The Digital American 2013: How Consumers Use Digital and Social Media (Sample)

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The Digital American 2013 is perfect for anyone who needs to quickly and efficiently understand how consumers use digital and social media---so you can leverage those trends to build your brand and drive sales. It is great for: * Senior executives who want to establish powerful digital and social media strategies, rather than jump right to executing tactics. * Marketers who need to quickly figure out what is important and what can be ignored in the rapidly changing world of digital marketing. * Business people who want to keep current with digital and social media, but don't have time to read lots of daily technology and marketing newsletters. The Digital American 2013 is focused on what your consumers are actually thinking and doing. It is not about technology that pundits guestimate will be the next big thing, or tactics marketers think are new and cool. It is all about how consumers are interacting with all things digital, and how you can tap into their attitudes and actions to grow your business. This Slide Share is a sample. The complete report is available at or by contacting
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  • 1. The Digital American 2013 Sample Section 925.417.2253 Q1 2013© Brandology
  • 2. Introduction American consumers’ interactions with technology, social media, and the Internet are dramatically changing the business and marketing landscape. Understanding these trends is crucial for making smart business decisions The Digital American 2013 is designed to help marketers and business people keep current with consumers’ digital attitudes and behaviors The Digital American provides real-time information and actionable insights that you can leverage to grow your sales and profits The report is divided into 12 consumer trends (with a total of 38 sub-trends) each followed by a “Things to Think About” section to jumpstart brainstorming the implications for your business When you buy the report you will also receive 3 free quarterly updates to keep you current all year long The Digital American 2013 2© Brandology
  • 3. Introduction The Digital American 2013 will help you… • Set business direction • Develop consumer marketing strategies and tactics • Determine key initiatives to pursue • And much, much more To buy the full report with 3 free quarterly updates go to If you would like help translating The Digital American into powerful strategies and tactics that produce results, or if you would like a customized presentation of the report, please contact Maura Mitchell at or 925-417-2253 to learn about our consulting services The Digital American 2013 3© Brandology
  • 4. Table of Contents 1 TV Unleashed.........9 4 Show Me, Don’t Tell Me.........72 • TV, Without the TV • Please Post Pictures! • The Love Child of TV and the Internet • Digital Scrapbooking • Two Timing Their TV • Is the Movie Out Yet? • The End of the Couch Potato Era 5 Digital Distractions…......89 2 My Technology. My Rules.........31 • Procrastin Nation • Music Remixed • Unbore Me! • The TeleText • E is for Efficiency 6 It’s Complicated.........102 • Friending the News • Digital Stupidity • Social Psychology 3 The Not So Secret Life of Americans.........54 7 Tabletmania.........118 • What I Do Is My Business • A Tablet in Every Hand • Mobile Exposure • The Swiss Army Tablet • Thanks for NOT Sharing • T Commerce 4© Brandology
  • 5. Table of Contents 8 Game On.........136 11 Invasion of the Smartphones........187 • Friends, Fans and Opponents • Gimme a Hit of Smartphone • Getting Nothing for Something • Smart Shoppers • New Frontiers for Old Platforms • An App a Day • The Mobile Commerce Mirage 9 The Online Bazaar.........153 • Amazon. The Virtual Mall 12 Trends or Pretends?.........209 • Pin It. Purchase It. • Lose Your Wallet? • Let’s Make a Daily Deal • Cutting Edge or Cutting Corners? • Is That Code Worth Translating? 10 Social Is as Social Does.........170 • Reddit or Not? • Facebook Fades a Little • Google Plus or Minus • Checking Out Check-Ins 5© Brandology
  • 6. Trends 1 TV Unleashed 7 Tabletmania 2 My Technology. My Rules. 8 Game On 3 The Not So Secret Life of Americans 9 The Online Bazaar 4 Show Me, Don’t Tell Me 10 Social Is as Social Does 5 Digital Distractions 11 Invasion of the Smartphones 6 It’s Complicated 12 Trends or Pretends? 6© Brandology
  • 7. TV Unleashed Consumers flock to more flexible, comfortable, and social ways to watch TV and video 7© Brandology
  • 8. TV Unleashed Sub-Trends TV, Without The Love Child of Two Timing The End of the the TV TV and the Internet Their TV Couch Potato Era TV Unleashed 8© Brandology
  • 9. Sub-Trend: TV, Without the TV Consumers want to watch TV whenever and wherever they are, turn to “the best screen available,” and are surprisingly happy with the results TV Unleashed 9© Brandology
  • 10. Sub-Trend: TV, Without the TV For 18-35 year olds, watching TV digitally streamed to a device is virtually as common as watching live TV on a TV set Harris Interactive TV Unleashed 10© Brandology
