Humanizing Digital (User experience, social media, and you)

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Verne Ho and I produced this slide deck for a seminar at the Yorkville Media Centre on November 28, 2009. Time slot was one hour of presentation and Q/A.Topic was an introduction to humanizing digital, through our learned best practices in user experience, social media, and the web.This was a 100-level presentation for people new to the industry, and trying to improve their knowledge for their clients or businesses.Learn more about the Yorkville Media Centre at more about Jet Cooper at us @verneho or @skanwar if you have any questions or comments.
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Document Transcript
  • 1. Humanizing Digital<br />User experience,<br />social media,<br />and you<br />Verne Ho<br />Satish Kanwar<br />
  • 2. Hello<br />We’re creative dude<br />Verne Ho and business guy<br />Satish Kanwar in<br />Scarborough Toronto, Canada<br /><ul><li>Partners
  • 3. Entrepreneurs
  • 4. Marketers
  • 5. Creatives
  • 6. Geeks
  • 7. Go-Getters
  • 8. Dreamers
  • 9. Speakers
  • 10. Heroes</li></li></ul><li>Today<br />We create digital experiences<br />at Jet Cooper<br />
  • 11. Humans<br />Jet Cooper likes them<br />
  • 12. Building a better web<br />It’s all about user experience baby<br />Intuitive user interfaces<br />Organized content<br />Friendly + smart interactions<br />Delivering what the end-user wants<br />
  • 13. When we think it’s okay to have a bad user experience<br />
  • 14. Excuses to use IE6<br />
  • 15. It’s all in the details<br />It’s the small things that paint the big picture<br />
  • 16. 100% of all people on the internet are human<br />
  • 17. Humanizing means…<br />Understanding human behaviour on the web and<br />building sites and applications that work with <br />those behaviours…<br />…not against them.<br />
  • 18. Step by step<br />Think, Build, Market, Learn<br />
  • 19. Now the fun part<br />8 ways to humanize the web<br />
  • 20. That’s a link, duh<br />Make links distinct and consistent<br />
  • 21. Seeing is believing<br />Provide visual feedback when actions are performed<br />
  • 22. Smoke and mirrors<br />Speed up the perception of load times<br />
  • 23. Do I really need that?<br />Show only what’s relevant<br />
  • 24. What page was k on again?<br />Use relevant pagination<br />
  • 25. Conventions are your friends<br />Sticking with conventions allows for recognition<br />
  • 26. Excuse me while I avoid decision<br />Recommend solutions, not just options<br />
  • 27. Forgiveness, please<br />Let users make mistakes, and correct them<br />
  • 28. Disclaimer<br />There are no right answers. Just righter answers.<br />Audience<br />Context<br />Goal<br />
  • 29. Social Media<br />Jet Cooper likes this<br />
  • 30. Social what?<br />Fundamental change in the way your users<br />communicate on the web<br /><ul><li>Transparent
  • 31. Immediate
  • 32. Relevant
  • 33. Personal
  • 34. Free
  • 35. Fun</li></li></ul><li>Why do we care?<br />If you’ve been paying attention,<br />these tools help us humanize<br /><ul><li>Make our sites awesome
  • 36. Make our users happy
  • 37. Make our life easy</li></li></ul><li>Levels of integration<br />Remember what Verne said<br />Disclaimer<br />There are no right answers. Just righter answers.<br /><ul><li>Audience
  • 38. Context
  • 39. Goal</li></li></ul><li>Share this everywhere<br />Sending content to other services<br />
  • 40. Update streams galore<br />Bringing in content from other services<br />
  • 41. All your base are belong to us<br />Connecting content with other services<br />
  • 42. How to use it for you<br />Ultimately, this depends on what<br />your goal is<br /><ul><li>Apply your personal brand
  • 43. Create your weak connections
  • 44. Monitor and maintain your network</li></li></ul><li>Blog<br />Your home away from all homes<br />
  • 45. LinkedIn<br />Your virtual client rolodex<br />
  • 46. Facebook<br />You can be more than just friends<br />
  • 47. Twitter<br />Your high school cafeteria, but cooler<br />
  • 48. Simply Put<br />Our story changes every day<br />
  • 49. Contact Us<br />For anything, anytime,<br />anyway<br />#jetcooper<br /><br />
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