A Student s Guide to the AQA GCSE. French. Specifications onwards

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A Student s Guide to the AQA GCSE French Specifications 2003 onwards Further copies of this booklet are available from: Aldon House, 39, Heald Grove, Rusholme, Manchester, M14 4NA. Tel: Fax:
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A Student s Guide to the AQA GCSE French Specifications 2003 onwards Further copies of this booklet are available from: Aldon House, 39, Heald Grove, Rusholme, Manchester, M14 4NA. Tel: Fax: or downloaded from the AQA Website : Assessment and Qualifications Alliance 2001 COPYRIGHT AQA retains the copyright on all its publications including this Student Guide. However, registered centres for AQA are permitted to copy material from this booklet for their own internal use, with the following important exception: AQA cannot give permission to centres to photocopy any material that is acknowledged to a third party even for internal use within the centre. Set and published by the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance. Printed in Great Britain by W M Print Ltd, Frederick Street, Walsall, West Midlands WS2 9NE. The Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales and a registered Charity Registered address Addleshaw Booth & Co., Sovereign House, PO Box 8, Sovereign Street, Leeds LS1 1HQ. The AQA was formed by the merger of the Associated Examining Board (AEB)/Southern Examining Group (SEG) and the Northern Examinations and Assessment Board (NEAB). Kathleen Tattersall, Director General. Welcome to your help-yourself guide to the AQA GCSE French Specifications This guide will help you with Vocabulary All the vocabulary listed in the specification, plus some extra words, arranged in Themes/Modules and alphabetically. We ve given you the meanings too. Language Tasks A check-list of what you should be able to do for each Theme/Module, and how - listening, speaking, reading or writing, with room for your own notes. Communication Strategies How to work out the answer even if you don t know all the words! Lots of useful hints and tips on how to get by without needing a dictionary. Grammar Lots of useful reminders about nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions how to make sentences that make sense. The contents page will tell you where to find the information you need the rest is up to you! 3 4 CONTENTS Pages Vocabulary 7 Language Tasks Record 61 Communication Strategies 91 Grammar 107 5 6 VOCABULARY All the vocabulary listed in the specification, plus some extra words, arranged in Themes/Modules and alphabetically. We ve given you the meanings too. 7 RUBRICS AND INSTRUCTIONS Choisissez la bonne réponse dans la liste Choose the correct answer from the list Cochez la bonne phrase/la case Tick the correct sentence/the box Complétez en français Complete in French Décrivez Describe Ecoutez/Lisez l exemple Listen to/read the example Ecrivez environ mots Write about words Ecrivez une phrase/les détails/ Write a sentence/the details/ la bonne lettre/une lettre (A,B,C ou D)/ the correct letter/a letter (A,B,C or D)/ dans le bon ordre in the right order Expliquez Explain Faites correspondre Match up Faites une liste en français Make a list in French Identifiez les phrases correctes. Ecrivez Identify the correct sentences. Write P (positive), N (négative) ou P (positive), N (negative) ou P + N (positive et négative) P + N (positive and negative) Indiquez si les phrases sont vraies (V) ou Indicate if the sentences are true (V) or fausses (F) ou si on ne sait pas (?) false (F) or if you are not told (?) Lisez le texte/la lettre/les phrases suivantes Read the text/the letter/the following sentences Mettez (e.g. les illustrations) dans le bon Put (e.g. the illustrations) in the right order ordre Mentionnez Mention Notez Make a note of Regardez cette publicité/ces illustrations Look at this advert/these illustrations Remplissez la grille en français Fill in the grid in French Répondez aux questions en français Answer the questions in French Soulignez Underline Trouvez la bonne réponse Find the correct answer Utilisez les mots dans la liste ci-dessous Use the words in the list below 8 Vocabulary in the Specification by Themes/Modules GENERAL NOTIONS 1 Existential (a) Existence, non-existence il y a il n y a pas être se trouver être situé ne pas ne plus ne jamais ne rien ne personne (b) Presence, absence absent avec encore ici là non oui présent sans there is/are there is/are not to be to be (situated) to be situated not no more, not any more no longer, not any longer never, not ever nothing, not anything no-one, nobody, not anybody absent with still, again here there no yes present without (c) Availability, non-availability avoir avoir besoin de il me faut il me reste impossible ne pas avoir peut-être possible to have to need I need I have left impossible not to have perhaps possible (d) Occurrence, non-occurrence avoir lieu par chance pas encore se passer to take place luckily, fortunately not yet to