The Adventures of the Idea Seekers: Sarillion's Struggle For Freedom, Ch.5

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Chapter 5 in the exciting story of Kimma's first Idea Seeker adventure! In Chapter 5, Angry Cloud and Proud Cloud attack! Will the gang's new Plant Babies save the day?
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   A  DVENTURES THEOF THE    A  DVENTURES THEOF THE Sarillion’s Struggle for Freedom By Jorian Clarke  TM  The Adventures of the Idea Seekers:Sarillion ’ s Struggle for Freedom Copyright © 2002-2005 by Jorian Clarke 66   Chapter 5 In the Spaceship for the Trip to Blaycor With his voice cut off now the Darkness had to come up with another way tohypnotize Princess Kimma.“Drat,” he remarked. “I really dislike those meddling twins and their stupid littlePlant Babies. No wonder I like chemicals that make plants shrivel and die. I will have tomake a list of all the planets where Plant Babies are grown and try to wipe them out.”He turned around to think about his seven Clouds of Chaos and choose whocould best hunt down the spaceship carrying Princess Kimma. Sarillion was irritatinglybalanced in harmony most of the time and he much preferred chaos. He didn’t wantSpec and Tra to foil another one of his plans for clouding the Universe. He desperatelywanted Planet Sarillion for himself so he had to cloud Princess Kimma so she couldn’tinterfere. Why just an hour ago it looked like he was going to bring the planet into hiscontrol easily and quickly. He was so close to getting this step of his master plan inplace. If he could cloud Sarillion, all the other planets in this part of the Universe wouldfall like dominos. How could those busy body Idea Seekers have discovered his goal todarken Sarillion and step in when things were going so well for him?  The Adventures of the Idea Seekers:Sarillion ’ s Struggle for Freedom Copyright © 2002-2005 by Jorian Clarke 67  “Angry Cloud, Proud Cloud, go now the two of you and bring me back thatspaceship,” commanded the Darkness to two of his most skilled Clouds. But wait, whatwas this? Could it be the two Clouds were arguing so loudly that they were not listeningand leaving right away as he had dictated?“I don’t know why such a sophisticated fellow such as myself has to work with thelikes of a loud, aggressive, big mouth like you,” complained Proud Cloud polishing hisfingernails on his chest and looking at the effect. “Why, I think I am the best of all theClouds. I’m sure our Lord of Darkness would agree. I have charm, I am subtle, I can actunseen when I want to.”“Act unseen?” snorted Angry Cloud. “Unseen because you are called on lessoften than I am. I am sent out on many more missions than you. In fact, I was just atPlanet Harmon last month.”“But of course,” sneered Proud Cloud. “And we all know how successful youwere there. Not!”“I would have been successful if it hadn’t been for those annoying twins, Specand Tra. Don’t those two ever take a rest?” fumed Angry Cloud. “I would say since I getmore jobs than you do, that would make me the favorite Cloud of our Lord Darkness. Imight be rough and noisy, but everyone knows I’m there when I enter a room. Andpeople turn around after I mist them and act just like me, yelling and bullying everyoneelse around them. Why if you keep up those snooty airs of yours, I’ll be glad to show youpersonally what anger can do by knocking you into the next solar system.”“See, I rest my case. Always the bully. No clever talking for you to get people tobelieve our words are their own. Why brute strength is the only thing you have going foryou. I am so glad that I am me instead of you,” sniffed Proud Cloud as he rolled his eyesand looked down his nose at Angry Cloud.Angry Cloud made a loud roar and got ready to make a charge on Proud Cloudlike a raging bull. But just then the Darkness came between the two of them.  The Adventures of the Idea Seekers:Sarillion ’ s Struggle for Freedom Copyright © 2002-2005 by Jorian Clarke 68  “Boys, boys, get a grip on yourself and focus,” snarled the Darkness with somuch pride and anger that both Clouds were impressed at his skills. “If you don’t shut upand get going, Spec and Tra’s spaceship is going to escape me. Then I’ll send you bothto the hot star of Borgil and we’ll see how well you do keeping your mists around youthen!”The thought of being sent to a place of intense heat and light was a Cloud’sworst nightmare—well, maybe right after no one believing what a Cloud said. Cloudscould only appear to be substantial if someone believed in them and what they weresaying. The closer they got to light or the more their lies were exposed to Truth, the moretransparent they became until if they weren’t careful, they would disappear altogether.“By my calculations,” directed the Darkness, “it looks like the spaceship was on acourse for Blaycor. Off with you now, paralyze them with fear so I can control them andtake over Sarillion.”Without another word, the two Clouds packed up their ammunition and headedtowards the last known coordinates of the cloaked spaceship. As they left Proud Cloudmade a face at Angry Cloud and he reacted by punching Proud Cloud in his stomach.The ammunition for all the Clouds was different based on who they were. Butthe common effect of any of the weapons used by the different Clouds was to makepeople feel alone, different, useless and afraid. When you stopped feeling yourconnection with all other things in the Universe it was easy to get paralyzed into darknessand dumbness and forget the light and creativity you always have inside.Because each person has different skills and strengths, the Clouds never knewwhat was going to be successful in making a person feel afraid. So they used acombination of weapons to try to capture people’s attention and then cloud them.Proud Cloud was particularly fond of using Snooty Spears, Don’t Care Darts, andSelf-Involved Bragging Dust.
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