  • 11. Sub-Trend: TV, Without the TV TV sets still reign supreme, but consumers watch a tremendous amount of TV on devices other than their TV sets • 126 MM people watch an average of 9 hours per week on their PC • 29 MM watch 5 hours per week on their cell • 18 MM watch 8 hours per week on their tablet Over half of all tablet owners watch TV/videos on their device at least once a month • 50% of tablet owners under 35 watch at least weekly Americans increasingly view TV content/video on their smartphones • 20% of consumers now watch at least once a month • In 2012 cell phones were the fastest growing platform for watching TV • Consumers see the tradeoffs of the small screen but still watch TV Unleashed 11© Brandology Sources: comScore, The FINANCIAL, Nielsen, Tremor Video, Viacom
  • 12. Sub-Trend: TV, Without the TV Watching TV on different devices has led to more total hours of viewing • While hours spent watching on a TV set have declined, they have been more than offset by time spent with other devices Cable and satellite are being replaced by other ways to “source” TV content • Between 5% and 9% of Americans have “cut the cord” and now get all their TV via alternative means • An additional 11% are considering eliminating their cable because they believe they can get all their favorite shows via the Internet from a variety of websites TV Unleashed 12© Brandology Sources: Deloitte, Diffusion Group
  • 13. Sub-Trend: The Love Child of TV and the Internet Consumers like the on- demand nature of visual content on the Internet, but strongly prefer watching it on a TV set via Connected TV TV Unleashed 13© Brandology
  • 14. Sub-Trend: The Love Child of TV and the Internet The most common place to watch online video is on a TV set, not a personal computer NPD Group TV Unleashed 14© Brandology
  • 15. Sub-Trend: The Love Child of TV and the Internet Consumers of all ages are transitioning to watching online video content on their TV sets • 45% of Americans now prefer to watch online video on the TV vs 33% in 2011 • 31% now prefer a laptop vs 48% in 2011 A wide range of content is being streamed from the Internet to the TV • On average, consumers stream 12 hours per week to their TV - 7 hours are TV episodes • 69% stream movies from the Internet to their TV • 38% watch online video clips on their TV Consumers connect their TV to the Internet in a variety of ways • 63% of those who stream content do it via a gaming console: Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, or Xbox 360 are most popular TV Unleashed 15© Brandology Sources: Interpret, Nielsen, NPD Group, Tremor Video
  • 16. Sub-Trend: The Love Child of TV and the Internet TV sets with built-in connections to the Internet are in their infancy, but likely to be adopted rapidly • 10% of households now own an IPTV (Internet Protocol TV), more than twice as many as a year ago • Having the built-in connection dramatically simplifies streaming IPTVs and TVs attached to game consoles lead to more hours of TV and video viewing and more engaged viewers • Measured by percentage of time the device is used, and length of time spent watching during one sitting TV Unleashed 16© Brandology Sources: Nielsen, Ooyala
  • 17. Sub-Trend: Two Timing Their TV To keep themselves occupied during breaks in the action and to enhance their productivity, more and more consumers use a “second screen” while watching TV TV Unleashed 17© Brandology
  • 18. Sub-Trend: Two Timing Their TV 63% of all tablet owners watch TV and use their gadget at the same time GfK MRI TV Unleashed 18© Brandology
  • 19. Sub-Trend: Two Timing Their TV Consumers giving a TV program their undivided attention will soon be a thing of the past • 77% of consumers who own multiple gadgets use a second screen while watching TV • The highest dual usage is between TVs and tablets Dual TV/tablet users are split on which device is their main focus, creating a new challenge for marketers • 36% say their main focus is the tablet • 36% are equally divided between the tablet and TV • 28% say their main focus is the TV Tablet owners’ media multi-tasking can be beneficial to advertisers • Most common simultaneous activity is engaging with social media • Second most common activity is looking up more information about a product or company seen on TV TV Unleashed 19© Brandology Sources: GfK MRI, Google, Sterling Brands
  • 20. Sub-Trend: Two Timing Their TV Most cell phone owners play with them during TV programs • 81% of 18-24 year olds use both devices simultaneously • 29% of 55-64 year olds use both The #1 reason consumers use cell phones while watching TV is to stay occupied during breaks in the action • 22% fact check something in a program • 20% visit a website mentioned in the program • 11% go online to see what others are saying • 11% go online to post a comment • 6% vote for a reality show contestant Millennials are engaging in a related new trend: watching TV and doing another activity simultaneously on the same device • 74% watch TV and do homework on a laptop at the same time TV Unleashed 20© Brandology Sources: MediaPost, Pew Internet
