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how to create the perfect mix volume 1.0 Guide to Mixing Written by tweet this book Nick Thomas follow us Guide to Mixing v1.0 Nick Thomas February 8, 2009 tweet this book follow us 2 INTRODUCTION This document is a guide to the essential ideas of audio mixing, targeted specifically at computer-based producers. I am writing it because I haven’t been able to find anything similar freely available on the Internet. The Internet has an incredible wealth of information on this subject, but
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  ollow ustweet thisbook   Guide to Mixing Written by Nick Thomas how to create the perfect mix volume 1.0  2 ollow ustweet thisbook Guide to Mixing v1.0 Nick ThomasFebruary 8, 2009  ollow ustweet thisbook   3 INTRODUCTION This document is a guide to the essential ideas o audio mixing, targeted specically at computer-basedproducers. I am writing it because I haven’t been able to nd anything similar reely available on the Internet.The Internet has an incredible wealth o inormation on this subject, but it is scattered across a disorganizedbody o articles and tutorials o varying quality and reliability. My aim is to consolidate all o the most importantinormation in one place, all o it veried and act-checked.This guide will not tell you about micing techniques or how to track vocals or what requency to boost tomake your guitars really kick. There’s plenty o stu written already on mixing live-band music. This guide isspecically or computer-based electronic musicians, and so it is tailored to their needs.On the other hand, this guide does not assume that you are making club-oriented dance music. Certainly theadvice in here is applicable to mixing electro house or hip-hop, but it is equally applicable to mixing ambientor IDM.1 On the other hand, dance music does pose special mixing challenges, such as the tuning o percussiontracks and the achievement o loudness, and these challenges are given adequate time, since they are relevantto many readers.In this document, I assume only very basic prior knowledge o the concepts o mixing. You should know yourway around your DAW. You should know what a mixer is, and what an eect is, and how to use them. Youshould probably have at least heard o equalization, compression, and reverb. You should have done somemixdowns or yoursel, so that you have the favor o how the whole process works. But that’s really all youneed to know at this point.I do not claim to be an expert on any o this material. I have, however, had this guide peer-reviewed by anumber o people, many o them more knowledgable about mixing than I. Thereore, I think it’s air to say thatat the very least it does not contain many gross inaccuracies. I thank them or their eort.I you have questions, comments, or complaints o any kind about anything I’ve written here, please writenhomas@gmail.com. 1 Indeed, the advice in here is applicable to, though not sucient or, mixing even live band music. The dening characteristico electronic music, other than being made with electronics, is that it has no dening characteristics. It can be anything, andso a guide to mixing electronic music has to be a guide to mixing anything. ollow ustweet thisbook  4 ollow ustweet thisbook CONTENTS 1Sounds7 1.1Frequency Domain71.2Patterns o Frequency Distribution11 1.2.1Tones111.2.2The Human Voice121.2.3Drums131.2.4Cymbals13 1.3Time Domain131.4Loudness Perception141.5Digital Audio17 1.5.1Clipping171.5.2Sampling Resolution181.5.3Dynamic Range191.5.4Standard Sampling Resolutions191.5.5Sampling Rate20 2Preparation22 2.1Monitors222.2Volume Setting232.3Plugins232.4Ears242.5Sound Selection24 3Mixer-Usage25 3.1Leveling25 3.1.1Input Gain263.1.2Headroom273.1.3Level Riding27 3.2Eects and Routing27 3.2.1Inserts283.2.2Auxiliary Sends283.2.3Busses293.2.4Master Bus303.2.5Advanced Routing30
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