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OWNER S MANUAL Off High Low Model HCM-890 Series 2.0 GALLON (7.6 LITERS) OUTPUT PER DAY* NATURAL COOL MOISTURE HUMIDIFIER *Output dependent on room temperature and humidity. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS
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OWNER S MANUAL Off High Low Model HCM-890 Series 2.0 GALLON (7.6 LITERS) OUTPUT PER DAY* NATURAL COOL MOISTURE HUMIDIFIER *Output dependent on room temperature and humidity. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS READ AND SAVE THESE SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING THIS HUMIDIFIER When using electrical appliances, basic precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and injury to persons, including the following: 1. Always place this humidifier on a firm, flat and level surface. This humidifier may not work properly on an uneven surface. 2. Place this humidifier in an area where it is not accessible to children. 3. Do not place the humidifier near any heat sources such as stoves, radiators, and heaters. 4. Before using the humidifier, check the power cord for any signs of damage. If the cord is found to be damaged, DO NOT USE and return the humidifier to the manufacturer under the warranty agreement for repair. 5. This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). To reduce the risk of shock, this plug is intended to fit only one way in a polarized outlet. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. DO NOT attempt to defeat this safety feature. 6. To disconnect the humidifier, first turn controls to the OFF position, then grip the plug and pull it from the wall outlet. Never pull by the cord. 7. A loose fit between the AC outlet (receptacle) and plug may cause overheating and a distortion of the plug. Contact a qualified electrician to replace loose or worn outlet. 8. The humidifier should always be unplugged and emptied when not in operation or while being serviced or cleaned. 9. Never tilt or attempt to move the humidifier while it is operating or filled with water. UNPLUG the humidifier before moving. 10. This humidifier requires regular cleaning. Refer to the CLEANING instructions provided. Never clean the humidifier in any manner other than as instructed in this manual. 11. Turn the humidifier OFF if the relative humidity exceeds 60%, or if you notice moisture on the inside of your windows. For proper humidity reading use a hygrometer, which is available in many hardware and department stores or by ordering one from the manufacturer (see Care Products). Off High INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing a Honeywell Natural Cool Moisture humidifier. If you would like more information on our full line of products please visit our website at: HOW DOES IT WORK? Natural Cool Moisture System The fan pulls dry air through a wet filter and releases invisible moisture into the air. When the unit is running you will not see or feel a mist. You will know your humidifier is putting moisture into the air as you watch the water level in your tank decrease throughout the day. The Honeywell exclusive Automatic Moisture Balance System increases moisture output when the air is dry and lowers the moisture output when the humidity level is high. This automatically helps to adjust the output for maximum comfort and helps prevent condensation. MODEL HCM-890 Your humidifier is made up of the following parts: MOTOR HOUSING Low WATER TANK NATURAL COOL MOISTURE FILTER FILL CAP RINSE-TO-CLEAN BASE SET UP NOTE: We recommend that the humidifier be disinfected prior to first use. Please see CLEANING instructions. Select a firm, level, flat location at least six inches (15 cm) from any wall for proper air flow (Fig. 1). Place the humidifier on a water-resistant surface, as water can damage furniture and some flooring. Honeywell will not accept responsibility for property damage caused by water spillage. FILLING Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Wall Lift 6 Remove the water tank by grasping