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Research – Task One – Aspects of Teen Horror During this piece of research I was tasked with looking a multiple different films to then conduct my findings which would then impact the various different aspects of my own media product I was creating with the group. Scream Created : 1996 Directed by : Wes Craven Production Company : Dimension Films and Woods Entertainment Box Office Revenue : $161,600,000 To research Scream would be a massive help to the production of our own film we were making.
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  Research  – Task One  – Aspects of Teen Horror   During this piece of research I was tasked with looking a multiple different films to thenconduct my findings which would then impact the various different aspects of my own mediaproduct I was creating with the group. Scream   Created : 1996   Directed by : Wes Craven   Production Company : Dimension Films and Woods Entertainment   Box Office Revenue : $161,600,000   To research Scream would be a massive help to the production of our own film we weremaking. Scream combines a clever storyline with a lot of twists and turns plus was one of thefirst films to really implement conventions of horror which is still around to this very day.   Target Audience   The target audience for this particular movie would a young age and those that are into thehorror genre. The reason I chose those who are in depth with horrors is because of thenumber of different references spotted throughout the film. Those of a young age wouldwatch it because all the main characters within the film all go to high-school so they couldmake a connection between that.   Opening Scene Analysis   The reason I chose to analyse the opening scene rather than the whole film is because of it'simpact it has on the viewer and because of the numerous different codes and conventions ituses. The first convention used is the teen girl blonde on her own. This creates a sense ofbeing alone and because of the stereotype towards blondes that means she's not asintelligent as other people.The way they used sound within the movie is very conventional on harsh loud soundsoverlaying the quiet aspects of one girl alone. For example you have the overwhelmingsilence and then the popcorn would start popping loudly in the background. This creates asudden bit of tension. Also the telephone ring is very disturbing and hard to ignore. All thesesounds are digetic which means characters within the world are able to hear them. The useof sounds commit further on when on the phone call the voice is clearly disorientated andmuffled which is eary because of the fact you cannot recognise it with the human ear.Another part of mise-en-scene which is used well is the lighting around the house she's in.Inside the house it's a very bright white including furniture and wallpaper for example.Whereas outside of the house everything is dark and black. This represents the light anddark theory which presents an evil versus good effect. The use of this lighting creates a cleardivide between the two characters seen. This also helps the audience discover which is badand good.  The use of costume also helps present horror where the villain as such wears a blackhooded sheet the girl wears white. This goes back to the light vs dark and good vs evilaspect I covered earlier. This again reflects this notion. The mask which the villain wearshave become an iconic part of horror nowadays and it represents anonymity with thecharacter which means you can't put a face to him, much like the voice. This in itself isscary.The film covers a lot of conventions associated with horrors such as night-time, screaming,   masks, gore and secluded locations. All these are combined into this opening segmentwhich means the audience can automatically identify which genre it is and can help themrelate to other horrors.    Nightmare on Elm Street   Created : 1984   Directed by : Wes Craven   Production Company : New Line Cinema, Media Home   Box Office Revenue : $25,504,513   This media text also created by Wes Craven provides a great comparison on his earlier workwhich is this compared to his newer work which I researched earlier, Scream. It shows howhorror codes and conventions have improved overtime. So I'll be looking at the sameaspects I covered in Scream for a comparison and then draw a small conclusion on whichone provides the better aspects towards the horror genre.The target audience remains the same as Scream where it targets a young audiencepreferably late teen. This again is because they can most relate to the characters which arein the same age group. Opening Scene Analysis   The first couple of shots during the opening sequence relies on its camera shots to gain itstension where it focusses on extreme close-ups on different parts of the persons body. Thisshows that they're deliberately not showing everything so you can't get a familiarity with thatperson. The use of this also means you don't know who they are. Thus keeping theanonymity.The use of sound is also added to create additional tension. The emphasis on deepbreathing that they use is something that we'd like to use in our piece. To single out bits ofbreathing show that you're focussing specifically on this therefore making it apparent to theviewer. The viewer will relate that when you breath heavily you normally are scared. Alsothere's non-digetic chilling music in the background which progressively gets louder as theclimax approaches.As mentioned earlier the camera angles are used to a good effect but also to add to this theediting where the producers have stringed everything together in a very dramatic way. Thisfilm also uses the standard horror conventions of darkness and standard kitchen knifesbeing used as weapons.In comparison to Scream it definitely takes itself more seriously so it's hard to compare thetwo because they focus on different parts of horror. To base ours on however would be morewise to focus on Nightmare on Elm Street.  Paranormal Activity Created : 2007   Directed by : Oren Peli   Production Company : Dreamworks Pictures and Paramount Pictures   Box Office Revenue : $193,355,800   When compared to the previous two film case studies this film definitely will help identify howhorror movies have came along during recent years. Plus because Paranormal Activity wasshot on a relatively small budget it'd be good to see how they managed to film in such asmall budget which is obviously where ours is in. Target Audience The target audience for this movie would be in the range of 18-28, so young adults. I thinkthis is the targeted audience because younger and older audience would be too afraid of thehorror which the film commits. Also because of the reviews claiming it to be too scary meansthat older age groups may be put off. One of the bedroom scene analysis   This particular scene was done well because of the simplicity that was involved and alsogoes back to the point on being on a small budget and got a tight time schedule. Thisparticular scene used only one type of shot and angle which was in the corner of thebedroom that included both characters and the paranormal activities that were happeningaround them. This means that everything was taken during one shot which is a massive timesaver as it reduced editing time and ultimately is easier for the producers.The lighting in this particular shot was also done effectively which was dark and had a bluetint which was because of the camera lense which is made to look like an ordinary camera.The effect of this is making it seem more realistic and ultimately evokes fear because of thedarkness. It also displays shadows much longer which mades things seem more eary andstrange.From this movie we can learn to be very simplistic about the techniques we use to film. Forexample instead of taking 5 different shots of the same thing and only use one. Use a singleshot and ride with it rather than wasting time and effort sorting through the unused pieces ofequipment.
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