What Not To Expect in the SMM (Social Media Marketing) Bootcamp By Digital Vidya?

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We are not here to give you answers. We are not going to have a monologue. This is not going to be the end. Yes, the SMM (Social Media Marketing) bootcamp by Digital Vidya is about enabling you to think, strategize and implement your Social Media Marketing initiatives, which will help you meet your business objectives. The bootcamp will be full of practical exercises, contests, quizzes, videos, case studies and a lot of fun. Be prepared to face arguments, fights and discussions. Interested? Join us to scale up your business ahead of your competition!
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  • 1. © Digital Vidya Social Media Marketing Bootcamp Session – Welcome to Digital Vidya SMM Workshop www.digitalvidya.com
  • 2. © Digital Vidya Introduction Leading online brand in Java and PMP Certification Communities on Facebook Online Marketing Services Company India’s 1st event promotion platform World’s 1st Online Marketing Careers Community www.digitalvidya.com
  • 3. © Digital Vidya What (not) to expect in next 2 days? www.digitalvidya.com
  • 4. © Digital Vidya Fights, Discussions, Arguments www.digitalvidya.com
  • 5. © Digital Vidya Less of Answers, more of Questions www.digitalvidya.com
  • 6. © Digital Vidya Lot of food for your brain… Group Solo www.digitalvidya.com
  • 7. © Digital Vidya It’s not the End... www.digitalvidya.com
  • 8. © Digital Vidya And of course… Case studies Tips and Guidelines Presentations www.digitalvidya.com
  • 9. © Digital Vidya Outcomes  Clarity on “Who you are in Online Communities?”  Insights into how other businesses are succeeding (and few failing) in Social Media Marketing  Insights into developing and executing Social Media Marketing strategy for your business  Why, What and How of leveraging various Social Media Marketing channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogging, Twitter, Discussion Forums etc)  How can you measure and ongoingly keep track on your success of Social Media Marketing campaigns?  Social Media Marketing Toolbox to move rapidly and profitably against competition www.digitalvidya.com
  • 10. © Digital Vidya Digital Marketing in 3 words V isibility: Are you visible to your target audience? R elevancy: Are you relevant? (Platform, Message & Time) C redibility: Will your Target Audience trust you? www.digitalvidya.com
  • 11. © Digital Vidya Where are we? www.digitalvidya.com
  • 12. © Digital Vidya Visibility Personal LinkedIn Below Average Average Good Very Good Connections <100 100-300 300-500 500+ Participations/Week 5 10 <20 20+ Facebook Below Average Average Good Very Good Fans <200 200-300 300-500 500+ Participations/Week 10 20 <30 50+ Twitter Below Average Average Good Very Good Fans <300 100-300 500-1000 1000+ Tweets/Week 20 30 <50 50+ www.digitalvidya.com
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  • 19. © Digital Vidya Thank You! Want to leverage SMM for your Business? Join us in our next Bootcamp www.digitalvidya.com twitter.com/mydigitalvidya | facebook.com/digitalvidya | info@digitalvidya.com www.digitalvidya.com `
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