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  95-807, Object-Oriented Programming with Java Text Books Two texts are used, one for lecture and one for lab . The lab book is Deitel's SimplyJava Programming. The text for lecture is Eckel's Thinking in Java 3rd Edition. You donot have to buy Eckel since it is online , in fact, you may prefer one or more other texts toaccompany the lecture. See below.The Dietel book comes with a CD and text. You will need the software tools (javadevelopment kit, database, etc.) on the Diedel CD for this class. The homepage for theDietel Book [ISBN: 0131426486] ishttp://www.deitel.com/books/simplyJava1/index.html. Its title is Simply JavaProgramming: An Application-Driven Tutorial Approach by Harvey M. Deitel, Buy new:$66.75 Used & new from $37.95.The Eckel book can be downloaded for free from the web to your PC and viewed as a setof HTML files, or you can buy Eckel softcover. Eckel's electronic book is athttp://   Thinking in Java, 3rd Edition Revision 4.0. Download includes a freeHTML book and source code for the examples. The same book is available as paperback [ISBN: 0131002872 ] Buy new: $33.99 . Used & new from $24.50.Today you have many choices of outstanding Java text books. I encourage you to perusesome and use more than a single text. I encourage you to use multiple sources -- your bestsource will be online, especially Sun's Javasoft website. The lecture topics follow closelywith the outline in Eckel, however, you will invariably need to read out of sequence toget the information you need. How Homeworks are Submitted Homeworks are submitted in a zip file to the Bb digital dropbox. The namingconvenstions and directory structures are described in the first homework. Homework Grading There is no penalty for submitting your assignment in advance. Late assignments willlose 10% of the grade per 24 hour period. No exception will be made. On the other hand,the 2 lowest assignment grades will be dropped at the end of the semester in calculatingyour final grade. This will help you in the case of unscheduled events that prevent youfrom submitting your homework in time.Each homework is accompanied by grading guideline. Grading disputes are highlydiscouraged because they distract from learning attention and time for both the studentsand the instructors.The TAs will not be responsible for looking for multiple submissions of your homework in your inbox. Design a system for yourself where you can re-submit unambiguously.  Course Point Distribution Homework: individual submittals for coding: 30%Homework: forum participation: 20%Homework: group project: 20%Midterm: 10%Final: 20% Bb Forums used for homework help If the nature of your home question/answer is of interest to the entire class, you areencouraged post your question to the Bb homework discussion board. You earn bonuscredit toward your forum participation grade when you answer a question of your fellowstudent. When you answer a question, everybody wins: you learn, your peer learns andthe teacher can do other tasks (!-) On the other hand, to get help on an assignment do nothesitate sending the TA or myself an email. Just remember to check the bulletin board tomake sure that your question was not already asked and answered. Bb Forums used for Software Management Topics Bb forums are used for the Software Management topics. The objective is to teach youabout common technologies, to share up-to-date data and to tell real work stories/examples. An instructor might seed the forum by posting a question ordiscussion point.Another objective is to do web research that is fairly referenced. Every contributingarticle must be referenced (a URL is fine). Your posting must be srcinal text  ; no cloning.You will not get credit for text that is either cloned, not your own work, or unreferenced. Ihave found the best way to be srcinal is to close your research articles while you arewriting. It is your responsibiltiy to understand plagarism; avoidance tips are inhttp://www.aug.edu/sociology/plagiarism.html.These posting contribute to the forum participation part of your grade. You get