the handle and pulling straight up (Fig. 1). Lift up on the Motor Housing to remove and set aside (Fig. 2). Remove the Natural Cool Moisture filter from the base before filling the unit with water. Soak in a sink full of cool water to help reduce mineral build up and place back in the humidifier while wet. DO NOT SQUEEZE OR WRING OUT THE NATURAL COOL MOISTURE FILTER. To help extend the life of your filter repeat this step each time you fill your humidifier. Turn the water tank upside down so that the fill cap is facing up; unscrew the fill cap by turning it counter-clockwise and set aside. Fill the water tank with COOL tap water (Fig. 3). Distilled water is not necessary as the water is filtered by the Natural Cool Moisture filter. DO NOT USE HOT WATER. Doing so may damage the humidifier. Replace the fill cap by turning it clockwise Turn the water tank right-side up.. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. FILLING CONTINUED NOTE: WHEN CARRYING THE FILLED WATER TANK, PLEASE USE THE HANDLE AND PLACE YOUR OTHER HAND UNDER THE TANK FOR ADDITIONAL SUPPORT. Place the Motor Housing back onto Rinse-to-Clean Base. Once the filled tank has been positioned, do not attempt to move the humidifier. If it has to be moved, unplug the humidifier and remove the water tank first. NOTE: DO NOT POUR WATER INTO THE GRILL ON THE TOP OF THE MOTOR HOUSING. DOING SO MAY DAMAGE THE HUMIDIFIER OR CAUSE PERSONAL INJURY. OPERATION CAUTION: DO NOT PLUG IN THE HUMIDIFIER WITH WET HANDS AS AN ELECTRIC SHOCK COULD OCCUR. POWER With the power switch in the OFF position, plug the filled humidifier into a polarized 120V outlet. DO NOT FORCE THE POLARIZED PLUG INTO THE OUTLET; it will only fit one way. HUMIDITY CONTROL 1. Set the fan speed control to the desired position (Fig. 4). Fig. 4 HIGH: For fast humidifying LOW: For quieter operation Off High Low NOTE: The length of time your humidifier runs will vary depending on the quality of construction and insulation of your room and house, as well as the fan speed. 2. Turn the humidifier OFF if the humidity level feels too moist or you notice condensation forming on the walls and/or windows. ALWAYS be sure to empty any unused water in the Rinse-to-Clean Base and/or Water Tank each time you refill the water tank or finish using the humidifier. WEEKLY CLEANING We recommend cleaning the humidifier once a week, more often if you have hard water or notice a build up of impurities or detect unpleasant odors. NOTE: THE USE OF OTHER WATER TREATMENT PRODUCTS MAY DAMAGE THE FILTER OR HUMIDIFIER. Cleaning involves two steps SCALE REMOVAL and DISINFECTING. Be sure to perform these in the proper order to avoid harmful chemical interactions. First, turn off and unplug the humidifier. Remove the Water Tank and Motor Housing. Remove the Natural Cool Moisture filter from the Rinse-to- Clean Base. Discard any residual water from the Base. Clean all outside surfaces with a dry, soft cloth. DO NOT USE WATER. THIS MAY DAMAGE THE HUMIDIFIER OR CAUSE ELECTRIC SHOCK. NOTE: Remove filter before cleaning Failure to remove the filter during cleaning will destroy the filter STEP ONE: SCALE REMOVAL RINSE-TO-CLEAN BASE 1. Fill the Rinse-to-Clean Base with either: one cup (8 ozs, 250 ml) of undiluted white vinegar OR DuraRinse Humidifier Cleaner, part no. AC-816, following bottle instructions 2. Let solution stand for 20 minutes 3. With the vinegar or DuraRinse in the Rinse-to-Clean Base clean all interior surfaces with a soft cloth or brush to help remove scales. 4. Rinse the Rinse-to-Clean Base thoroughly with water to remove scale and cleaning solution. STEP TWO: DISINFECTING WATER TANK 1. Fill the water tank with: 1 teaspoon of household bleach 1 gallon (4 L) of water. Pour some of this solution into the Rinse-to-Clean Base. 2. Let solution stand for 20 minutes. 