Aquafix, Inc. mailer for spring 2009

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Spring Mailer for Team Aquafix, Inc. Give us a call or visit
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  Pond Management &Wastewater Treatment  1.888.757.9577.qfx. contact us today! ship it to the lab! Not only are aquaix ’s products outstanding,but our technical knowledge is second to none.We back up all our products with technicalservice to help you get the best results. We cansolve any pond management problem you have. Kv ”t b”R  kr  rk. pond zilla   a monsteR on mucK! pZ is our newesttechnology created exclusivelyor degrading muck and sludgein lakes and ponds. pZ  works by activating the muck layerand stimulating bacterial activity. It containssurace activating agents which liberate pondmuck and allow the active ingredients to speed upnatures natural decomposition cycle. pZ  acts as a catalyst when applied to pond muck. t r   r   r!   Holy sludgebugman! Kevin the bugmanhas just discovered arare form of feces.  toxicity issues —did you get dumped on? At an increasing rate, plants are getting hit as itbecomes more expensive to properly dispose o certain wastes. We can help you isolate what mayhave come in and how to manage it. s  ! Rr r  . cuRe the uncommon sludge aquaix realizes that each body o water isunique and requires its own individual treatmentprogram. For these reasons aquaix hasdeveloped the Vs md p . Our mdp used in combination with our Vs6000 and Vs sr s make a perectpairing that works in harmony with naturesprocesses, accelerating the breakdowno organic matter. A little MD goes a long way. ak r  p  r 30  md prgr. oaming in wastewateR Caused by suractants, high F.O.G. or laments.We will provide you with the keys to solving thispuzzle and addressing it correctly. nitRiicationtRoubleshooting Nitriying bacteria are very sensitive to disinection,toxicity and cold temperatures. Our expertise inworking with systems across the country and ourVitaStim Nitriers will speed your recovery. stop the sulide hr sf mr s de-sulp-a-natoR —Control o lit station and sewer line suldes. Vitastim sRb — Sulde Reducing Bacteria gRounds KeepeR stomp out weed KilleRs — Dry granular o liquid orms. Kill’em or up to a year. digest it! Vitastim micRonutRients —Liquid and dry micronutrients or anaerobicdigestors. bug Juice —  Haul less water  Improve settling and thicken solids in aerobicdigestors. lit stations and seweR lines 5 aliVe — Biological lit station and sewer linegrease control. gReaseZilla 9 — 10# and 30# or lit stationgrease. Great product! gReen cleaneRs oxypaKs xl — Sand Fillter Cleaner Zyme-Zyme — Essential oil/enzyme cleaner.Great or tile foors, bathrooms and counters. Customers love this! midge lies Take care o these pests with our AQUABAC. Add itonce per week to knock out those fies. concentRates Vs r rr r. Formulated to degrade select componentsVitaStim 5000 — Sludge ReductionVitaStim 2200 — Grease ReductionVitaStim Petro — Petroleum ReductionVitaStim 4001 — Suractant ReductionVitaStim 8001 — Chemical Toxicity IssuesOxyFresh — Low D.O. IssuesAQUABAC XT — Midge Fly ControlEB-900 — Petroleum Toxicity oam contRol VS 900L — Enzymatic Foam ControlVS 2200 — Degrade Lit Station Grease ammonia contRol nrfr — Nitrosomonas Cultures daZZl essential oils Odors around your plants? Learn about ourcomplete line o odor control products.  Pond Management &Wastewater Treatment  1.888.757.9577 ã  .qfx. call us 24/7 — we answeR!
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