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Document Description March 2006 Volume 4, Number 2 $ 5.95 H a s ! Cer tig a r d y W i n n e r s Man t Grant Wer goris Danny Pari Canada Post – Canadian Pubications…
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Document Transcript March 2006 Volume 4, Number 2 $ 5.95 H a s ! Cer tig a r d y W i n n e r s Man t Grant Wer goris Danny Pari Canada Post – Canadian Pubications Mail Sales – Product Agreement No. 40014105 d Éric Lessar ard Jean Bouch rd Richard Fo Contents March 2006 2006 Events Calendar March 16-18 Showpower 2006 Undercar/Transmission Expo Riviera Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV March 20-30 AARO GM Pickups Update CK Models 1999 & up Etobicoke, Hamilton, Markham, Ottawa & Francis Ricci 1-800-268-5400 to register March 23-25 ERA Trade Show Charlotte, NC March 26 APRA Electrical Clinic 13 14 Charlotte, NC Women in the Industry Success Stories April 3-4 The Feminine Mystique: Certigard Has Many Winners! Lordco Auto Parts 2006 Trade Show Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, BC Kristine Brown by S h i rl ey B row n by D e n i s e Fa g u y April 6-9 China Int’l Automotive Maintenance & Test Tools & Equipment Maintexpo F E AT U R E S Beijing, China Ü 6 Steering and Suspension 22 Right to Repair April 10-27 A Smooth Ride Fighting for Industry Survival AARO Elctronic, Transmission & Transfer Case Etobicoke, Hamilton, Markham, Ottawa 10 Keep Very Current! 23 Motorist Assurance Program & Francis Ricci 1-800-268-5400 to register Lots to Consider Winning Combination April 8-9 SEMA Auto Salon 12 Troubleshooting 24 Communication Fort Washington Expo Center 100% Necessary Making the Connection Philadelphia, PA April 18-19 18 Parts Store Manager 25 Succession Planning 2006 AIA Aftermarket Conference for Executives I Really Planned A More Satisfying Way Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City, QC on Being a Technician But… of Selling Your Business April 21-23 Lindertech Northern Conference Cochrane Automotive Training Facility 19 Skilled Trades: 26 Garage Representation 73 Chauncey Ave., Toronto A Career You Can Build On Creating a Voice for Change Call Leah (416) 236-1763 Ü Tackling the Skilled Labour 27 Attracting Youth April 21-23 Shortage at the Root of The Ride of a Lifetime Electrical Clinic Best Western Hotel, Vancouver, BC the Problem 28 Professional Development May 10-13 Automechanika Thailand 20 Tech Help Making a Better You Ü iris.jeglitza- Oil Can Be “Black Gold” = Making a Better Industry May 17-18 21 Female Technician 30 Market Research Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium I Like What I Do! Gaining & Retaining Customers Dearborn Hyatt Hotel, Dearborn, MI IN EVERY ISSUE... 4 Editorial 9 New Products Winners All! 29 Advertisers 5, 8, 11, 29 Around the Industry March 2006 CASP 3 Shirley Brown Editorial Winners All! This month’s issue is just full of winners… at least in my mind! O ur feature article tells all about the Certigard ‘Best In Class’ winners of 2005. A few of them have won before, a sales manager and a parts store man- ager—all jobs usually handled my men in the industry of just a few years ago.Things a technician. That’s always been a man’s job and we need more women like her to do exactly what they set out to do in so this tells us they are definitely doing have changed, thank goodness, and wom- business. We are quite able to be manag- something right in their business life. en are found in various job descriptions ers, marketing people, technicians, sales- These facilities are ‘under the gun’ when across the industry. These ladies have people, shop owners even presidents—in it comes to being judged for the award ‘paid their dues’ and do well at their jobs. other words, professionals. So let’s spread that Certigard hands out each year. These the word. Get out to your schools and people and their staffs have proved to I remember when I started in the industry talk to the students on their Career Days themselves and to the company that they and my first AIA Conference—200 men or at an Assembly. We need more talented know their job and are willing to work and me! I wished the floor would open up women and youths in this industry. at it each and every day in order to get and let me drop through. But I survived it ahead. and went on.The industry and the folks in I understand there is now an ‘apprentice- it also strengthened me. My biggest com- ship-type’ program happening at high This should be a good lesson to us all. In pliment came when someone told me schools. It’s a government program called today’s business arena, those that plan “you’re just one of the boys!” To me, back OYAP. Students work and do their appren- ahead, know how to delegate, manage then, it meant I was accepted. ticeship while learning from you. I’m not people and pressure well, know business sure if it’s all across Canada but I do know management, and a whole lot more, are I would like to see more women