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Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy Launching the Prius Diesel into the UK market while establishing awareness of Toyota as an environmentally friendly performance brand Macro analysis of the Automobile Industry and Micro analysis of Toyota Martin David Beauchamp 01076684 MA Marketing Communications 4MMC7A5 IMC Campaign Planning 2005/6 (full time) Westminster Business School Date of submission: 31/09/2006 Supervisor: Andrew Reeve 1 Acknowledgements I would like to thank everyone w
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    1 Integrated Marketing Communications StrategyLaunching the Prius Diesel into the UK market while establishing awareness of Toyotaas an environmentally friendly performance brand Macro analysis of the Automobile IndustryandMicro analysis of Toyota Martin David Beauchamp01076684MA Marketing Communications4MMC7A5 IMC Campaign Planning2005/6 (full time)Westminster Business SchoolDate of submission: 31/09/2006Supervisor: Andrew Reeve    2  Acknowledgements I would like to thank everyone who has influenced my life and therefore my work. With specialthanks to all those who have helped me to keep my sanity through this thesis and the last year.    3  Abstract This report analyses the automotive industry paying particular attention to the UK marketplace.Furthermore, Toyota will be critically evaluated on the basis that it will be the host company from whichthe new vehicle will be launched into the UK market. However, the global market will be analysed inorder to ascertain current issues, as these will ultimately impact on the UK market. Additionally, theproposed new product will have to be sold in markets other than the UK as to recoup the cost of development, thus the importance of understanding the international market. After the analysis is made the report will continue to outline a market entry strategy using acomprehensive integrated marketing communications plan that will ensure a successful launch whilstachieving other synergistic effects on the Toyota brand. The launch campaign will attributed a budget of £12.5 million and this is expected to achieve a revenue of in excess £85 million. As the automobileindustry operates with small margins the campaign expenditure is estimated to exceed profitability,however this can be justified due to raising awareness levels and residual effect the campaign is likely tohave on other models during the campaign and upon the diesel hybrid after the campaigns’ completion.    4 Contextual ReadingThis project is largely based on data exhumed from: AID Newsletter, Schmidt’s auto publications an industry magazine.Mintel ReportsToyota Annual Report 2005SMMT and DfIESMAR: The Positioning of Green TechnologyKotler’s Marketing Management text book MediatelWhile these sources were instrumental, this project could not have been completed without the countlessother sources, which have been used directly or indirectly for contextual reading and broadened theoverall value of this thesis.Methodology All major marketing models were used to a varying degree in analysing the market place and establishingthe communications programme.Research SourcesThis report is heavily dependent on secondary research. The importance of the automobile industry hasensured that it is widely written about and that all facts and figures that are available and of interestingto shareholder are published. A verity of sources were consulted in establish many sections of this report.While researching, one research paper from March 2004 was unearthed. Published in ESMAR andentitled: ‘The Positioning of Green Technology’ (questioning 1,300+ people), this paper presented aninsight into the perceptions of hybrid technology in particular for the Toyota Prius. Despite the age of thisresearch it did research many of the finding are still valid and were either observed at the London MotorShow or after informally interviewing a Toyota and Honda representative.The reason for not conducting and independent survey was difficulty of accessing the required numbersin the target demographic to gain statistically valid results. It was also felt that combining the abovementioned research with research conducted by Mintel (2004) into car retailing (based on a universe of 25,000 people) along with the informal interviews and blog/car reviews this would give ample basis inunderstanding consumers views.
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