The Benefits of Tsok Practice Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

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Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche describes the benefits of tsok.
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    Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche Phuntsok Choling Sept. 10, 2008 Rigdzin Dupa Tsok Doing the tsok practice twice a month is the best preparation for accom-plishment in this life, at the time of death, and in the bardo. This is true for even the worst practitioners of this lineage. After receiving the abhisheka, if we just keep the samaya by attend-ing the bimonthly tsoks, Guru Rinpo-che has promised that he will be there after our death to guide us to the Glo-rious Copper Colored Mountain. Even if we’ve been completely lost in sam-sara, there is no doubt that we will meet with Guru Rinpoche in the sipa bardo  , the bardo of becoming. For ordinary beings in the bardo, hav-ing a chance to attain enlightenment depends on having a chance to go to The Benefits of Tsok Practice the Copper Colored Mountain. We hope for the best—to be liberated in this life, or in the bardo of dharmata—and we prepare for the worst, by at least doing tsok practice twice a month. Guru Rin-poche’s vajra words and promise are that he will meet us and guide us to the Copper Colored Mountain. It’s other-wise difficult to have full confidence to  be liberated in the bardo, so this is an important practice. What kind of practitioner are we? What chance do we have to attain enlighten-ment in this life or in the first part of the  bardo, the bardo of dharmata? Based on our level of distraction and our various circumstances, it is difficult to say what our chances are. Few can confidently say they will attain enlightenment in this life or in the bardo of dharmata. Even for those who have done years of retreat in the practice of Dzogchen Ny-   Mangala Shri Bhuti Staying in Step with the Lineage ISSUE #8 – November 2008    Page 2 of 7 The Benefits of Tsok Practice – page 2 of 3 ingtik, it is rare nowadays to have that kind of confidence. From the Dzogchen texts’ point of view, that confidence is necessary, and it must be based on certain signs. But what if we don’t have the signs? And even many great practitioners who do have the signs and know where they will be reborn still do feast practice. Masters who have had all four visions still do feasts twice a month. His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and Tulku Urgyen never missed doing a tsok in their lives. Coming to the tsok regularly requires commitment and dedication. People keep up their commitment to health by exercising every day, even though they can’t take their body with them after death. You can come to the feasts even without understanding much — just with the aspiration to be guided by Guru Rinpoche to the Copper Colored Mountain, and continue your path there. By not coming, you miss so many blessings, and can easily  become lost in confusion. I was thinking of moving the center back down to Boulder to make it easier for people. But I decided against it for this reason of commitment. I thought about how Buddha Shakyamuni intentionally established gathering places for his follow-ers in remote areas so that people had a reason to visit those places. This is not pressure. It is just information. The purpose of coming to tsoks isn’t merely to maintain a tradition of ritual. Regular tsok practice is like our insurance policy, a policy guaranteed by Guru Rinpoche himself. We aren’t just trying to save the face of the lineage or MSB, while getting irritated and resentful that others aren’t participating. Regular tsok practice is our best insurance to continue the Nyingtik path. Keep this in your heart. If your participation also helps continue the tradition, it is a double service: to yourself and to the lineage. Of course, do the tsok wherever you are, but when you have the opportunity, do the tsok at the center. The gathering of males and females, dakas and dakinis, creates important tendrel. The Nyingma and Kagyu lineages emphasize coming to the gathering. In the ce-lestial and human realms, the gathering of male and female energy is important. A feast is a party, and you can’t have a party by yourself.    Page 3 of 7 The Benefits of Tsok Practice – page 3 of 3 For us, tsok practice is a ticket to the Copper Colored Mountain. We develop the right re-lationship by committing to do the feast without resistance, so that even the worst kind of Nyingtik practitioner will still, without a doubt, join the mandala at the Copper Colored Mountain. Guru Rinpoche doesn’t require the commitment from us; we have to develop the connection from our own side. The hook of Guru Rinpoche’s compassion is always there, but in the sipa bardo, it will be of no benefit without a ring, the relationship we have developed with Guru Rinpoche through the tsoks. Some things in life are very simple and easy. If you had clairvoyance, it would be easy to win the lottery by knowing the winning numbers. You could just fill out the ticket and win. Attendance at tsoks is that simple and easy, and the benefits are much greater than winning a lot of money. So just by coming to the tsoks, without any high realization, wisdom, or skillful means, you will be reborn in the Glorious Copper Colored Mountain to continue your path there and swiftly attain enlightenment. Even if you’re distracted, preoccupied, and don’t have signs of realization, you can still be certain to attain rebirth in the Glorious Copper Col-ored Mountain.
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