and it’s here in Ontario. the ones who will survive and prosper. youth in this industry and we need to get the word out! We need to start in high Let’s get youth interested in our industry— Also in this issue are three articles about schools… that’s where plans are being we need more winners! women in the automotive aftermarket. made for their future. I was especially They are from three different professions taken with the story of Joanne Brooks in the industry—a licensed technician, who went through school and became Publisher & Editor Rémy L. Rousseau | Published by Publications Rousseau Associate Publisher Shirley Brown | Contributing Editors 2938, terrasse Abénaquis, Longueuil (Quebec) J4M 2B3 Mike Bryan, Beverlie Cook, Bob Elford, Denise Faguy, Pierre Lalonde, Tel.: (450) 448-2220, fax: (450) 448-1041, email: Daniel Malfara | Administra tion Wend y Allain wallain@p-rousseau. CASP Magazine is dedicated to serving the business interests of the maintenance and repair industry. It is published eight times a year by Publications Rousseau & Associés Inc., a member com | Art Direction and Production Monique Desbiens prodgaragiste@vl. of AIA Canada. Material in CASP may not be reproduced in any form without written consent, Guillaume Gingras, Valérie St-Cyr from the publisher. The publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertising and disclaims all | Revision Shirley Brown | Printer Solisco | responsibilities for claims or statements made by its advertisers or independent columnists. All facts, opinions and statements appearing within this publication are those of the writers and editors themselves, and are in no way to be construed as statements, positions or endorsements Sales Luc Champagne, Vice-President Sales & Marketing, tel.: (514) 945-1299 by Publications Rousseau & Associés Inc. | Réjean A. Rousseau, Sales Manager, tel.: Printed in Canada ISSN No. 1710-3924. CANADA POST CANADIAN PUBLICATIONS (450) 448-2220 | MAIL. SALES PRODUCT AGREEMENT No. 40014105. RETURN POSTAGE GUARANTEED. Subscription One-year: $27.95 Two-year: $49.95 Three-year: $59.95 Send change of address notices and undeliverable copies to: 2938 Terrasse Abénaquis, Longueuil (Qc) J4M 2B3 4 CASP March 2006 Around THE INDUSTRY Sauvé Joins NGK With over 15 years of aftermar- ket experience, Jeff Sauvé has joined NGK as a District Manager for the central and northern Pagnanelli at Wakefield Ontario markets. Sauvé started Canada his career in the jobber stores Spectra Premium Wakefield Canada announces the appoint- and later was a manufacturer’s ment of Mark Pagnanelli to the position of representative. With additional & Pep Boys Heavy Duty Marketing Manager. Mark joins Spectra Premium Industries announces the them from eight years with the commercial positions with the OE market, he award of a radiator and heater core supply marketing department of Goodyear Canada. has now returned to the tradition- agreement with Pep Boys in the United States. al aftermarket. This has been one of the primary objectives of the company for a year, according to Jacques KYB & Morgan Capture Gold Mombleau, CA, President and CEO, Spectra Blair Morgan used hi performance shock ab- Premium. sorbers from KYB to win a re- This is an agreement for a first supply on ra- cord 5th SnoCross Gold Medal diators to the leading full service automotive af- at the 2006 Winter X-Games. termarket retail and service chain in the United Morgan rode his KYB equipped States from a Boucherville, Canada based com- Ski-Doo MX Zx through the pany. field to take command of the race on the final circuit. March 2006 CASP 5 Steering and Suspension Denise Faguy A Smooth Ride The number of kilometres driven each year for vehicles is increasing, as is the average age of vehicles. Through Be Car Care Aware and other industry programs, we also know there is a great deal of underperfor- med maintenance in the industry. Many experts also agree that one of the biggest pieces of the underperfor- med pie are suspension and steering or ride control products. A whopping 86% of junkyard vehicles in the US have their original shocks and struts – so currently only 14% of cades. “When ball joints were made of a hard metal like steel you could easily push on them to get them in or out, but to fabricate them, they have increased in length to reduce the wear on the contact points,” explains Robert. vehicles on the road replace ride control with today’s softer, lighter metals you can products, usually when they are broken. easily destroy the ball joint when you are Struts and shocks also have their chal- The industry could substantially increase lenges. “It is easy sales and help their clients prolong the “Shops act like an emergency room Doctor,” says Aaron Shaffer to get in a hurry life of their vehicle if we begin to focus at KYB. “Shops should act like family physicians by helping their and overlook a on preventative maintenance. “Shops act step or two when customers practice preventative maintenance