The Canadian Society of Patristic Studies / Association Canadienne des Études Patristiques

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The Canadian Society of Patristic Studies / Association Canadienne des Études Patristiques BULLETIN Association canadienne des études patristiques (ACÉP)/ Canadian Society of Patristic Studies (CSPS) Volume
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The Canadian Society of Patristic Studies / Association Canadienne des Études Patristiques BULLETIN Association canadienne des études patristiques (ACÉP)/ Canadian Society of Patristic Studies (CSPS) Volume 32, no. 2 (NOV 2008) MESSAGE DU PRÉSIDENT/ MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Dear Colleagues, Our annual conference at the University of British Columbia last May was a great success. We heard many excellent papers and look forward to the same for our next meeting in 2009 in Ottawa. It was lovely to have representatives of the Western Pacific Rim Patristics Society present at our meeting in Vancouver. I would especially like to thank Steven Muir who was program coordinator for the 2008 conference and Harry Maier who served as our local representative in Vancouver. Your hard work is greatly appreciated. Next year s conference will be held at Carleton University in Ottawa May 25 to 27, Our program chair, Geoffrey Dunn, and local representative, Theo De Bruyn, are at work organizing the conference. A call for papers is included in this issue of the Bulletin. At our annual general meeting last year three books were proposed for discussion at the 2009 conference, the Festchrift for Charles Kannengiesser (edited by Lucian Turcescu and Lorenzo DiTomasso), Etudes gnostiques (edited by Paul Hubert Poirier and Jean Pierre Mahe) and Geoff Dunn's recent publication of Tertullian's Adversus Iudaeos. We are also once again soliciting essays at both the undergraduate and graduate level for the two student prizes we are able to offer. Please remember to tell your students about these prizes; teachers can nominate papers themselves as well. Submisions to the student prize award are to be sent to our secretary, Lorraine Buck (see announcement below). The Executive would like to remind you that our society is registered as a charitable organization and therefore is able to accept tax deductible donations. I would like to encourage you to consider donating to our society when renewing your membership. You will thus be able to support our field. Tim Hegedus, President CONGRESS OF THE HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES/ CONGRÈS DES SCIENCES HUMAINES APPEL DE COMMUNICATION/CALL FOR PAPERS La société canadienne des études patristiques tiendra sa réunion annuelle à l Université Carleton, Ottawa, Ontario du 25 au 27 mai, 2009 dans le cadre du Congrès des sciences humaines. Vous êtes invites à présenter, en français ou en anglais, une courte communication suivie d échanges, le tout reparti sur une période de trente minutes. Des communications sur n importe quel thème patristique sont demandées. La Fédération canadienne des sciences humaines encourage des communications qui explorent le thème du Congrès de cette année, «Capital Connections : Nation, terroir, territoire» (une exploration de l identité et de la façon dont notre espace physique contribue à notre compréhension de ce qui nous sommes), mais nous accueillons les communications sur toutes les matières concernant notre domaine. On devra faire parvenir au plus tard le 31 janvier, 2009 le titre de la communication, un bref résumé d une centaine de mots, et une indication de tout besoin technique éventuel (équipement informatique ou audiovisuel) au responsable du programme. Vous pourriez envoyer vos soumissions par courriel au responsable du programme, Dr. Geoffrey D. Dunn. Il faut que le programme soit approuvé pour distribution en février. Donc, les soumissions qui n arrivent pas à l heure ne peuvent pas être inclues. On ne peut pas accorder des demandes de audiovisuel après la date limite. The Canadian Society of Patristic Studies will hold its annual meeting at Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, May, Papers in English or French are invited for presentation in the form of short communications followed by discussion (time for presentation and discussion is usually 30 minutes). Papers on any theme relevant to patristic studies are invited. The Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences encourages papers exploring the topic of this year s congress, Capital Connections : Nation, terroir, territoire (an exploration of identity and how our physical surroundings impact on our understanding of who we are), but we welcome submissions on any topic relevant to our field. Proposed titles, an abstract of approximately 100 words, and an indication of audio visual requirements should be submitted by 31 January, 2009 at the latest. Please submit proposals via to the programme coordinator, Dr. Geoffrey D. Dunn. The programme must be approved for printing