Magnaflux DN-543 Operation Materials

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  FOR NON.DESTRUCTIVE . WITH TESTING TRADEMARKS, Res. U. S. Pqt. OII. EHICAGO  TYPE DN-543 uNrr The Type DN-543 Mognolluxt Unitwqs de- signed primorily to provide inexpensive equip-ment lor oircrcrlt overhqul work. It is suiioble forinspection by thewet-olternqtingcurrent method ol o greot vcriety ol mqchined pcrts. During overhqul of smollqircroft engines it is used to inspect criticol ports lor lotigue crcrcks ond similordelects. It moyqlsobe used to inspect pcrrts lor grinding ond heci treoting crcrcks crnd voriousother signiliccrntsurlqce discontinuities. This unit is ol compoct, rugged construction crnd hqs <r speciol oil ond weqr resistqnt linish. It is designed Ior mqximum operotingefficiency ond durobility ond requires q minimum ol mqintenqnce. The DN-543 unit provides cr convenient source ol low-voltoge, high-ompercrge A.C. Ior both mognetizotion crnd demognetization. Inspection of qn orecr lor discontinuities in oll directions usuolly requires two seporote operotions. Pqrts ol the type inspected with this unit ore usucrlly circulorly mognetized to revecrl longitudinol ond rodiol discontinuities, qnd longitudinolly mcrg- netized to reveql trcnsversediscontinuities.CIRCULAR MAGNETIZATION Circulcrr mognetizotion is occomplished by pcrssing current thru the portorthru conductorthrecrded lhru on opening in the port. On'thisunit ele.ctricol contqct is mqde by clcmping be- tween the contoct plotes. Mcrximum opening be- tween the contoct plctes is 54 . The clompingqrrqngement consists ol qn oir cylinder operoted hecdstock qnd cr push-pull type tcilstock. The tcrilstock is clomped in position by meons ol thehcrndle shown. The oir cylinder is operoted by o hond lever locoted on the lront ol ihe hecdstock housing ond requireson crir line pressureof lrom 35 to 100 lbs./sq. in. A needle vqlve controls the speed of operction ol the oir cylinder. The unitis equipped with o regulotor vcrlve to permitvcr- icrtion oI the pressure octuolly used in clomping. Pressure gquge, filter lor the qir line, crnd lubri-cqtor Ior the oir cylinder crre furnished. Air con- sumption is procticclly negligible. LONGITUDINAL MAGNETIZATION Longitudinol mcgnetizotion is accomplished by meqns ol cr seporate coil which, when used, is ploced on the unit qs shown in the inset. The contqct crrms ol the coil <rre clomped between the contqct plctes of the unit. The stcndcrd coil hcrs on opening opproximotely 10 x 12 . Ports ore demognetized by pcrssing them thru the coil while thecurreni is on. INSPECTION MEDIUM Any oI the Mognollux or Mcrgncrglo'postes moy be used in preporing the inspection medium which is contoined in a tonk equipped with on electricpumpoctivoted crgitotion sysiem unique in effectiveness. The inspection medium is de- liveredthru the hose qnd nozzle of the unit to the port being inspected.CURRENTOUTPUT The DN-543 unit hqsmqximum output roting ol2500 omps. crnd continuous duty roting ol 600 qmps. Output is regulcrted by meons ol q cqrbon pile rheostot crnd knileswitch. Continuous regu- lotion is obtcrined in the lower output rcrnge. Mox- imumoutput is mode crvcriloble by operoting the knileswitch. Output is