Important battles of the revolutionary war

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1. Important battles of the Revolutionary War By: Me(Dylan Orwig) 2. Lexington and Concordã Date: Wednesday, April 19, 1775ã Weather: ~55-65`F, winds calmã…
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  • 1. Important battles of the Revolutionary War By: Me(Dylan Orwig)
  • 2. Lexington and Concord• Date: Wednesday, April 19, 1775• Weather: ~55-65`F, winds calm• Location: Lexington and Concord Massachusetts
  • 3. Siege of Fort Ticonderoga• Date: Wednesday, May 10, 1775• Weather: ~55-65`F, winds 10 knots• Location: Fort Ticonderoga, New York
  • 4. Battle of Chelsea Creek• Date: Saturday, May 27, 1775• Weather: 65 degrees and cloudy• Location: Suffolk County, Massachusetts
  • 5. Battle of Bunker( Breeds) Hill• Date: Friday, June 16, 1775• Weather: ~55-65`F, winds 10 knots• Location: Charlestown, Massachusetts
  • 6. Battle of Quebec• Date: Sunday, December 31, 1775• Weather: ~31`F,Blizzard conditions• Location: Quebec City, Province of Quebec
  • 7. Battle of Long Island( Brooklyn Heights)• Date: Tuesday, August 27, 1776• Weather: ~78-82`F, rain/fog and high winds• Location: Long Island, New York
  • 8. Battle of White Plains• Date: Monday, October 28, 1776• Weather: Heavy rains• Location: White Plains, New York
  • 9. Battle of Fort Washington• Date: Saturday, November 16,1776• Weather: ~28`F; winds ~20-30 knots; Light Snow• Location: Washington Heights, Manhattan, New York
  • 10. Battle of Trenton• Date: Thursday, December 26, 1776• Weather: ~20`F, cloudy, winds calm• Location: Trenton, New Jersey
  • 11. Battle of Princeton• Date: Friday, January 03, 1777• Weather: ~28`F; clear; windy• Location: Princeton, New Jersey
  • 12. Battle of Oriskany• Date: Wednesday, April 06, 1777• Weather:84`F, clear, humid, and light winds• Location: Oriskany , New York
  • 13. Battle of Bennington• Date: Saturday, August 16, 1777• Weather: ~80F Cloudy, Rain and Thunderstorms• Location: Bennington, New York
  • 14. Battle of Brandywine• Date: Thursday, September, 11, 1777• Weather: ~50F winds calm; thick fog• Location: Near Chadds Ford, Pennslyvania
  • 15. Battle of Saratoga( Freeman’s Farm)• Date: Friday, September, 19, 1777• Weather: 52`F,cloudy• Location: Saratoga Country, New York
  • 16. Battle of Germantown• Date: Saturday, October 04, 1777• Weather: 34`F, cloudy, morning fog• Location: Germantown, Pennslyvania
  • 17. Battle of Saratoga( Bemis Heights)• Date: Tuesday, October 07, 1777• Weather: 48F Cloudy• Location: Saratoga County, New York
  • 18. Battle of Monmouth• Date: Sunday, June 28, 1778• Weather: ~96`F, warm and humid• Location: Monmouth, New Jersey
  • 19. Siege of Charlestown• Date: Wednesday, March 29, 1780• Weather: ~65-70`F, clear, very windy• Location: Charlestown, South Carolina
  • 20. Battle of Kings Mountain• Date: Saturday, October 07, 1780• Weather: ~22`F winds 13knots• Location: Near Blackburn, SC and Kings Mountain, NC
  • 21. Battle of Cowpens• Date: Wednesday, January 17, 1781• Weather: ~55-65`F, winds 10knots• Location: Cowpens, South Carolina
  • 22. Battle of Guilford Courthouse• Date: Thursday, March 15, 1781• Weather:~45-50`F, sunny• Location: Guilford Courthouse, North Carolina
  • 23. Battle of Eutaw Springs• Date: Saturday, September 08, 1781• Weather: ~75-85`F, winds 15-20 knots• Location: Near present-day Eutawville, South Carolina
  • 24. Battle of Yorktown• Date: Tuesday, October 09, 1781• Weather:~49-60`F, winds 7-20 knots• Location: Yorktown, Virginia
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