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Payroll system is the heart of any Human Resource System of an Organization. The solution has to take care of calculation of salary as per rules of the Company, Income-Tax calculation and various deductions to be done from salary including statutory deductions like Income Tax and Provident Fund deductions. It has to generate pay-slip, cheque summary and MIS reports. Payroll System Employee Information System Employee Information System Attendance and Leave Management Earning & Deductions Loan A
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  Payroll system is the heart of any Human Resource System of an Organization. Thesolution has to take care of calculation of salary as per rules of the Company, Income-Taxcalculation and various deductions to be done from salary including statutory deductionslike Income Tax and Provident Fund deductions. It has to generate pay-slip, chequesummary and MIS reports. Payroll System Employee Information SystemEmployee Information SystemAttendance and Leave ManagementEarning & DeductionsLoan Accounting SystemInvestmentsPayroll ProcessingReporting & AnalysisSecurity and AdministrationPersonal InformationFamily InformationQualificationExperienceHealth InformationBank AccountCompany InformationLeave EligibilitySalaryEarning & Deductions Earning Types# Regular (e.g. Basic, Conveyance, HRA etc.)# Adhoc (e.g. Bonus, Performance Incentives etc.)  Earning Definition# Grade-wise or Employee-wise# Fixed Value or Formula based# Monthly or Yearly# AccumulationStatutory Deductions# PF# EPS# Income TaxOther Deduction# Adhoc (e.g. Loans, Advances etc.)Loans and Advances Employee InvestmentsLoan TypesLoan EligibilityLoan Management# Application# Balance Tracking# RecoveryLoan Disbursement to InstitutionsInvestment Definition# Investment types# Investment limitsInvestment Management# Proposed Investments# Actual InvestmentsReportsPayslipAttendance Register Department-wise SalaryEmployee-wise SalarySalary DisbursementIncome Tax StatementForm No 16Loan StatementLoan Letter PF Contribution  Major Modules of Payroll Software Employee ProfileLeave Management SystemTime Management SystemPayroll Management SystemEmployee Transfer, Promotions & Increments.HRD ProceduresReports  Employee Profile Employee Joining Information.Probation Confirmation details.Employee Profile.Employee Current position and jobprofile.Family background details.Employee Local address and Referencesdetails.Employee Emergency address andcontact person details.Employee Qualification and experiencedetails.Employee Medical History.Employee Accidents Information.Awards given to Employee and theirChildren.Documents submitted by employee.Employee Club Membership Profile.Assets given to employee.Employees extra Circular Activities /sports / social etc.Employee Training details.Employee Appraisals History.Facility Given to Employee. Employee Transfer, Promotions & Increments Transfer Details.Promotion Details.Increment Details. Leave Management System User Defined Leave types.Leave Balance Details.Leave Application.Leave Approvals.Leave rules. Time Management System Employee Shift & Shift rotation withrespect to shift cycle.Employee time management, LateComing, Early going, Absence due totravel on Duty etc.Attendance data can be transfer fromany Time Recording Machine.Overtime Details.Manual Attendance done By Employeedetails. Payroll Management System User defined Salary Heads.Salary formula.Professional Tax Slab (State-wise).Create your own Salary Structures.Payslip Generation HRD Procedures Final SettlementGratuitySuperannuationTax Calculation  LIST OF REPORTS AVAILABLE UNDER VARIOUS MODULES Company  EmployeeLeave & AttendancePayrollGovernment Taxation Forms  Company Company DetailsAssets DetailsAsset Location DetailsAsset De-active detailsCompany Holiday ListLeave Types DetailsProfessional Tax DetailsContractors DetailsBank DetailsAward TypesBonus TypesVehicle DetailsFacility Details Leave & Attendance Employee Leave ApplicationEmployee Leave ApprovalLeave BalanceLate ComingLate SittingEarly GoingCompensate Off DetailsC-Off Balance DetailsShift DetailsEmployee Current ShiftOver Time DetailsEmployee Total Over Time HoursDaily Attendance ReportDaily Absent ReportMonthly Attendance Employee Employee Joining InformationEmployee Probation DetailsEmployee ProfileEmployee Salary StructureTransfer / Promotion DetailsSalary Increment DetailsDocument submitted DetailsResigned Employee DetailsDepartment Wise Employee ListBlood Group Employee ListAssets Given to EmployeeFamily Background DetailsMedical History / Annual CheckupsDetailsEmergency Address – Contacts DetailsAwards Given to EmployeeBirthday ListEmployee Membership DetailsEmployee Training HistoryEmployee Appraisals History Payroll Salary Heads DetailsMonthly Salary RegisterSalary Statement Depositing in BankSalary Cash StatementSalary Cheque StatementSalary SlipBonus DetailsConveyance Details  Government of India Taxation Forms ESIC ChallansPF ChallansPT ChallansForm 6A (Employees Yearly PF Contribution)
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