controlled by meons of the push-button onthelront ol the unit. A speciol switch lor leoving ihe currenton during demog- netizcriion is provided. The current llowingis in- diccrted by the crmmeter loccried in the instrumentponel.CURRENT INPUTThis unit is usuolly constructed Ior operotion on220 or 440 volt,50/60 cycle, single phose current. It is not constructed {oroperotion on more thqn one voltoge interchongeobly. It moy be corr- structed{or operotion on other stcrndqrd voltqgescrndlrequencies but not lor less thcrn 208 volts. \i[hen operoted or 220 volt, 60 cyclecurrent in- puts ol 20 <rnd I00 omps. ore required lor con- tinuous duty crnd moximum roted outputs respec- tively. SIZE DATAThe DN-543 unit hqs overqll orrd toble heights ol 55 crnd 35 respectively. Overcrll lloor spoce required is 33 x75 . Net ond shipping weights dre opproximotely 850 cnd 1050 lbs. respectively.V[hen ordering, correct operoting current chcrr- crcteristics should be specilied. An initiol supply ofMcgncllux or Mcrgnoglo poste will be needed. II Mognoglo isto be used c suitoble neqr-ultrcr- violet light will olso beneeded. Vqrious qcces- sories <rnd certainreplocement ports will prob- obly be desircrble. lr4efol&re la.tVenttaa Sytynaat o M A GN A F LU x *MAGNAFLUX ond MAGNAGLO, Registered U.S. Poleni Office, lrode morls of Mognoflur Corporotionopplied lo ils equipment' ond hoterl :'i I ! c q R..P o.n  DN-543 UNIT AT!,.9,No Chicogo - NewYork - LosAngeles:- Dotlos - Detroit - Clevelond rls lor moineiic porticle inspection. Processes qnd melhods used in mognetic porticle inspeclion ore covered by voriousU. S.Lelteis PqtEnt.  WV e@ru hWgbWru caruwelw w s@H 6A00EASTWASHINGTON E LVO. 4-L2-72 ATE LOs ANGELES,c:ALTFORNTA9OO22 CA6LE: MAGNAFLUx PAGE l_oF 2 665-600t.aREACODE2t3 UNIT AMMETER I{/1rr DIA. COPPER BAR 19'l LONG 3 700 4 900 5 1200 CUSTOMERSCOMPANY p. o. ll 38137 SAN DIEGO MIRA}fAR COLLEGE OUR SHOp ORDER n RS-1166 ADDRESS LO440 Black Mountain Road PERSONNEL Inspect.ion CONDITION: MECHANICAL ELECTRICAL CLEATILINESS FAIRCITY San Diego EQUIruENT Magnaflux MODEL DN-543SERIAL VOLTAGE NO 4822L 220/440 AMPEMGE OUTPUT: UNIT AI.O{ETER ACITATION TEST AI.{METER & SHINM cALrBMrroN patr_jIl _ 3 tso 4 9so 5 tzso 6 GOOD til E tn E tltl flE POOR tl E tl E UsingRheostat without_/1184.QC Copper pads 25oo2soo2 5oo 3 zoo 4 9oo 5 tzoo 6 Using maximum 2100 Max. current contrdl switch 5 1 89 2100 l{ax.   2150 Max. 9 Iulaximum using-copper pads COIL: No. Turns -6 700 .A.per Turns 4200 posltionPistol Grip 703, type 3 (unfiltered), equipped dlsc. - 1800 amps l{ax. AnperageLIGHTING: &Pf[fX Black !ype-- 4:23: Light intensitytest nade with a Weston site meter No. with a 10x multlpller discor 0-750 wlrh Ehe multlplier Foot Candles at15rr 50 REMARKS:RECOMMENDATIONS: OIL PUMP: Yes lrl No I-l OIL FAlt: Yee CLEAN RECTTFTERS: yeslmllo(fldxE] CHECKCONTACT PoINTS: Yes F(-l No n TII*{ING SET srlr. I lachine in satisfactory condition Loss of 400 amps should improve a littlein use of new cable. Recomrend blacklight should be replaced at once. was f'ound working satisfactory, but 400 amps below rated output. qulp,urent},ATERIAL IiIONDITTRUCTIVETE!TI NGgY''EM3 xElHooatlFvrcE3 Servlce Engineer
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