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Dr. Schneider, founder of the Radio for Peace International in Costa Rica, suggested an interview with Dr. Harbhajan Singh, during the World Conference on Unity of Man, 3-6 February, 1994, Kirpal Sagar, India.
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  1 I NTERVIEW  In the evening of February 5, 1994, Dr. Schneider, founder of the Radio For  Peace International in Costa Rica, suggested an interview with Dr. Harbha- jan Singh. After an intensive conference-schedule the recording could be doneat 9.00 p.m. Dr. Schneider: This is Dr. Richard Schneider speaking from Kirpal Sagar, inthe Punjab, India, and with me is my today’s guest Dr. Harbhajan Singh,chairman of Unity of Man.It is wonderful that you are able to take time out of your schedule to be withus in broadcasting for Radio For Peace International which of course goesaround the world. Let’s get right to the point, what is the Unity of Man? Dr. Harbhajan Singh: Actually the unity already exists in man, but we haveforgotten. All human beings are one, we are of the same essence as that of our Father. He is the ocean of all consciousness and we are a drop of this con-sciousness. We all have come from one and the same source and have to go back to the same source. Our cause is one and the same. We are differentiat-ed in the world by various ways, and those ways are self-created, created byman himself, not by God, since God made man and man made religions.When his wish was not fulfilled, he created the outer rituals and rites there-after, he created the shackles. All these problems in the world are not due tothe true religion that is within us: that is one and the same for everybody inthe world throughout humanity – but due to the shackles which are preachedoutside.There is an inner religion and the outer religion. The inner religion is one andthe same for everyone, and that teaches us love, that reminds us of the broth-erhood of man and the Fatherhood of God. We are all one, and who is our Fa-ther? Who is our Master? Christ lived before Jesus, Christ has no beginning,no end. He worked on the pole of Jesus and he wascalled Jesus Christ. The same power worked on different poles like Guru Nanak, Kabir, Maulana Rumi, Guru Gobind Singh, and in the 20th centurySant Kirpal Singh. He was a Word-made-flesh-Power. So when such powerscome into the world, they are all one in God. Those who become conscious of themselves and realize God, they don’t differentiate among them.Sometimes this power came as Christ, sometimes He came as Guru Nanak, soour purpose with them is very unique and very positive and potent. Simply we © W ORLD -C ONFERENCEON U  NITYOF M AN 2007 –  2have to determine our life and to live with it and do with it. How long? Up toour last breath. Because we have to become conscious. We are already con-scious entities, but on the level of senses we have forgotten what we are, whowe are, from where we came, how we came, and what is the purpose of hu-man life. This we have entirely forgotten. There is hardly any reason to blamethe religion, the true religion, but we have simply to become an example inthe world. We have to be conscious in the world – conscious about our sub- ject. And if we are conscious about our subject, then we are conscious abouteverything in the world. Dr. Schneider: That is a very wonderful and powerful and positive message,what advice do you have for man? Dr. Harbhajan Singh: Throughout generations, from ages upon ages, the purpose of man has remained the same, because this teaching is very, very old.When we came, this teaching came within us, and all that is written in theHoly Scriptures, that is the experience of our competent Masters. They wentinside, and whatever they realized, they put into the Holy Scriptures, and their experience must become our experience. Whatever is in the Holy Scriptures,that is in the manbody, but whatever is in the manbody, that does not existeven in all the Holy Scriptures of the world. So this manbody is called a won-derful house we live in. It is a true Bible, it is a true church, it is a true Gur-dawara or Temple. So man is the highest rung in the whole creation, man isolder than all the philosophies of the world.This teaching is within us. For example, 500 years back there was no Sikhism,similarly before Islam, Christianity and Buddhism existed, this teaching was al-ready there. There was food for the hungry and water for the thirsty, at all times.Thus faiths came, went, and vanished, but this teaching remained in man. Soman must become an apostle of truth, he must realize all his problems.Whatever these problems created by man are, now it is a time when he shouldsolve them himself. The purpose is not to look like a man, but to be a man, areal human being rather. We are all one and we can bring unity into the worldthrough this right teaching that is within us. As for example, there is only onequestion, and there is only one answer to it. You put me any question – if Igave you the wrong answer, you would never cooperate with me, since youhave the right answer within you. So far, these are the higher values of life, if you live with higher values of life, you will only have one answer to one ques-tion. Otherwise the whole world is bewildered and stuck to the books. © W ORLD -C ONFERENCEON U  NITYOF M AN 2007 –  3There is a mention about God in the Holy Scriptures, but God is not there, Godis in the manbody. The Holy Scriptures