happen, to take place (e) Demonstration ça ce/cette/ces cela voici voilà 2 Space (a) Location à à côté de au bord de au bout de au fond de au milieu de autour de contre dans de l autre coté dedans dehors derrière devant en en bas en haut en face de entre jusqu à là-bas partout sous sur vers y (b) Distance that, this this/these that here is, this is there is, that is at, to, in (+ city) next (door) to beside, by at the end of at the bottom/end of in the middle of around against in on the other side inside outside behind in front of to, in (+ country), by (+ transport) at the bottom, down(stairs) at the top, up(stairs) opposite between as far as over there everywhere under on towards, about (+ time) there à mètres d ici etc. at metres from here etc. à quelle distance? how far away? loin (de) far, a long way (from) 9 par ici/par là partout (tout) près près de proche (c) Motion aller arriver descendre de à entrer (dans) monter dans partir quitter rentrer retourner revenir sortir tomber tourner traverser venir (d) Direction this way/that way everywhere (very) near(by) near (to) close, near to go to arrive to go down, to get off (transport) to stay at (a hotel) to enter, to go in to go up to get in, on (transport) to leave, to go away to leave to return, to go back (home) to go back to come back to go out, to leave to fall to turn to cross to come nord, sud, est, ouest north, south, east, west à droite (on the) right à gauche (on the) left tout droit straight on toutes directions all directions (on road sign) + see 2(a) (e) Origin de from d où (?) where from? de quelle direction? from which direction? (f ) Motion with person or thing accompagner apporter conduire emmener mettre prendre + transport rouler suivre to accompany, to come/ go with to bring (thing) to drive to take (person) to put (on) to get, to catch to go (vehicle) to follow (g) Places banlieue la campagne la centre le centre-ville le chez (Marie) (le dentiste) côte la en ville mer la montagne la pays le quartier le région la village le ville la (h) Dimensions bas/basse court étroit grand gros/grosse haut large long/longue mince moyen/enne petit 3 Time (a) Calendar suburbs country(side) centre, middle town/city-centre to/at Marie s house to/at the dentist s coast to/in town sea mountain country district, neighbourhood region village town, city low short narrow big, tall big, fat high wide, broad long thin, slim average, medium small, little c est le premier/ it s the first (of) le deux it s the second (of) c est quel jour? what day is it? quelle est la date? what is the date? days: lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi, vendredi, samedi, dimanche Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday Friday, Saturday Sunday months: janvier, février, mars, January, February; March avril, mai, juin, April, May, June juillet, août, July, August septembre, octobre, September, October novembre, décembre November, December 10 seasons: printemps le Spring, été l (m) Summer automne l (m) Autumn, hiver l (m) Winter an l (m) year année l (f) year congé le holiday, leave fête la name day, festival jour le day jour férié le public holiday mois le month Noël Christmas Nouvel An le New Year Pâques Easter quinze jours fortnight rentrée (scolaire) la start of school year saison la season semaine la week vacances les (f) holiday(s) week-end le weekend (b) Clock Numbers 1-60 (à) quelle heure? (at) what time? à 9 heures etc. at 9 o clock etc. (et) demie half (past) environ about heure l (f) hour, time il est heure(s) it is o clock midi midday minuit midnight minute la minute moins (dix) (ten) to (et) quart quarter (past) quelle heure est-il? what time is it? vers about (c) Point in time après-demain après-midi l (m or f) aujourd hui avant avant-hier bientôt ce matin de bonne heure demain en train de hier the day after tomorrow afternoon today before the day before yesterday soon this morning early tomorrow busy doing (something) yesterday instant l (m) moment dans un instant in a moment lendemain le the next day maintenant now matin le morning moment le moment en ce moment at the moment nuit la night pendant during récemment recently récent recent soir le evening soirée la evening tard late tôt early (d) Length of time combien de temps? how long? durer to last jusqu à until longtemps for a long time temps le time (e) Frequency d habitude usually de temps en temps from time to time encore une fois once again fois la time deux fois twice en général in general, usually généralement generally, as a rule le lundi etc. on Mondays etc. normalement normally parfois sometimes quelquefois sometimes seul only seulement only souvent often toujours always, still tous les jours every day toutes les... minutes every minutes (f) Sequence alors then, so après after d abord first enfin finally, at last ensuite then, next et and premier/ère first plus tard later puis then 11 (g) Imminence à bientôt à demain à l avance à l heure à lundi etc. à toute à l heure en retard sur le point de tout de suite (h) Rapidity see you soon see you