3. Rinse with water until the odor of bleach is gone. PROLONGING THE LIFE OF THE FILTER AND MAINTAINING A CLEAN HUMIDIFIER NOTE: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CLEAN THE NATURAL COOL MOISTURE FILTER WITH ANY CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS, DOING SO WILL DAMAGE THE FILTER. If the Natural Cool Moisture filter appears to be clogged by hard water or mineral deposits, soak it in a sink full of cool water for 10 minutes. DO NOT SQUEEZE OR WRING OUT THE NATURAL COOL MOISTURE FILTER. Always place it back in the humidifier wet. There are many steps you can take each time you fill your humidifier to make sure you get the most life out of our Natural Cool Moisture filter. 1. To prevent mineral deposits use DuraFree Humidifier Descaler Water Softener, part no. AC817, each time the Water Tank is refilled. 2.Treat the Natural Cool Moisture filter with care. DO NOT squeeze or wring it out, DO NOT clean the filter using any chemical solution. 3. Always purchase Honeywell Brand Natural Cool Moisture filters as the fan motor of this humidifier and the Natural Cool Moisture filter are designed to function efficiently as a set. Using any other filter could damage the motor or impair the humidifier s performance. 4.Be sure to empty water from the Water Tank and Base when not in use. END-OF-THE-SEASON CARE AND STORAGE Follow weekly CLEANING instructions when the humidifier will not be used for at least one week or more, or at the end of the season. At the end of the season, remove and throw away the filter; do not store with a used filter. Dry the humidifier completely before storing. DO NOT store with water inside the Base or Water Tank. Pack the unit in its original carton and store in a cool, dry location. Before next use, remember to install a new filter and clean the humidifier. TROUBLE SHOOTING Q: I hear the fan turning, but I don t see any mist. Is my humidifier operating properly? A: Dry air is pulled through the Cool Moisture system and a fan disperses invisible, moisture balanced air. There is no mist emitted. When operating normally you will feel only cool air coming from the unit. Monitor the water level in your tank/base. If you notice a decrease in the water tank over 24 hours then the unit is operating normally. Q: My unit has been running for several hours. I hear the fan spinning, but I do not notice the water level in the tank decreasing. A: First, check the moisture pad to be sure it is wet. If the pad appears dry, remove it from the base and gently rinse under cool water. Reposition wet filter in the base. You may also want to check the current moisture level in your home. If the humidity level is over 60%, the unit will not put out much moisture as your air is already saturated. ELECTRICAL RATINGS This product is rated at 0.6 amps, 120V, 60 Hz. NOTE: IF YOU EXPERIENCE A PROBLEM WITH YOUR HUMIDIFIER PLEASE SEE THE WARRANTY INSTRUCTIONS. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO OPEN OR REPAIR THE HUMIDIFIER YOURSELF. DOING SO WILL VOID THE WARRANTY AND COULD CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE UNIT OR PERSONAL INJURY. IF THE PROBLEM PERSISTS PLEASE CONTACT THE CONSUMER SERVICE CENTER. CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE Mail questions or comments to: Honeywell Consumer Service Center 250 Turnpike Road Southborough, MA USA Please be sure to specify model number. Call us toll-free at: Or visit our website at: DRY COMFORT DAMP % CARE PRODUCTS If your local dealer is out of stock, Honeywell replacement parts and care products may be ordered directly. You can call to order with a MasterCard, Visa or Discover or fill out the form below and mail it along with a check or money order (sorry no COD s accepted) to: Honeywell Consumer Service Center 250 Turnpike Road Southborough, MA USA Please allow four to six weeks for delivery. Massachusetts residents please add 5% Sales Tax. PRICE Item Item No. Qty. US CAN Total Natural Cool Moisture Filter, one per pack AC888 $ 9.99 $13.50 DuraSept Humidifier Bacteriostatic Treatment (32 oz., 1L) AC DuraFree Humidifier Water Softener (32 oz., 1L) AC DuraRinse Humidifier Cleaner (32 oz. 1L) AC Rinse-to-Clean Base HCM Water Tank and Fill Cap HCM Fill Cap HCM Name Digital Hygrometer and Thermometer (F /C ) HAC Measure room temperature and humidity level. Free standing can be used anywhere in the room. Display Temperature. SUBTOTAL MA Residents add 5% Sales Tax/CAN residents only add 7% GST Shipping and Handling (US residents add $4.95/CAN residents add $7.00) TOTAL ENCLOSED Check or Money Order Enclosed Address Credit Card No. Exp. Date Day Time Phone Signature LIMITED WARRANTY Limited Warranty Terms and Conditions You should first read all instructions before attempting to use this product. The enclosed Customer Response card should be filled out and returned within 7 days of purchase. A. This 5 year limited warranty applies to repair or replacement of product found to be defective in material or workmanship. This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from commercial, abusive, unreasonable use or supplemental damage. Defects that are the result of normal wear and tear will not be considered manufacturing defects under this warranty. HONEYWELL IS NOT LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY NATURE. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY, INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ON THIS PRODUCT IS LIMITED IN DURATION TO THE DURATION OF THIS WARRANTY. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, or limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you also may have other rights which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of this product from the original date of purchase. B. At its option, Honeywell will repair or replace this product if it is found defective in material or workmanship. Defective product should be returned directly to Honeywell. C. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from any unauthorized attempts to repair or from any use not in accordance with this manual. NOTE: THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER THE NATURAL COOL MOISTURE FILTER, WHOSE PERFORMANCE WILL DEPEND UPON THE CONDITION OF THE WATER USED IN THE HUMIDIFIER. D.Return defective product to the place of purchase in accordance with store policy or to the following address with a brief description of the problem. Include proof of purchase and a U.S. $10/$14.50 CAN check or money order for handling, return packing and shipping charges. Please include your name, address and a daytime phone number. You must prepay shipping charges. Mark carton Attention Returns Department. Ship to: In the US:In Canada: Honeywell Honeywell ATTN: Returns Department ATTN.: Returns Department Southpoint Distribution Center 510 Bronte Street 4755 Southpoint Drive Milton, ON L9T 2X6 Memphis, TN 38118, U.S.A. Canada All rights reserved. Honeywell P/N: HU Artwork: GUIDE D'UTILISATION Off High Low Série de modèles HCM-890 HUMIDIFICATEUR NATURAL COOL MOISTURE MD À RENDEMENT DE 7,6 LITRES (2 GALLONS) PAR JOUR* *Le rendement est fonction de la température et du degré d humidité d une pièce. IMPORTANTES INSTRUCTIONS DE SÉCURITÉ LIRE CES INSTRUCTIONS DE SÉCURITÉ AVANT D'UTILISER L HUMIDIFICATEUR. L'utilisation d'appareils électriques nécessite des précautions élémentaires afin de réduire les risques d'incendie, de choc électrique ou de blessures. Parmi les précautions à observer, on compte les suivantes: 1. Il convient de toujours placer l humidificateur sur une surface ferme, dégagée et bien horizontale, puisqu il pourrait ne pas fonctionner adéquatement sur une surface inégale. 2. Placer l'humidificateur hors de la portée des enfants. 3. Ne pas placer l'appareil près de sources de chaleur telles que poêles, radiateurs ou appareils de chauffage; radiators, and heaters. 4. Avant d'utiliser l'humidificateur, vérifier que le cordon d'alimentation n'est pas endommagé. Si le cordon est endommagé, NE PAS UTILISER L'APPAREIL, mais plutôt le retourner au fabricant pour une réparation selon les termes de la garantie. 