in responding to this challenge. INEGI  –Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management proposes to become an Associate Member of the Green Regional Aircraft ( GRA ) Platform of the Clean Sky Aeronautics & Air Transport JTI in the 7 th  Framework Programme of the European Commission. The mission consists of developing fundamental engineering science and associated technologies with application to air and space vehicles, associated systems and components. The work programme is planned in accordance with the goal of strengthening and integrating the GRA  Platform initiative and to meet the society’s needs for more efficient, safer and environmentally friendly air travel and space exploration. This proposal gathers the expertise of more than 25 PhD senior researchers in the areas of Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautics and Space that have been developing a continued activity of research and development in line with the National and European priority areas of action, supporting industrial partners, regulatory entities, development planning, expert consulting and others, adding in this form to the improvement of technological development, the persecution of the national objectives for policies in science and technology and for a more visible and active involvement in international activities. The matrix of competences of INEGI  with respect to the GRA  Platform needs, the mission and objectives of the proposed activity of the Institute are described in the following sections. 3. DESCRIPTION OF THE WORK AND RELEVANCE 3.1. Introduction Aeronautics and space activities play a vital role in Europe’s economy and our overall quality of life. However, by its very nature, this activity has impacts on the environment, ranging from air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution to urban sprawl, all of which impact on our health and well being. Sustainable air travel and space exploration can create viable, long-term economic and business opportunities. The development of new materials,  processes, and design innovation technologies presents new strategic growth opportunities in an increasingly competitive global economy. Over the past two decades, new fields of engineering have emerged from a spurt of invention and innovation led by new materials. In particular, the emerging science of multifunctional materials has spurred progress engineering to enhance the performance of structural systems. The new technologies have invited us to revise the engineering rules, not only because they spur new industries but also because they embody a sweeping capacity to lower the weight and cost of designing and manufacturing new structural systems while improving overall  performance. The fields of smart structures, advanced composites, alternative propulsion systems and communication, navigation and control capabilities are predicted to be some of key-enabling technologies that will fuel industrial growth in the aeronautics and space sectors in the 21 st  century. The improved understanding of these technologies and associated processes will be of direct use to the industrial partners. Given its multidisciplinary nature, covering materials
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