tomorrow beforehand, in advance on time see you on Monday etc. see you later late on the point of, just about to straight away, at once à toute vitesse at full/top speed cent kilomètres a hundred kilometres à l heure etc. an hour etc. lent slow lentement slowly rapide fast, quick rapidement quickly soudain suddenly vite quickly (i) Contemporaneousness en même temps pendant que (j) Begin, continue and end (s) arrêter à partir de commencer continuer début le fin la finir terminer at the same time while (k) Change and permanence changer devenir rester to stop from (+date, time) to begin, to start to continue start, beginning end to finish to finish, complete to change to become to stay, to remain 4 Qualities and Characteristics (a) Size centimètre le centimetre combien? how much/many? comment? how? kilomètre le kilometre mesurer (. mètres) mètre le peser (.kilos) pointure la taille la + see 2h (b) Age adolescent(e) adulte l (m/f) âge l (m) âgé aîné ancien/enne avoir ans bébé le cadet/ette jeune moderne né le.. neuf/ve nouveau/elle vieux/vieille (c) Appearance avoir l air beau/belle dur joli plein propre sale sec/sèche sembler sévère strict vide (d) Quantity assez beaucoup boîte la bouteille la chaque douzaine (de), la encore du/de la etc. gramme le kilo le litre le morceau le paquet le to be ( metres) tall metre to weigh ( kilos) size (of shoes) size adolescent adult age old elder former, old, ex- to be years old baby youngest, younger young modern born on the (brand) new new old to look, seem, appear beautiful, good-looking hard pretty full clean dirty dry to seem strict strict, severe empty enough, quite a lot, very much box, tin bottle each dozen some more gram kilo(gram) litre piece, bit packet 12 pas mal de peu plein de plus plusieurs pot le presque quelques rare rien tout tranche la très trop (de) un peu (de) un/une/des unique quite a lot of little lots of more several jar nearly, almost some, a few rare nothing all, everything slice very too much/many a little a/some only génial gentil/le important inutile joyeux/euse mauvais meilleur mieux pénible pratique simple typique utile (h) Access great nice, kind important, considerable (of money) useless happy bad better, best (adj) better, best (adv) a nuisance, hard (of work) handy, practical simple typical useful (e) Shape carré rond (f) Temperature square round climat le climate degré le degree faire + chaud, froid to be hot, cold (weather) avoir + chaud, froid to be hot, cold (person) être + chaud, froid to be hot, cold (things, eg food) météo la weather forecast température la temperature (g) Quality affreux/euse agréable aimable amusant bavard bien bon célèbre chouette comique compliqué confortable dangereux/euse drôle excellent fantastique (le) frais/fraîche awful nice, pleasant kind amusing talkative well, good good famous brilliant comical, funny (film etc.) complicated comfortable dangerous funny excellent fantasy, fantastic fresh, cool complet/ète full (up) fermé closed fermer to close interdit forbidden libre free, vacant occupé occupied, busy ouvert open ouvrir to open (i) Value argent l (m) money de poche pocket money bien/mal payé well/badly paid billet le (bank)note de x francs/euros x franc/euro note bon marché cheap centime le cent cher/chère dear, expensive coûter to cost euro l (m) euro franc le franc gratuit free (no cost) livre sterling la pound (money) monnaie la change, currency pièce (de euro[s]) la ( euro) coin prix le price prix fixe fixed/set price prix réduit reduced price réduction la reduction salaire le salary soldes les (m) sale(s) (j) Correctness avoir raison to be right avoir tort to be wrong 13 correct correct corriger to mark, to correct devoir to have to (ought, should) erreur l (f) error, mistake exact exact, right exactement exactly faute la fault faux/fausse false il faut it is necessary juste fair, right nécessaire necessary obligatoire compulsory parfait perfect vrai true (k) Nationality nationalities: allemand German américain American anglais English belge Belgian britannique British canadien/enne Canadian écossais Scottish espagnol Spanish français French gallois Welsh grec/grecque Greek hollandais Dutch irlandais Irish italien/enne Italian portugais Portuguese suisse Swiss countries and continents: Afrique l (f) Africa Allemagne l (f) Germany Amérique l (f) (South) America Angleterre l (f) England Belgique la Belgium Canada le Canada Ecosse l (f) Scotland Espagne l (f) Spain Etats-Unis les (m) United States, America Europe l (f) Europe France la France Grande-Bretagne la Great Britain Grèce la Greece Hollande la Holland Irlande l (f) Ireland Italie l (f) Italy Pays de Galles le Wales Portugal le Portugal Suisse la Switzerland + Geographical locations: Douvres Dover Edimbourg Edinburgh Londres London Manche la (English) Channel Méditerranée la Mediterranean (l) Facility aider to help difficile difficult difficulté la difficulty essayer (de) to try (to) facile easy pouvoir to be able to problème le problem (m) Interest animé lively avec plaisir with pleasure barbant boring