thereby increasing like an emergency room Doctor,” says inspecting and Aaron Shaffer at KYB. “Shops should act the life of their vehicle.” installing new like family physicians by helping their shocks,” says Joe customers practice preventative main- trying to remove it,” says Robert Bean of Bacarella, ASE certified Master Technician tenance thereby increasing the life of Mevotech Inc. “In many cases now, if you from Tenneco. “A missed step could lead their vehicle.” factor in the cost of labour, to a customer ‘come back,’ it is more economical to re- and that can be critical to a Selling tools place the entire pre-assem- shop’s bottom line.” For exam- There are two sides to increasing ride bled control arm than just ple, when installing existing control sales: selling and technical know- the ball joint itself.” This is components onto a replace- how. At KYB they believe that garages partly due to the fact that ment strut, care must be taken need to begin by ensuring they have the the alignment will be easi- to insure the upper spring right tools to sell steering and suspen- er and more time-efficient. seat is installed with the cor- sion parts. KYB believes there are three rect orientation to the lower key sales tools for the technician: It’s the same with the bush- spring seat or mount. “Many ings, which are now made technicians are surprised to 1. Training and knowledge to identify worn (not of neoprene and many spe- learn that the upper spring just broken) ride control parts cialized polymers and ther- is asymmetrical,” says Joe. 2. The knowledge and know-how to justify the moplastics. They allow for “The orientation of the upper sale (first to the service writer who must then be able to pass that along to the customer) better wear and are longer spring seat determines the di- lasting, and are designed to rection that the coil spring is 3. The know-how to communicate the ride control issue properly (again, first from the eliminate noise and vibra- bowed to allow for inner fend- technician to the service writer and then from tion. But Robert cautions er clearance. If the orientation the service writer to the customer) technicians that the new designs and ma- is off, the spring may rub on the inner “The sales process, for any maintenance terial mean that they cannot be manipu- fender well when the wheels are turned issue begins with technicians,” continues lated the same way. If you turn things the or when the suspension is compressed.” Shaffer. “Is your technician trained and wrong way within the pocket cavity you empowered to identify worn ride con- can easily damage the part. “Some things never change though,” un- trol parts?” derlines Robert Bean, “the tire is still the Tie rods have also changed. In older vehi- best inspection point for determining if Evolving technology cles tie rods were often only 2 to 3 inch- there is a ride control issue. It is still one From a technical perspective, things have es long, but today they are 3 to 5 inches of the easiest and fastest ways to begin changed a lot over the past couple of de- in length. “With softer metals being used an evaluation.” 6 CASP March 2006 Around THE INDUSTRY Scholarships Available NAPA Update Arthur Paulin SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Important changes have taken place re- Association, is giving money to students cently at NAPA. The first change took place Scholarships Awarded enrolled in automotive studies programs at Head Office where the position of Vice AIA Canada announces the 2005 Arthur and this applies to the employees and President, Purchasing & Supply was abolished. Paulin Scholarship winners. The scholarship their families of SEMA member companies. Consequently, Robert Ganache has left the com- awards were established in 1986 as a result of The application deadline is April 28th and the pany. Tom Hunt has been appointed to Director- the commitment and monetary support of AIA forms can be found at the AIA website www. Purchasing. He joined UAP Inc. in June 1987. member companies. or SEMA’s website www.sema. There are also changes to the West/Pacific The Arthur Paulin Automotive Scholarship org./scholarships. Region. The position of Regional Vice President- Award was named after long-time AIA volunteer West/Pacific has been abolished and conse- Arthur Paulin. Arthur served as President of H. Lindertech North quently, Brendan O’Brien has left the company. Paulin and Company Ltd. for over 35 years, he Conference John Buckley has been promoted to Regional became Chairman of the Board in 1990. He was a teacher and mentor to all who knew him. Vice President-West Region, and Simon Weller Cochrane Automotive of Toronto, Ontario has has been promoted to Regional Vice President- The winners are: been associated with Linder Technical Services Pacific Region. Western Canada for the past four years. Joann Mathon, Innisfail, AB – Olds College They have joined forces to bring a ‘Northern Conference’ to Toronto, in order to provide