credit fora reply post, or you can begin a new post within the same topic. For a properlyreferenced, non-trivial post you will get 1 point, if it is outstanding you will get 2 points.For each week's topic you will get no more than 2 points. Note that you can also putpoints in this bucket by answering a peer student's questions on the homework forums.Maximum 20 Forum Participarion points for the course.Week 1: January 3, 2005 ã   Topics: Object-oriented programming overview, definitions of OO programming,polymorphism, composition and inheritance. ã   Don't miss: New to Java in the Sun Developer's site athttp://www.java.com/en/developers/   ã   Recommended reading: Deitel sections 1.1 thru 1.9 ã   Homework 1 : Your Coding Environment due Thursday Jan 6 midnight EST.  ã   Software Management forum: your background. ã   JavaLecture1.ppt (power point slideset) Not covered: Administrative details [slide1-17], the Together IDE tool [slide 50-end] ã   Lecture reading (optional): Core Java, Eckel Chapters 1 and 2Week 2: January 10, 2005 ã   Topics: JDK overview. Writing and running a Java program. Program control,data types, variables, operators. ã   Recommended Reading: Deitel Chapter 1 ã   Homework 2: Compiling and Running your first java app; due Jan 13. ã   Software Management forum: J2SE vs. J2EE ã   lecture: ProgramControl.ppt Not covered: the Random Number generators [slide29-end] ã   Lecture reading (optional): Eckel Chapter 3Week 3: January 17, 2005 ã   Topics: Initialization (constructors) & Cleanup (garbage collection). The defaultconstructor, static, member initialization, arrays, array initialization and arrays of strings. ã   Homework 3 due Jan 20 ã   SimpleInput utility <<irene check>> ã   Software Management forum: J2EE vs. Microsoft .NET ã   Lecture : InitAndCleanup.ppt Not covered: varargs [slides 28-29], multi-dimension arrays [slide 31-32], recursion [slides 43-46]. ã   Lecture reading Eckel Chapter 4Week 4: January 24, 2005 ã   Topics: packages, access specifiers, composition, inheritance, more onconstructors, finals, class loading, accessor/mutator (getter/setter) methods. ã   Homework 4: due Jan 27 ã   Software Management forum: JavaScript vs. JSP vs. Java ã   lecture AccessAndReuse.ppt Not covered: NameNumber example with binarytree [slides 13-28] ã   Lecture reading Eckel Chapter 4 and 5Week 5: January 31, 2005 ã   Topics: Upcasting, method-call binding, polymorphism, downcasting, the Objectclass, object wrappers. ã   Homework 5: due Feb 3 ã   Software Management forum: Application/Database Connectivity ã   lecture Polymorphism.ppt Not covered: the Class class and inspection [slides 40-end]  ã   Lecture reading Eckel Chapter 4 and 5Week 6: February 7, 2005 ã   Topics: Interfaces and simulating multiple inheritance ã   Homework 6: due Feb 10 ã   Software Management forum: JDBC, ODBC and ADO .NET ã   lecture InterfacesAndInnerClasses.ppt For inner classes [slides 28-39] know onlythe definition. De-emphasize Events [slides 40-end] ã   Lecture reading Eckel Chapter 6Week February 14: Midterm ã   Midterm exam -- online -- available Friday Feb 11 8a, until Thurs Feb 17midnightWeek 7: February 21, 2005 ã   Topics: More on arrays; Java Collection classes (containers) ã   Homework 7 due Thurs Feb 24 ã   Web Application Servers ã   Software Management forum: Application Frameworks and Application Servers. ã   lecture ArraysCollections.ppt Not covered: array copies [14-27], Symbolicregression [slides 28-39]. Emphasize: More on Arrays [slides 1-13] , Containers[slides28-39]. Of the Collection classes, emphasize only ArrayList.Week 8: February 28, 2005 ã   Topics: ArrayList ã   Homework 8: due March 3 ã   Software Management forum: Application Frameworks and Application Servers,cont. ã   lecture: MoreOnContainers.ppt Not covered: RTTI, de-emphasize [slides 30-end].Emphasize the ArrayList class.Week of March 7: CMU Spring Break  ã   CMU Spring Break March 7 to 11, 2005Week 9: March 14, 2005 ã   Topics: Java I/O and Exceptions ã   Homework 9 due Thur Mar 17 ã   Software Management forum: Java IDEs
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