bof! (exclamation showing lack of enthusiasm) bonne idée good idea bravo well done, bravo! ça dépend it/that depends ça me fait rire it makes me laugh ça ne me dit rien it doesn t appeal to me I don t feel like it ça ne va pas I m not well, it s no good ça va it s ok, all right d accord ok, all right (= agreement) enchanté delighted, pleased to meet you ennuyeux/euse boring entendu agreed, ok extra excellent favori/ite favourite formidable great intéressant interesting intéresser, s. à to be interested in j en ai marre I ve had enough, I m fed up je veux bien I d love to magnifique magnificent moche awful, rotten passion la passion passionnant fascinating, exciting plaire to please s il vous plaît please 14 super great, wonderful (r) Colour (n) Emotion adorer to love, to adore aimer to like avoir de la chance to be lucky avoir peur to be frightened, to be afraid content pleased désolé sorry détester to hate, to detest dommage shame, pity mon Dieu! Oh my god! plaire to please préférer to prefer s excuser to apologize triste sad zut! oh hell! (o) Strength de quelle couleur? what colour? blanc/blanche white bleu blue blond blond brun brown clair light foncé dark gris grey jaune yellow marron brown noir black orange orange rose pink rouge red roux/rousse red (of hair) vert green violet/ette purple (s) Personal characteristics aller bien/mieux to be well/better comme ci comme ça so-so être en forme to be fit faible weak fatigué tired fort strong malade ill, poorly nul/nulle rubbish, hopeless pauvre poor riche rich sain healthy santé la health (p) Materials bois le wood cuir le leather papier le paper plastique le plastic verre le glass (q) Taste and smell délicieux/euse delicious goût le taste goûter to taste odeur l (f) smell parfum le flavour sentir (bon/mauvais) to smell (good/bad) sucré sweet, sweetened casse-pieds équilibré fatigant heureux/euse idiot impatient impoli intelligent malheureux/euse méchant optimiste paresseux/euse patient personnalité la pessimiste plein de vie poli sportif/ive sympa timide travailleur/euse (t) Audibility bruit le calme écouter entendre fort répéter silence le a pain in the neck (well) balanced tiring happy stupid, silly impatient impolite, rude intelligent unhappy nasty, naughty optimistic lazy patient character, personality pessimistic full of life polite sporty nice shy hard-working noise quiet, calm, peaceful to listen (to) to hear loud to repeat silence 15 (u) Degree, manner surtout vraiment + see 4d 5 Mental Notions (a) Senses avoir faim avoir soif regarder revoir toucher voir vue la (b) Communication (s )appeler bavarder comprendre demander dire discuter écrire langue la lettre la mot le parler raconter répondre sourire téléphoner voix la (c) Expression avoir envie (de) désirer espérer savoir vouloir (d) Reflection à mon avis choisir choix le croire décider opinion l (f) oublier penser especially really to be hungry to be thirsty to look at, to watch to see again to touch to see sight to be called to chat to understand to ask to say, to tell to discuss, to argue to write language, tongue letter word to speak, to talk to tell (a story) to answer, to reply to smile to (tele)phone voice to want, to feel like to want to hope to know (how to) to want (to) in my opinion to choose choice to believe, to think to decide opinion to forget to think rappel le reminder, souvenir le souvenir 6 Relations (a) Logical aussi also, as well, too c est-à-dire that is car for, because cependant however comme as, like donc so, therefore mais but ni ni neither nor (moi) non plus neither (do I) ou or parce que because pourquoi why si if (b) Actions acheter to buy s amuser to have a good time, to enjoy oneself apprendre to learn, to teach s asseoir to sit down boire to drink chercher to look for comparer to compare se coucher to lie down, to go to bed danser to dance dormir to sleep envoyer to send étudier to study faire to do, to make fumer to smoke gagner to earn, to win inviter to invite jouer to play (se) laver to (have a) wash (se) lever to raise (to get up) lire to read louer to hire, to rent, to let manger to eat marcher to walk, to work nager to swim passer le temps à to spend (one s) time (doing) payer to pay (for) perdre to lose porter to carry, to wear pousser to push préparer to prepare 16 prêter se promener recevoir refuser rencontrer réserver se réveiller signer tirer travailler trouver utiliser vendre visiter voyager (c) Question words combien comment est-ce que où pourquoi qu est-ce que qu est-ce que c est quand que quel/quelle qui quoi (d) Indefinites aucun chose la gens les (m) on pas grand-chose personne quelqu un quelque chose sorte la (e) Referring to the Future to lend to go for a walk to receive to refuse to meet to book, to reserve to wake up to sign to pull to work to find to use to sell to visit to travel how much/many how is/does/has etc. (turns following statement into question) where why what what is it when what which, what who what not any, no, none thing people one, we, you not m
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