  • 21. Sub-Trend: The End of the Couch Potato Era Consumers make watching TV more social and interactive by actively engaging with shows and connecting with other viewers via Social TV TV Unleashed 21© Brandology
  • 22. Sub-Trend: The End of the Couch Potato Era Millennials who watch TV and simultaneously interact with social media are 30% more engaged in the show than viewers who do not use social media Time Warner Research Council TV Unleashed 22© Brandology
  • 23. Sub-Trend: The End of the Couch Potato Era Americans’ participation in social TV is skyrocketing • 62% of consumers use social media while watching TV, up 18 percentage points in the past 12 months • Women are more likely than men to engage with social TV The sheer quantity of postings about TV in social media is surprising • There were 81 million real-time conversations in top social networks about TV shows in the single month of June 2012 - Six times as many as the previous year • The most talked about shows are awards and sports programs Consumers gravitate to social TV behaviors because they want to… • Feel like they are watching with others, even if they are watching alone • Share their opinions and learn what others think • Interact with the TV content TV Unleashed 23© Brandology Sources: Ad Age, Bluefin Labs, Ericcson Consumerlab
  • 24. Sub-Trend: The End of the Couch Potato Era Twitter is the cutting edge network in social TV • 33% of active Twitter users have tweeted about TV • Played a high profile role in both the Olympics and the 2012 presidential election • Has become a cornerstone in some of the top TV shows, including X Factor, Glee Social networks and apps designed specifically to encourage social TV behaviors are gaining traction • 20% of consumers have used one such as GetGlue or zeebox Social TV is driving consumers to watch TV in real time because they want to participate in the conversation • Viewing shows via DVR has significantly declined in the past two years • Almost half of all social TV conversations are about what is currently on TV • 33% of smartphone owners are more likely to watch a TV show in real time if it has a social media component TV Unleashed 24© Brandology Sources: Ericcson Consumerlab, Forbes, Nielsen, Red Bee Media, Twitter
  • 25. TV Unleashed Things to Think About Are we designing our TV commercials with enough thought to the viewing device? • Are they effective on a small or very small screen? • Will they capture the attention of consumers who are on-the-go? Are we taking advantage of the fact that consumers often watch commercials on a device that is simultaneously connected to the Internet? • Are we doing more than listing our website and saying, “Friend us on Facebook” in our spots? • Have we experimented with adding interactivity? TV Unleashed 25© Brandology
  • 26. TV Unleashed Things to Think About Have we allocated enough of our marketing budget to sites like Hulu, where consumers watch TV online? • Are we spending as much as we should on commercials designed specifically for TV episodes viewed online? Are we leveraging marketing opportunities in streaming video of all types? • Have we thought about what we can do beyond YouTube and video on our website? Have we explored new marketing tactics based on IPTV? TV Unleashed 26© Brandology
  • 27. TV Unleashed Things to Think About How can we engage via smartphone with TV viewers who use their phones to distract themselves during commercials? What is the best way for our brand to get involved in social TV? • Should we consider sponsoring a show with a strong social TV component? • Should we have a presence on social TV networks or apps? • Should we participate in the social conversations already occurring about shows where our spots air? How can we capitalize on the fact that people are increasingly watching live rather than time-shifted TV? • Remember when marketers dreamed about life without DVRs? TV Unleashed 27© Brandology
  • 28. To Buy The Digital American If you would like to access all the real-time information and actionable insights from the other 11 sections (over 200 pages) of The Digital American, plus receive 3 free quarterly updates, click below or go to Brandology’s website, • Click here to buy The complete The Digital American report is available with five different licenses • The Personal License---for your own use only • The Team License---for up to 3 people at the same company • The Department License---for up to 10 people at the same company • The Division License---for up to 20 people at the same company • The Company License---for over 20 people at the same company The Digital American 2013 28© Brandology
  • 29. To Buy The Digital American If you would like to keep up-to-speed on the ever changing attitudes and behaviors of The Digital American, sign up for our free bi-weekly newsletter • See a sample here: • Sign up here: To receive personalized advice on how to leverage insights from The Digital American to grow your sales and profits, please contact Maura Mitchell at or 925-417- 2253 The Digital American 2013 29© Brandology
  • 30. Contact Us 925.417.2253© Brandology
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