Belarus No 5 (956), 2013

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Numero di maggio 2013 della rivista BELARUS. In inglese
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  Plcs, Ecnmy, Cle No.5 (956), 2013 BELARUS Design  28 Magazine for you Белаь. B   page  Te ct’s  Egis gge ese c be bgt i Beszect ss d is ibe b sbsciti i Bes d bd I N T E R N A T I O N A L Socio-political Weekly AdvertiSing retro Style Sbsciti idexes  Bect ctges:Detet — 637302Idiid — 63730ThIS aDvErTISEmEnTappEarED In ThE fIrSTISSuES of ThE mInSk TImES   wEEkly anD rEmaInSThE SamE ToDay F    bd!  Беларусь.Bels Monthly magazine N. 5 956, 2013 Published since 1930 State Registration Certiicate o massmedium No.8 dated March 2nd, 2009,issued by the Ministry o Inormationo the Republic o Belarus Fndes:  The Inormation Ministryo the Republic o Belarus“SB” newspapereditorial oiceBelvnesheconombank  Ed: Viktor Kharkov Eecve Secey: Valentina Zhdanovich Desgn nd Ly by Vadim Kondrashov Беларусь.Bels is publishedin Belarusian, English, Spanish andPolish.Distributed in 50 countries o the world.Final responsibility or actual accu-racy or interpretation rests with theauthors o the publications. Shouldany article o  Беларусь.Bels beused, the reerence to the magazineis obligatory. The magazine does not bear respon-sibility or the contents o advertise-ments. Pblse: “SB” editorial oice  This magazine has been printedat “Belarusian House o Press”Publishing Oice” UE.79 Nezavisimosti Ave.,Minsk, Belarus, 220013 Order No.1556Total circulation — 1952 copies (including 733 in English). We s  e ddess: 11 Kiselyov Str.,Minsk, Belarus, 220029. Tel.: +375 (17) 290-62-24,290-66-45. Tel./Fax: +375 (17) 290-68-31. www.belsmgz E-mail: Subscription index in Belpochtacatalogue — 74977 For uture oreign subscribersor ‘Belarus’ magazine, applyto ‘MK-Periodica’ agency.E-mail: in Telephone in Minsk:+375 (17) 227-09-10. © “Беларусь. Bels” , 2013 1   Contents 4 -11   Renewal as the way to success 26 21 Advanced acceleration Belarusian-Lithuani-an forum: politicians focus on driving forwardintegration 24 Neighbours ever closer Belarus and Latviacelebrate anniversary of diplomatic relationsby signing inter-governmental agreement 30 Parks unprecedented privile-ges Famous business sites of High-Tech Park and Chinese-Bela-rusian Industrial Park set the bar 32 Comets of Professor Bekish Scientific approach helps Belarusianscientist defend his PhD thesis 35 Council of Europe confirms status  38 Holiday in city streets Last year, musicians,artists, citizens and tourists gathered on a pe-destrianised section of Minsk’s Karl Marx Streetand, this May, when the warm weather has re-turned, the tradition will be revived 40 A very interesting situation Birth rate and lifeexpectancy rose last year 48 Follows tradition while being young Alexander Gelakh is a rising star of the Belaru-sian State Academic Musical Theatre. Not longago, he demonstrated the depth of his talentat the theatre’s premiere of Ruggero Leoncav-allo’s Pagliacci 50 Capricious musical king Instrument withown caretaker and four-storey building easilyhidden behind its façade 52 Soulful music  Minsk Philharmonic’s cosy hallattracts fans from Belarusian capital andbeyond for Polish KRACOW DUO 12 Co-operation picks up steam Stadler Rail Groupis making a significant contribution to the deve-lopment of relations between Belarus and Swit-zerland, noted the President of Belarus, AlexanderLukashenko, on meeting the company’s CEO,Peter Spuhler 18 Room for initiatives   avanced oRmatoR inoRmationsinceReviewso vasilysumaRev   42 1   2013   Беларусь.Belarus  BY ViktorkharkoV editor’s Note prisons and ghettos housed hundreds o thousands o old people,women and children, most o whom died. How can we orget?Meanwhile, partisans vowed to avenge the invasion and rid theircountry o their enemies, working day and night, as never beore seenin history.Over 1.5m Belarus-born people ought on the various ronts o theGreat Patriotic War, standing to the bitter end near Moscow, Leningrad,Stalingrad and Kiev. They helped liberate villages and towns across theirHomeland, as well as those in Eastern and Central Europe. Around 400Belarus-born residents became generals and admirals, commandingarmy and naval units during the war years. Meanwhile, 448 Belarusianswere awarded the high title o Hero o the Soviet Union, or theirheroism and dignity in deending their Fatherland. Four people wereawarded this title twice. Those sad years saw a third o Belarusians perish; it was the priceo reedom. While we remember, others also need to be aware o whatoccurred. Ater WWII, Belarus helped ound the Organisation o theUnited Nations — an honour held by ew states. Belarus was chosenamong the republics o the Soviet Union or its great contribution indeeating Fascism.May is a special month, marking victory over Fascism in WWII.Belarus reverently honours soldiers’ heroic deeds. Even today,around 50,000 ex-servicemen and partisans o the Great PatrioticWar reside here, although they are ewer in number each year.Our veterans continue to receive state attention and support andVictory Day remains sacred. The Great Patriotic War has let itslegacy, yet remembered in Belarus, although other countries maychoose to orget. Today’s teenagers sometimes have the opportunity to meet thosewar heroes. Without doubt, the experience is signiicant, leadingsome to seek out soldiers who died in the war, restoring the named o unknown soldiers. Some ‘adopt’ veterans, paying regular visits. Theyremember and are aware o the war and honour the victors. Time passes and the world is changing, but the truth cannot beuntold. Belarus is building relations with other countries, based on goodneighbourly relations, ollowing our contemporary political credo. The best contests worthily reveal the strongest, as in sport, wherecompetition remains peaceul, despite the sharpest struggle. The essence o international co-operation is partnership, asBelarus knows, orienting its oreign policy towards mutual relationswith other countries. The nation’s political priorities were recentlydisclosed in the President’s annual State o the Nation Address tothe Belarusian People and the National Assembly. Our magazineincludes a summary o the text, allowing readers to better under-stand the position o the country in its quest to be a ully-edgedpartner, open to the widest contacts.Many partners o Belarus have already elt the benet o economicinteraction, including neighbouring Lithuania Mvng Fwd detailsthe recent Belarusian-Lithuanian Forum, as well as new initiatives byour two countries’ governments. MeMory d S ome deeds are untouched by the passing o time.Undoubtedly, Victory Day — celebrated on May9th — is a date which never loses its signiicance.Contemporary events do not overshadow its impor-tance, as we continue to remember the unprecedentedand enduring heroism o Soviet soldiers. The Great Patriotic War subdued Belarusian lands like a steam roller,leaving around 3 million people dead and 209 cities, towns and districtcentres destroyed, alongside over 9,000 villages; 380,000 Belarusianswere taken as slaves to Germany and, in the years o occupation, theNazi ran over 260 death camps on Belarusian territory. Hundreds o  2 Беларусь.Belarus 2013
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