tell us to tap inside and see ourselves,to ”See the glory of our Father that is within.” Dr. Schneider: This sounds like a great message of hope, do you feel that weare at a point of real hope in the world, where the transformation that is nec-essary can occur? Dr. Harbhajan Singh: Yes, there is a hundred percent opportunity as two andtwo make four. It is such a beautiful subject: Man can become a man, becausethe help is within. The Father wants that His child comes back. All HolyScriptures stress upon this point, and for that reason, a lot of Masters sacri-ficed their life to uphold their mission to safe the humanity. We are not themanbody, we are the indweller of it, we have to leave it, but our contact (withthe Godpower) in the manbody is eternal and ever fresh. So this reminds us atonce that we are the children of light, our Father is in the heaven and we haveto go back there. It is really no problem, but what do you need? You need onewho is commissioned by the Godpower. And that one who is commissioned by the Godpower would never claim that he is a Master. He says, “I am a bor-rowed servant of the Master, because there is only one doer.” And who is thatdoer? The Christpower, Masterpower, Godpower. There is only one doer inthe world. Those who claim themselves to be a Master they can never be theMaster. It is said in the Holy Scriptures, that there is none in a million, maybeone in a billion. Who is that power? Who resides in every heart? – It is theChristpower, Masterpower, Godpowe! As we see so many bulbs over here, but our attention is in the light, not in the glass. So all Masters in whose namethese blessed religions do exist they came for one purpose. It is we people whocreated these religions after their names. They never had the intention tofound a new religion. Dr. Schneider: What practical application have you made over here in thiscentre? Dr. Harbhajan Singh: The higher values of life, because the purpose of hu-man life is to meet a good end. There are not only the higher values of life, butafter the higher values of life you have to see the very hidden values of life.At present our soul is fully controlled by mind, it is bearing the tentacles of the mind, spreading like a parasitic plant. And we are not conscious. Becausewhatever we are getting from the soul, that is digested directly by the mindand the senses and the outgoing faculties of the mind. So we are in the clutch © W ORLD -C ONFERENCEON U  NITYOF M AN 2007 –  4of this sphere, it is called “Maya”. Maya is not money matter, as it is said bymany (so-called) masters, Maya is a name for forgetfulness. Whatever we doin ignorance, that binds us. Anything that binds us in the reaction, that is calledMaya. So Maya is a great force in the world. Whatever we are seeing and ex- periencing is putting us back into the reactions. So how to detach from theworld of attachment? People say, “It is very difficult to remain unattached inthe world of attachment.” But Master says, “No, it is not difficult.” It is veryright. If there is somebody who can detach you from this body – because wehave to detach from it – if he is able to detach you, then it is a very pleasantsubject. The fear of death is only due to two reasons: That we have not learnthow to die, and next, that we do not know where to go after leaving the body.If we learn these two things then there is no fear of death. But now there is avery big problem, that this teaching is taught by many, but there are experi-ences given by the Masterpower and there are experiences given by the neg-ative powers. Because all illusions, all wranglings are not created at the seatof the soul but below the seat of the soul.All people say that between the two eyes, behind the eyebrow, there is the seatof the soul, but where is really the seat of the soul? First there is the intellect,then (a little bit above) there is the mind and then (above it) there is the soul.Most of the people stress over here (at the level of mind and intellect).Through imagination we cannot have the (positive) experience, it is a way of intellect. Master says, reading, writing, feelings, emotions, drawing infer-ences, all can be subject to error. Seeing is above all. So how can we see thisreality eye-to-eye? Our third eye has to realize it. But what is going on in theworld? When you stress over here, you must know that mind in the body is al-ways the astral mind. So you are experiencing that light that appears from themind. When you stress upon the mind, it will take you to the chakras. Mind isa matter, it will simply take you to the chakras, it cannot find a way out. Justas you throw a piece of earth into the air, its source is the earth, it will comedown. Take one candle, you may turn it up and down, its flame will always goup, because the source of this light is above. So mind only is getting this lightdirectly from the spirit and it cannot jump up. Since it is already workingthrough the senses and the sense organs, it finds only a way downward, itstrend is always downward. It never rises above. This is one problem. Thereare people who are meditating very much, but they lose their life. It is saidabout Rishis and Munis that they meditated for maybe thousand years, they became skeletons of bone, but they could not solve the riddle of life. But thosewho came in contact with the competent Masters, they said that they have © W ORLD -C ONFERENCEON U  NITYOF M AN 2007 –
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