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Realize Yourself - is a short succinct book that helps draw parallels between modern biology and our belief systems and forces us to THINK about WHO WE ARE ! The book is full of valuable TIPS on how to become better individuals leading fulfilled lives- How to build and develop our strengths and gain inner confidence. Our beliefs and our scriptures tell us that we are sons of God . Biology and DNA research indicates that parentage determines who we are? Therefore if we are descendants of GOD , we should use our lives to build our ourselves in his IMAGE. The book goes on to describe in detail a PROCESS which can help enable us to do so....
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  1  Realize Yourself   AUTHOR SHRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA Publisher: Yugantar Chetna Press, Shantikunj, Haridwar, India(U.P), India, 24911 The WWW reprint is for free distribution   Realize Yourself  2 PREFACE Realizing our true nature is realizing the supreme Lord Himself. The only reasonfor our miseries is the lack of self realization.Read one excerpt of this collection and reflect deeply about how the idea applies toyou. The roads to many new possibilities and new insights will automatically openbefore you.  Lilapat Sharma Yug Nirman YojanaMathura, INDIA   Realize Yourself  3 You are not an ordinary being. You are the son of such a Father who has given birthand looks after and cares for every living being on Earth. You were born by theinspiration and divine will of the supreme lord. Your thoughts your words yourdeeds and are replete with divine elements of the Supreme. Nothing is personallyyours, everything belongs to Him. Your body and its various functions are alldependent on God. The same divine will which causes the eternal and infiniteuniverse to function, also causes your life and activities to work. Even an ordinarywealthy be person's son considers himself blessed and walks with pride, but you arethe fortunate son of the Lord whose treasurer is Kuber and the Lord who is Lakshmi pati . Your body is a holly temple, your heart the Lord's living room, and your wealthknows no bounds.Believe me and accept yourself as the son of God. It is but natural for his son to inherithis father's characteristics. Since you are the child of God himself, you too will becomethe master of infinite powers and divine wealth, a rightful claimant to theimmeasurable storehouse of the Lord. Ask any distinguished biologist and he will tellyou that whatever characteristics a living organism has, are passed on to its progeny.If you accept yourself as divine children, you establish a bond with an eternal sourceof power. It is the srcin of the highest virtues in this world. The Lord who is ourfather never forgets us. It is only because of our foolishness that we forget him; andthis is the reason why we suffer.The Gita says, those who realize that everything and everywhere is within Me, isnever separated from Me, nor do I separate myself from him. Anyone who with aconcentrated mind worships God residing in all beings, that yogi wherever he maybe,really resides in God alone. Mahatma Gandhi used to say, My God is my truth andlove. Morality and good conduct is God. Bliss is God. He is the best form of humanvirtues. I am trying to realize God by serving mankind because God is not in heaven,   Realize Yourself  4 He is in everyone's heart. Do you accept yourself as the child of God? If yes, thenallow only his virtues to develop in your character.Being the children of God you can not harbor any thoughts of hatred, anger, revengeand enmity in your hearts; you can not wrong anyone, you can not think of malice foranyone because the whole universe is manifestation of God. Stop believing aboutyourself as something made of only bones, flesh, skin blood. Do not believe that yourbody is a much disliked heap of flesh and blood caused by sin. Discard all suchhollow ideas about yourself. When you realize your divine ancestry, your life, deeds,character, words and nature will all be controlled and performed with higher motive.Anyone who comes back cross you would be influenced by your radiance.Some people are happy and some unhappy, although living in similar conditions.Unhappy people believe that one becomes happy or unhappy only by the will of God.God and loan puts us through troubles, and punishes us when He is angry. But thisbelief is hollow and meaningless. Think for yourself, is there any father who doesn'tlove all his sons the equally? The father always showers his affection. Even when hechastises, there is love and affection hidden in the act. There are innumerable peoplewho have understood and experienced the love, affection, help, and kind gestures ofGod. If you do not experience it, then it is your own fault. The Sun is shining, and ifyou fail to experience its brilliance and warmth, then it's your own fault.Man is creation's most elevated being. Bearing within him the divine powers andlimitless divine achievements, he is the most powerful being. Intelligence andknowledge are his two main characteristics on account of which he is the King of allcreatures in this world. He is the store house of all powers. God has created man ashis own image. He has filled his mind, body and spirit with supreme knowledge. Manhas been created to spread the divine message, to establish truth, justice and love in
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