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Cluetrain Manifesto 95 Theses Reflection Timothy Kevin L. Co De La Salle College of St. Benilde Professor Paul Pajo Abstract This first 15 reflections of the 95 theses in the cluetrain manifesto talks about how the market has conversations. The it also talks about what is a network market that is the best source of products and services and gives a good feedback regarding the it. There are some parts here tells us why we should know about the networked market and its importance. Since not ev
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    Cluetrain Manifesto 95 ThesesReflection Timothy Kevin L. CoDe La Salle College of St. BenildeProfessor Paul Pajo  Abstract This first 15 reflections of the 95 theses in the cluetrain manifesto talks about how the market hasconversations. The it also talks about what is a network market that is the best source of productsand services and gives a good feedback regarding the it. There are some parts here tells us whywe should know about the networked market and its importance. Since not everybody knowsabout the networked market and its importance.  1.   Markets are conversations As we all know markets are composed of people and each person would converse or talk to anotherperson. This simply states that marketing is done by word of mouth. Actually the best way to market aproduct is to have a satisfied customer and that customer would then talk or recommend it to his/herfriend and unlike the advertisements recommendations by friends are usually more effective sincefriend trust each other and believe that their friend would only recommend a product if he or she istruly satisfied with the product or service given.These can also mean that people creates markets by conversation such as a product or a service wouldfirst be an idea of one individual then he would talk to a specialist or a friend on how he or she couldcreate the product or service and be successful when he starts to market it.Markets also start which the needs and wants of people each person has wants or needs that they couldnot attain on their own so they could get a service or a product of a company that would give them thatwant but then how do these people know what exactly to market or what exactly are the wants orneeds of the community. This would usually start with the needs and wants of the creator then hewould ask his friends or family if it would be an actual need or would other people want it. These arehow inventors usually get there items on the market. 2.   Markets consist of human beings, not demographic sectors Market consists of human beings because human beings are the ones that create the demographicsector I think this statement only states that the market belongs to everybody and not just a group.Since now a days the market is based on what the people need or want and when there are a lot of people looking for a certain product that’s where the money is so most of the businesses would focus onthat side of the market but actually there should be no limits to products or services people should alsofocus on customized things that would allow the customer to customize their own design.Usually well known brands would be in every store while the unknown brands would be placed in smallstores near the side walk due to this crab mentality of consumers most of the money goes to the bigcompanies or what we call the company that has well known brands.If we were to actually look at the start of the markets it actually started with simple stores that soldhand made products which what we usually see in the sidewalks now.The main problem now is the big companies because of their reputation would sometimes neglect thecustomer when it comes to service or quality of the product because they believe that 1 customer wouldnot matter that much since based on popularity they are still number one but the idea of service orproduct rendering was to please the customers and the creators or the service renders should givepassion to their customers since that is their main source of income.  3.   Conversations among human beings sound human. They conducted in a human voice This statement may sound weird but it actually makes sense once a person would actually analyze thewords. It actually tells us to be humane when speaking to others such that each individual would be ableto understand what this person is trying to say. Each individual has their own language or I could saytheir own jargon these jargons are also usually used in the market like when selling medicine orelectronics we would end up talking about certain jargons what would help sell the product actuallythere may be times that this jargons would actually help sell the product since not all the buyers actuallyunderstand what the selling is trying to say since the words are to technical.In a way I could say that this is a bad thing or we are using people’s ignorance to sell a product but itmay also be good so that the consumers would actually try to learn these types of language or jargonsthus increasing the knowledge of people who are part of that market.But if we would look at it in a business side I guess it would be better to simplify what people say oravoid those jargons because each individual should be able to understand this since they are theconsumers and they have the right to know what they are buying. Since in business the producersshould also think about their consumers since there should be a healthy relationship between the 2 sothat their transaction would be successful. 4.   Whether delivering information, opinion, perspectives, dissenting arguments or humorousasides, the human voice is typically open, natural and uncontrived Most people say that humans are simple and easy to understand but I do believe that humans arecomplex beings and could not be explained as a whole but as an individual since each one of them areunique. Each voice of a person is unique and each voice should be listened to because that individualhas an idea that no other individual has.Once a person speaks he delivers information it may be useless or useful to the receiver of the messageit is still a message that contains information. Everything that is stated in this line is connected toinformation that is passed to one another. Each opinion, perspective, dissenting arguments would comefrom a person and usually it would contain their ideas and thoughts it helps open one’s mind and giveout there natural ideas which may inspire or enlighten another person about a certain topic that theyare discussing.Since everything that comes out of our mouths is who we are or what we are that is what defines us ashuman beings. Our thoughts are one of the most unique thing that god has given use. This line can alsobe related to the market since this opinion, perspectives and dissenting arguments are really part of what sells a product since these are where the customer bases his choice. The ideas usually would comefrom a friend or a co-worker or a family member that has tried it. It is actually the best way of marketing something.
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