Changes at Beck/Arnley Brad Kreoker, Surrey, BC – Thompson Rivers A few changes have taken place at the new University Canadian technicians with 3 days of expert tech- Canadian facility of Beck/Arnley. A 30-year Stephen Squires, Winnipeg, MB – Red River College nical service seminars. veteran of the automotive aftermarket, Jerry Daniel Lee, Vancouver, BC – BC Institute of ‘Stay Connected’ will be held April 21-23 at Stevens, has been named Vice President of Technology the Cochrane Automotive Training Facility, 73 Sales, Canada, and will be responsible for the Lorie Cadieux, Brandon, MB – Assiniboine Chauncey Ave., Toronto. Canadian sales efforts for the company. Community College If you get your registration in by March 31, Francois Marchand has Quebec the cost is only $399 for the 3 days. joined Beck/Arnley as a Badawy K. Shaath, Quebec, QC – Centre de forma- Call Leah at (416) 236-1763, Regional Sales Manager tion professionnelle de Verdun email and will cover Quebec and Frank Ciccocioppo, Montreal, QC – Centre de Atlantic Canada. Marchand formation professionnelle de Verdun Ref. #5642 has over 15 years experience Simon Beauchesne, Rivière-du-loup, QC – Canadian in the automotive industry. Automotive Institute Unique Opportunity Vaughan A. Barfield has been named Ontario Operations Manager at the new Beck/Arnley Daniel Chudy, Fenelon Falls, ON – Centennial Owner retiring from two successful warehouse and has over 20 years experience in College the automotive industry. Amy Tao, Aurora, ON – University of Ontario businesses. If you have experience Institute of Technology The new Beck/Arnley warehouse is located in automotive equipment sales or are in Mississauga, Ontario in Units 10 & 11 at Nadeem Baig, Barrie, ON – Canadian Automotive presently serving the aftermarket, this Institute 3620B Laird Road. could be the fit you’re looking for. I Atlantic hold the master franchise of a global Electrical Clinic Patricia Henley, Moncton, NB – New Brunswick Community College-Moncton The Automotive Parts Rebuilders Assoc. manufacture for Canada. My other Rebecca Carr, Quispamsis, NB – New Brunswick (APRA), the Auto Electric Rebuilders Assoc. of business manufactures a product that Community College-Saint John Canada (AERAC), and the Electrical Rebuilders is new to the market and exports the Assoc. (ERA) will co-sponsor an Electrical Clinic CAI in Vancouver, British Columbia. It will be held Francois Rouleau, Saint-Bruno, QC – Canadian product to the USA. Automotive Institute April 21-23 at the Best Western Richmond If you would like to explore this op- Hotel. The clinic will offer participants 3 days portunity, please send a brief resume packed with plant tours, networking opportuni- Charan Joins Vetronix ties and the latest in technical information. Vetronix Corporation is proud to welcome of your company (mention referen- Steve Charan to its sales team. His experience ce #5642) to: ArvinMeritor Sells Purolator as a certified technician will enhance his abil- ArvinMeritor has agreed to sell its Purolator ity to serve the Aftermarket Service Centres in CASP Magazine filters business to the Bosch Group and the British Columbia. 2938 Terrasse Abenaquis Mann+Hummel Group in Germany. Please feel free to contact him anytime: Cell. Longueuil (QC) J4M 2B3 Financial terms were not disclosed. The two (604) 760-1024 or by email: scharan@vetronix. Fax: (905) 666-0778 companies plan to operate the business as a com. You can also visit Vetronix’website at www. joint venture. 8 CASP March 2006 New PRODUCTS New LED Strobe Unit FRAM Fleet High and Low Profile (class II) LED units are Care now available and in magnet-mount configura- The FRAM Fleet Care tions. heavy duty catalogue These strobes are ideal is now available. It for cities, municipalities contains features ga- and fleets who want a lore—oil filter features, long lasting, durable fuel filter features, air filter features and coolant strobe lamp. They have UNICOIL From Gates filter features. In this book you’ll also find new 14 flash patterns from FRAM products, abbreviations and products IDs, A very unique accessory for heater hose, which to choose and manufacturer cross reference and heavy duty fil- Unicoil™ is a stainless steel coil with a support feature Smart LED ters. Of course, it is available in three languages bar welded to each end. With this, you can now Beacon Design in- as well. maximize your hose profits while saving time for ternal flash control Contact your FRAM representative at Grant you and your customers. The Unicoil is placed so there is no need Brother Sales (905) 677-7299. over a straight piece of heater hose and bent for an external power supply, into just about any shape the user requires to flasher or ballast. replace a molded heater hose. Smart Test Light/Circuit For more information, contact Grote at 1-800-268-5612. The purpose of these coils is to allow your cus- Tester tomers increased coverage. They
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