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T ranstank T Series Providing fuel storage and dispensing solutions across the globe ing efficiently “To keep my business runn fuel storage I need the most innovative solution available” Transtank T68 self bunded tank Containerised T Series Model T12 T20SS T30 T55SS T68 T80 T90 T105 Capacity (litres) 12500 22500 31400 60000 68800 83500 89500 102000 Safe Fill (litres) 11200 20000 28000 54000 61900 75000 80500 94500 Tare Weight (kg) 4580 7810 8400 14450 14950 17030 17500 Length (mm) 3000 60
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  Providing fuel storage and dispensing solutions across the globe “ T o kee p my bu sine s s r unning e   fcien tly I need  the mo s t inno va ti ve   uel  s tor age  solu tion a vailable” Transtank T Series Transtank T68 self bunded tank   A proven fuel storage solution inproduction for over 10 years. ãSelfbundeddesignã80nbCamlockmaletankerhosellerwith dust cap connection ãTankerllpointsuppliedwith80nbfullbore,resafeangedballvalveandwaferstylenonreturnvalveãContainercornercastingsãRegulatoryaccessmanwayãOverllprotectionsuppliedwithmechanicalshutoffandaudible/visualalarmãAntisyphonvalveinstalledãPermanentladderandplatformcompletewithkickboardsinaccordancewithAS1657 for ease of inspection and access; Ladderttedtoeitherside**ãConstructedusingCOR-TEN®(350mpa) steel to resist corrosion ãWatercollectionwellcompletewith evacuation pipe ãInterstitialspaceintegritymanagementsystem utilising dipstick ãContainmentcompartment(internalbunding)withpressureventãBundedpumpbayhousingwithremovableventilationpanels**ãFreetoairventwithweathercapãCalibratedanodiseduidleveldipstickãFrontmountedsecuritydoorswithcontainerlockhandles**ãMarinegradepolyurethanepaint;WhiteincolourãStatutorysignage**NotonT90orT105;optionssuchasclip-onlockablepumpbay,dipplatformoraccess ladder need to be considered for this tank ModelCapacity(litres)SafeFill(litres)TareWeight(kg) Length (mm)Width(mm) Height (mm)T12 12500 11200 4580 3000 2438 2896T20SS 22500 20000 7810 6058 2438 2896T30 31400 28000 8400 6058 2438 2896T55SS 60000 54000 14450 12188 2438 2896 T68 68800 61900 14950 12188 2438 2896T80 83500 75000 17030 14630 2438 2896T90 89500 80500 17500 14630 2438 2896T105 102000 94500 18000 14630 2500 3200 T heT 12( abov e)t hr oug ht oT 80 allcomew it hbuilt inbundedpumpba y andinspect ionplat f or m T h e T 3 0 ( a b o v e ) i s s u i t a b l e f o r d i e s e l o r U LP a n d p r o v i d e s s t o r a g e f o r u p t o 2 8 0 0 0 l i t r e s  Containerised T Series  TheTranstankTSeriesisaselfbunded(doublewall)designwhichcanbetransportedandrelocatedeasily.Transtanktakeyourrefuellingconceptandturnitintoacompleteturnkeyfuelstorageand dispensing solution using our containeriseddesign and the latest in fuel dispensing and managementtechnology.Witharangeof“bolton”optionsavailable,Transtankcanprovideyourbusinesswiththemeansnecessarytorefuelyoureeteffectivelyandefciently. Alsointhisr ang ear etheT 90andT 105w hichar eidealf or tankf ar mapplications.T hesetanksdonotcomew ithbundedpumpbay allow ing f or customisedinspectionaccessincluding platf or msandw alkw ay sT opv iew show ing ov er llw ar ning alar m,dippointandv ents;allaccessiblef r omtheinspectionplatf or m(T 68pictur ed) F l a t s u r f a c e s ,i n s p e c t i o n p l a t f o r m s a n d k i c k b o a r d s m e a n i n s p e c t i o n s a n d m a i n t e n a n c e c a n b e d o n e s a f e l  y ( T 6 8 p i c t u r e d )  F  u e l f  a r m o p t i o n s i n c l u d e i n s p e c t i o n p l a t f  o r m s ( s h o w n a b o v e ) ,c l i p - o n l o c k a b l e p u m p b a  y s ,l i n k i n  g k i t s ,l i  g h t i n  g a n d m o r e    Containerised T Series Allpumping equipmentandf uelmanag ementsy stemsar epr ov idedasanoptionalextr adepending onapplication.  TSeries.1111.V1 OfceLocation:Unit4/18HinklerCourt   BrendaleQLD4500AustraliaPhone:+61(0)732054436Fax:+61(0)732054471OfceLocation:7SuccessWay,   HendersonWA6166Phone:+61(0)894373210Fax:+61(0)894373204Transtankequipmentisdesignedtobeinter-modal.Thatis,ourequipmentisdesignedinaccordancewiththeISOdimensionalrequirementsforshippingcontainers.PortabilityisthekeydesignfeatureofTranstankequipment.Rail,roadorsea,Transtankequipmentcanbeeasilymobilisedtosite.Ourproductsareeasytotransporttositeorrelocateasrefuellingneedschange. T heT r anst ank T 20 SS( abov e)andT 55SS( r ig ht )cont ainaninbuilt sit esaf e;abunded, secur e and lock able st or ag e ar ea OfceLocation:234155WranglerRdSE,RockyViewCalgary,AlbertaT1X0K2Phone:+14032426622TollFree:+1877323TANK(8265)Email:enquiries@transtank.caWeb:www.transtank.caOfceLocation:16FlaminkRoadAlrodeAlbertonSouthAfricaPhone:+27(0)118643394Email:enquiries@transtank.co.zaWeb:www.transtank.co.za Australian Sales: 1300 994 049Technical Support: 1300 789 535Email: enquiries@transtank.com.auWeb: www.transtank.comEastern AustraliaCanadaWestern AustraliaAfrica  providing solutions for your business Informationandphotographsinthisbrochureareconsideredaccurateattimeofprintingbutmaychangeduetoourcontinualimprovementprocess.Actualproductmaydiffertoimagesshownduetodesignchangesandoptionalextrassuchaspumpingandfuelmanagementsystems.
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