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  MANUEL C. CASES, JR. & ASSOCIATES tAW OFFICESPATENTS, TRADEMARKS, COPYRIGHTS & LICENSING February 22,2018 VIA E-MAIUAIRMAILYour Ref.: 763960Our Ref.: 95477 TM/USMrs. Stephanie Creer-Lewislnternational Trademark RenewalsABELMAN, FRAYNE & SCHWABAttorneys at Law 666 Third Avenue New York, NY 10017-5621 U.S.A. Re: Declaration of Use - Third (3rd) Year from Date of Filinq Trademark Registration in the Philippines with Registration No. 4- 2015-00001040 Registered on December 17, 2015 for the Mark JOSE CUERVO TRADICIONAL in the Name of TEQUILA CUERVO, S.A. DE C.V. covering goods under C/ass 33Dear Mrs. Lewis, We thank you for your emailed and couriered letter of February 6,2018 and its srcinal enclosure, which we received on February 12, 2018, transmitting to us thesrcinal copy of the signed and notarized Declaration of Actual Use (DAU) covering the three (3) year period from the date of filing of the application of this trademarkregistration with the lntellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL). We are pleased to inform you that we prepared and filed on February 14,2018 with the IPOPHL the srcinal DAU together with its supporting materials, and paid the required fees. We e-mail and enclose photocopies of our compliance letter, thesubmitted DAU and its supporting materials, received and marked paid by the IPOPHL, as well as the Official Receipt issued by the IPOPHL for the payment of the requiredfees, for your reference and flle. We are also pleased to inform you that the IPOPHL granted our request forextension of time to file the DAU. We e-mail and enclose a photocopy of the Grant ofExtension of Time to File DAU/DNU dated February 6,2018 issued by the IPOPHL, which we secured on February 13,2018 prior to its being mailed. The due date for flling the DAU covering the Fifth (sth) Anniversary of thistrademark registration is withinlhe period from December 17,2020 up to December 17 2021.The deidline of December 17,2021is final as it cannot be extended.We will be sending you reminder letters for the filing of the DAU covering the 5th Anniversary of this trademark registration before and during the said period' uNrr 706, zrH FLooR, METRopor,JTAl.r TERRACES, METRopo.JrAN AVENUE coR. sAcRED HEART srREEr, 1zx) l/ul(An clrY, MEIRo i/tANll^ PHIUPPINES mAtuNG ADDRESS: p.o. Box e6z, MiKAiTENTRAL posr oFFlcE, 1276 MAKATI clrY, METRo MANII-A, PHILIPPINES FAx:Q3_2)se5{e63_.pHoNE_(6.g?_gg*?g .E: l L_.^ffi l|ffi,,, ., EEER: lNrEi -eiruel paoeenrv of rHE PHluPHNes 0P P)'EgElArPlllI Asltochnoil ri.TERilAnoM[E pot R LA pRoret-ri<ilr rE r-l'pnoenrErE lNIxrstrRtELLE (4 ?.rslAN?fiE-iIr.ATToRilEYs AssocrAnox (^Pel) ',{TERNA,.NAL TRADETARK AssooAnox rriiiii; uc-arrsiic execurrvs socrw Ges} . ege+ecrlc l-AwYERs Ass@lArKx{ (APlr)  We likewise e-mail and enclose hereto our debit note Our best regards hcpbln-dau3rd\95477tm.us Very truly yours, F firmC. CASES.DE VERAPage | 2
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