5. Ce produit est équipé d'une fiche polarisée (fiche dont l'une des lames est plus large que l'autre). Afin de réduire les risques de choc électrique, cette fiche ne peut être insérée que d'une seule manière dans la prise de courant polarisée. Si la fiche ne s'insère pas complètement dans la prise, tourner la fiche. Si la fiche ne s'insère toujours pas dans la prise, contacter un électricien. ÉVITER de contourner le dispositif de sécurité que constitue la fiche polarisée. 6. Pour débrancher l'appareil, régler le bouton de contrôle à la position OFF, puis enlever la fiche de la prise de courant. Ne jamais débrancher l appareil en tirant sur le cordon d alimentation. 7. Une mauvaise connexion entre la sortie de courant alternatif et la fiche peut provoquer un échauffement excessif et une déformation de la fiche. Demander à un électricien qualifié de remplacer les prises de courant lâches ou usées. 8. Toujours débrancher et vider l'appareil quand celui-ci ne sert pas ou durant son entretien ou son nettoyage. 9. Éviter d incliner ou de déplacer l humidificateur quand il fonctionne ou qu il est rempli d eau. DÉBRANCHER l'appareil avant de le bouger. 10. Cet humidificateur nécessite un nettoyage régulier. Consulter les instructions de NETTOYAGE ci-jointes. Ne jamais nettoyer l'appareil d'une autre manière que celle prescrite dans le présent guide. 11. Couper le fonctionnement de l humidificateur si l'humidité relative dépasse 60 p. 100 ou si de l humidité se forme à l intérieur des fenêtres. Afin d'obtenir des relevés précis du degré d'humidité, utiliser un hygromètre. Ils sont vendus en quincaillerie et dans les grands magasins et peuvent être commandés de Honeywell (consulter la section PRODUITS D ENTRETIEN). Off High INTRODUCTION Merci d avoir acheté un humidificateur Natural Cool Moisture MD de Honeywell. Pour plus d information sur la gamme complète de nos produits, visitez notre site Web, à COMMENT L HUMIDIFICATEUR FONCTIONNE-T-IL? Système Natural Cool Moisture MD Le ventilateur aspire l'air sec à travers un filtre mouillé et disperse dans la pièce un air invisible et humide. L appareil ne produit pas de «brume» que l on peut voir ou sentir. C est en observant le niveau d eau qui baisse dans le réservoir tout au long de la journée que l on sait que l humidificateur disperse de l humidité dans l air. Le Système automatique assurant une humidité équilibrée (Automatic Moisture Balance System MD ), exclusif à Honeywell, augmente la production d humidité quand l air est sec et la réduit quand le degré d humidité est élevé. Il contrôle automatiquement le rendement de l humidificateur pour obtenir un maximum de confort et prévient la condensation. MODEL HCM-890 L humidificateur est composé des cinq éléments suivants. BOÎTIER DU MOTEUR Low RÉSERVOIR FILTRE NATURAL COOL MOISTURE MD FILL CAP BASE RINSE-TO- CLEAN MD INSTALLATION REMARQUE : On recommande de désinfecter l humidificateur avant de l'utiliser pour la première fois. Consulter les instructions de la section intitulée NETTOYAGE. Placer l'humidificateur sur une surface ferme et de niveau, à une distance d au moins 15 cm (6 po) de tout mur, pour permettre une bonne circulation d air (Fig. 1). Placer l humidificateur sur une surface résistant à l eau, car l'eau peut endommager les meubles et certains revêtements de sol.honeywell ne pourra nullement être tenue responsable des dégâts causés par des déversements d eau. REMPLISSAGE Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Mur Soulever 6 Enlever le réservoir en tenant la poignée et en tirant vers le haut (Fig. 1). Soulever le boîtier du moteur. Mettre de côté (Fig. 2). Retirer le tampon Natural Cool Moisture MD de la base avant de remplir l appareil d eau. Mouiller complètement le tampon en le faisant tremper dans un évier rempli d eau fraîche, afin d aider à réduire l accumulation de minéraux, et replacer le filtre encore mouillé dans la base. ÉVITER DE PRESSER OU DE TORDRE LE TAMPON FILTRE COOL MOISTURE MD. Répéter cette opération à chaque remplissage de l humidificateur en vue de prolonger la durée de service du filtre. Retourner le réservoir de sorte que le bouchon de remplissage soit dirigé vers le haut. Dévisser le bouchon de remplissage en tournant dans le sens
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