in February; therefore, proposals that are not submitted in time cannot be accommodated within the schedule. Audio visual requests cannot be granted after the deadline. Dr. Geoffrey D. Dunn, Centre for Early Christian Studies, Australian Catholic University (please entitle your CSPS abstract ) BOOK DISCUSSION The following three books will be discussed during next years meeting at Carleton University: DiTommaso, Lorenzo, and Lucian Turcescu, ed. The Reception and Interpretation of the Bible in Late Antiquity: Proceedings of the Montreal Colloquium in Honour of Charles Kannengiesser, October Leiden: Brill, Jean Pierre Mahé et Paul Hubert Poirier (dir.), Écrits gnostiques. La bibliothèque de Nag Hammadi [trad. du copte par un collectif de traducteurs. Index établis par Éric Crégheur]. Coll. «Bibliothèque de la Pléiade». Paris: Éditions Gallimard, Geoffrey Dunn, Tertullian's Aduersus Iudaeos: A Rhetorical Analysis. North American Patristics Society Patristic Monograph Series 19. Washington, D.C.: Catholic University of America Press, PRIX D ESSAI/ESSAY PRIZE Nous invitons des rédactions d étudiants sur le christianisme ancien du IIe au VIe siècle. Sont éligibles les rédactions de vos étudiants de premier cycle ou des cycles supérieures qui ont été réalisées au cours de l année civile Prix: Le gagnant ou la gagnante recevra le statu de membre étudiant de l association pour un an. De plus, il remportera, à son choix, un des deux prix suivants: un chèque de 100 dollars ou un remboursement d une partie de ses frais (jusqu à concurrence de 200 dollars) de voyage au Colloque annuel de l association pendant la réunion des Congrès des sciences humaines à l Université Carleton, Ottawa, Ontario, du 25 a 27 mai, 2009, afin d y présenter son essai. Si le gagnant ou gagnante informe la société de son intention de présenter l'essai de gain en mars 30, 2009, il/elle recevra aussi une inscription sans frais. Date limite: le 31 janvier Le gagnant/la gagnante sera contacté le 20 mars 2009 ou avant cette date. Veuillez adresser les textes à: Dr. Lorraine Buck 45 Inkerman Dr., CHARLOTTETOWN. PE C1A 2P4 Faculty and students are invited to recommend student essays that deal with early Christianity ( ) for this prize. To be eligible, essays should have been submitted in the course of the calendar year Both graduate and undergraduate essays will be considered. Award: The winning essayist will receive one year of membership in the Society, as well as the choice between a cheque for 100 dollars or the assurance of receiving the costs (up to a limit of 200 dollars) of his or her travel to the annual conference of the Society during the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences at Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, May 25 27, 2009 for the purpose of presenting the winning essay. If the essay winner informs the Society of his/her intention to present the winning essay by March 30, 2009, he/she will also receive a complimentary registration. Deadline: January 31, 2009 Notification: The winner will be notified on or before March 20, Please address submissions to: Dr. Lorraine Buck 45 Inkerman Dr., CHARLOTTETOWN. PE C1A 2P4 BUREAU DE L'ACÉP/ CSPS EXECUTIVE Président / President Tim Hegedus ( ) Vice president / Vice president Lorraine Buck ( ) Secrétaire / Secretary Lorraine Buck ( ) Trésorier / Treasurer Steven Muir ( ) Président du programme / Programme Chair Geoffrey Dunn (2009) Editeur du Bulletin / Bulletin Editor Adriana Bara ( ) RAPPEL DU TRÉSORIER/REMINDER FROM THE TREASURER Here is a reminder for all members who have not already done so to send in their annual membership fees. The fees are as follows: 65.00$ as regular member, with SR subscription $ as regular member, already receive SR $ as student/retired member, with SR subscription $ as student/retired member, already receive SR. Please send to the treasurer, Steven Muir, at the address below: Steven C. Muir, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Concordia University College of Alberta 7128 Ada Boulevard Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5B 4E4 Ce bulletin est publié deux fois par année, en avril et novembre, par l Association canadienne des études patristiques (ACÉP), et distribué aux membres de l association. On peut trouver la version électronique à : Des contributions, nouvelles, information patristique, et des corrections d adresse, etc. sont toujours bienvenus. Adressez toutes les communications à l éditeur: Adriana Bara The Bulletin is published twice each year, in April and November, by the Association Canadienne des Études Patristiques/ Canadian Society of Patristic Studies, and distributed to members of the Society and other interested parties. It is available on the Society's homepage: Contributions, new information on research and other scholarly activities in patristics, and corrections of addresses, etc., are always welcome. Please address all correspondence to the Editor: Adriana Bara
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